Loft bed for adults: a practical solution for small spaces

Often, a loft bed is traditionally used in children’s rooms. But if the task is to optimally organize a small space with several functional areas, such furniture will help save valuable square meters. Moreover, this design looks very stylish and modern..

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Loft bed: main features

The main distinguishing feature of this non-standard piece of furniture is that you need to climb the stairs to the second floor to the sleeping place, and under it can be placed:

  • armchair sofa;
  • workplace (desk);
  • cupboard;
  • bedside tables;
  • other, depending on design.

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There are even double options, where on the first tier it is possible to arrange a lot of useful and necessary things. Single and double loft beds can be purchased in the store or bought to order.

Most often, manufacturers use standard chipboard or natural wood in the manufacture. The second option is much heavier, so, in fact, the bed will be almost stationary..

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Designs / configurations

There are the following types of such beds:

By the number of berths

  • single;
  • double.

2018-03-18_17-17-36krovat_cherdak_dlya_vzroslyh-1 krovat_cherdak_dlya_vzroslyh121By design type

  • single beds with a desk;
  • double with a sofa;
  • single or double with a bed on the ground floor.

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  • Chipboard is a budget material, the service life of which is several times inferior to the rest;
  • wood – the high price of the material fully justifies itself. Wooden structures are durable, wear-resistant and very aesthetic;
  • metal is a durable and fairly practical solution. These beds have an original design, but they can not always fit into a multifunctional space..

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vertical – the compact design looks quite harmonious in the interior without cluttering it. The disadvantage is less security compared to other options;

% d0% b2% d0% b5% d1% 80% d1% 82% d0% b8% d0% ba-% d0% bb% d0% b5% d1% 81% d1% 82% d0% bdinclined – these beds are often large enough, which complicates the task of optimally organizing a small room. An alternative option is an airy, compact staircase;

% d0% bd% d0% b0% d0% ba% d0% bbwith a podium – stair steps – additional storage systems with drawers, where it is very convenient to store the necessary things (books, linen, clothes, etc.)

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Positive and negative sides

The clear advantages of such furniture are as follows:

  • the optimal solution for a small room, because one piece of furniture can consist of others;
  • the loft bed is usually located along one wall and can serve as an additional storage place for many useful things, depending on the type of stairs;
  • you don’t have to look for a closet, sofa or table to match your bed. This option involves combining several structures into one;
  • an abundance of modifications allowing you to choose the option that suits your needs;
  • choosing certified, solid, high-quality materials, be sure that such furniture will serve you for many years.

krovat_cherdak_dlya_vzroslyh4-1 2018-03-18_22-08-33 krovat_cherdak_dlya_vzroslyh73Among the disadvantages it is worth noting:

  • high price. You have to pay for convenience and versatility. And here this rule is very appropriate. The price of a compact loft bed, two in one or three in one, will correspond to the purchase of each piece of such furniture separately;
  • the risk of purchasing a bed with a low-quality fastening of the second tier. In such products, the presence of sides is very important, and the fastening should not be at four, but at least at eight or ten points. The structure itself is best attached to the wall or floor..

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Feasibility of purchase

The loft bed is really a godsend for families with children living in apartments with limited living space. With such furniture, you can always allocate additional space, create the illusion of freedom. There is a sleeping place for everyone, and the kids will have a place to play and even exercise..

% d0% bc% d0% b5% d1% 82% d0% b0% d0% bb369But despite its functionality, such furniture is still not always appropriate. Putting a loft bed in a room with low ceilings is by no means a good idea. By the way, there are models for adults up to three meters high. Therefore, one way or another, such structures obviously presuppose the presence of high ceilings..


Important tips when choosing

  • the strength and reliability of fasteners is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Safety comes first;
  • the staircase should be with a comfortable angle of inclination, wide enough steps and comfortable handrails;
  • it is necessary to have comfortable protective bumpers at the berth;
  • make sure that the distance between the ceiling and the mattress is at least 1 meter, and that it is free and comfortable to move under the bed.


Design options

In the development of such designs, designers do not limit their imagination and produce very interesting modern models. Among the original ones, the following are worth noting:

Loft bed without standard legs. The frame is fixed to the ceiling with anchor bolts. This design is appropriate in rooms with high ceilings – from 3 meters. A great idea in this case is to equip the dining area below..

% d0% b1% d0% b5% d0% b7-% d0% bd% d0% be% d0% b6% d0% b5% d0% ba % d0% b1% d0% b5% d0% b7-% d0% bd% d0% be% d0% b6% d0% b5% d0% ba23Mini-room under the bed. This option is possible if the bed is double, which will allow you to equip a separate compact room under it. It is better to make walls sliding rather than stationary..

% d0% ba% d0% be% d0% bc% d0% bd-% d0% bf% d0% be% d0% b4 % d0% ba% d0% be% d0% bc% d0% bd% d0% b0% d1% 82% d0% b0-% d0% bf% d0% be% d0% b4-% d0% ba% d1% 80 % d0% be% d0% b2Creative design constructions with original shapes. This can be, for example, floating house-beds and other configurations that give a special flavor and coziness to the room..

% d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 82 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 822 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 823 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 826 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 827 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 8299 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 82 222 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 82777 % d0% ba% d1% 80% d0% b5% d0% b0% d1% 82% d0% b8% d0% b222There are a lot of design options and organization of space under the loft bed, but first of all, you should remember about the practicality, safety and comfort of staying in a box on the second floor..