Living room interior in wenge color: chic design ideas in 100 photos

A modern living room, as a rule, fully reflects the taste preferences of its owners and serves not only as a place for receiving guests or relaxing with the family. This room perfectly copes with the role of a library, study or home theater. Therefore, when decorating the interior design of such a room, it is very important to think over all the details and equip the living room taking into account its functional purpose. At the same time, do not forget that the room should remain as comfortable, cozy and attractive as possible..

But how to correctly determine the style of the interior with the current variety of design ideas, materials and personality trends? After all, not everyone likes extraordinary solutions, and the living room itself should correspond to the style of all other rooms. In this case, nature will come to the rescue, namely shades and textures for wood, which never go out of fashion. One such example is the color of wenge, which always looks expensive, noble and is considered a worthy alternative to the same type of brown shades. Next, we propose to figure out what this amazing color is and how exactly it can be used in the interior of a modern living room..

Living room in wenge color: features and characteristics of the interior

In order to make it easier for our readers to imagine exactly how a living room in the wenge style might look like, we will first tell you a little about the color itself, because it is these characteristics that usually set the general mood of the interior..

So this original color appeared called «wenge» thanks to the valuable species of tropical African trees of the same name, the wood of which is distinguished by the greatest number of shades, ranging from dark chocolate to almost purple. At the same time, the top layer of wood, as a rule, is lighter than the inner one, and it is this feature that allows the use of wenge in a variety of interior components..

Wenge perfectly manifests itself as a dominant shade and is wonderfully combined with other palettes, it looks stylish and very attractive. However, despite these positive qualities, designers advise using wenge in more concise and restrained styles, since the color does not tolerate excesses and pathos..

Living room interior in wenge color – design rules

As you may have guessed, the color of wenge is a rather deep and expressive shade, so you need to use it correctly in the design of the living room. Dark wenge should be shaded using a light environment, and in addition to the main source of illumination, use wall sconces and additional lighting in the form of spotlights.

For a small living room, the minimum use of objects and accessories in a similar design is relevant. Let it be a wall, picture frames, curtains or pillows on the sofa. In living rooms with a larger area, you can additionally use wenge in the design of flooring and upholstery of upholstered furniture. However, do not overdo it with the amount of color and use contrasting accents, otherwise the interior will look too dull and depressing..

Choosing furniture

Furniture items with wood design in one of the shades of wenge always look aristocratic and noble, however, designers advise not to get too carried away with their number and use them in the living room interior in various proportions. The single accent option means that only one of the pieces of furniture in the room can be decorated in a similar design and have a dark color..

For spacious rooms, this can be either a small slide in the color of dark chocolate, or a cozy armchair or sofa with subtle purple hints. In the case of using two or three accents in the wenge style, you can arrange the selected furniture randomly, as far as the square of the room allows, or combine objects in a single ensemble.

The full accentuation of the wood shade looks no less original, when all the furniture in the living room or some of its details are made in the same style and color. At the same time, the presence of another dark color in the room is not welcome..

Living room in wenge color in a modern style

A concept like «modernity», perfectly manifests itself in many style directions, and the wenge color, in turn, is wonderfully combined with most of them. Therefore, when creating a stylish and multifunctional living room interior in a modern style, you have a lot of ideas and possibilities in stock. To decorate a living room in a high-tech style, with its simple shapes and straight lines, a harmonious combination of metal with glass and a predominance of contrasting white and black colors, wenge can be used in the design of furniture and doors..

Extraordinary, come down «from the attic» the loft also looks great with various additions in wenge color, for example, furniture upholstery. The interior in the style of neoclassicism combines the sophistication of the classics and modern details, so in this case the legs of chairs, statuettes, picture frames and other decorative objects will be the ideal solution for embodying wenge..

Interior design in the style of contemporary presupposes the embodiment of wenge in decorative elements and pieces of furniture.

As for minimalism, with its complete absence of strict rules regarding the choice of colors, then in this case you should decide on one of the dark shades of wenge and harmoniously combine it in the entire interior with other palettes. In the list of exceptions that are not at all «are friends» with dark shades of African wood «rustic» country and eco-style.

Living room in wenge color – decoration of the floor, walls and windows

Dark woody shades of wenge are quite successfully used in the decoration of walls, floors and window decoration. At the same time, as in the example with furniture, dark floors should be combined with light walls. As for doors or arched openings, in this case, you should select an option to match the flooring. When installing windows, the shade of the frame and window sill is selected according to the same rules as the door. But designers do not recommend decorating both the floor and the walls in one of the exotic shades..

Color combination of wenge in the living room interior

As we already said, the color of wenge itself is quite multifaceted, and its perception largely depends on the combination with other shades. Wenge and white are a win-win classic that you will never make mistakes using.

The duet of wenge and beige looks homely and cozy.

Gray perfectly emphasizes the expressiveness and texture of the woody shade.

The red palette will add a touch of romance to the interior.

Yellow combined with wenge can be called an excellent alternative to the wenge-beige tandem, with the difference that the latter proposal additionally refreshes the room.

Variations in combination with green or blue will mentally take you to the ocean coast or into the forest.

Due to its unique features, wenge color is gaining momentum in popularity in modern variations of interiors more and more, and the ideas for decorating the living room are a direct confirmation of this. It can be used in a variety of details, room decoration and furnishings. The main thing is to correctly place accents and follow the recommendations of specialists.