Loft style living room interior

The loft style is a combination of old and new. Under «new» means the use of materials such as glass and metal, as well as cutting-edge household appliances. Under «old» I mean the presence of plastered, painted or brick walls in the interior. The loft style is suitable for finishing both city apartments and country houses. Among other things, this style significantly saves money and does not offer expensive furniture and finishing materials, unlike other styles. Antique furniture perfectly coexists here with ultra-modern, in other words, everything that is in the house, everything can be used if you approach this issue wisely. The only thing to note is the loft style «loves» free layouts, when there are no partitions in the room, there are high ceilings and wide windows from floor to ceiling – all this provides real freedom in terms of interior decoration of the living room.

Loft living room with a full-wall windowSpectacular loft living room with glass wallsFloor-to-ceiling windows in a loft-style living room

This style is especially preferable in the circle of creative people such as artists, architects or designers, because presentations and exhibitions can be held right in your own home in your own living room. Loft is a rejection of everything generally accepted.

Loft implies a special layout

Open spacious room for a loft interiorSpectacular spacious loft living roomSpacious open space for a loft living room

The main principle of this style is open spaces, i.e. the living room from the kitchen will be separated not by partitions with doors, but by zoning the room. The most common way of dividing is the bar counter..

Zoning a loft living room with a bar counter

In other words, the layout should be open. And only utility rooms and bathrooms are separated by partitions.But there are many other ways, for example, to make zoning with flooring using contrasting colors or apply wall finishes of different texture and color.

Internal partitions are usually made of glass blocks, which are sometimes replaced by windows.

Loft style color scheme

It should be noted that this style is very democratic in terms of the choice of color. It all depends on what exactly you want to create in your living room: industrial aesthetics or expression. Therefore, you should rely solely on your addictions..

Bright living room in loft styleLoft-style living room in brighter colors

In this case, even the most extravagant and unexpected color solutions are allowed, for example, sparkling blue, black or wine (dark red wine) shade. This is due to the fact that the word itself «loft» is actually the same as «attic», therefore, fans of this style often prefer gloomy and gloomy shades, i.e. muffled dusty. And only for individual accents, bright colors are used. The main thing is not to forget about the rules of good taste and not to overdo it with paints..

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

To visually increase the space, it is best to use a dazzling white ceiling. It is even better if pipes or wooden partitions can be seen on the ceiling – this perfectly contributes to the attic atmosphere and the roughness of the interior..

Traditional loft living room ceiling decorationCeiling with wood beams in the loft living roomWooden beams on the ceiling of the living room in the loft styleTraditional pipe on the ceiling of the loft living room

Regarding the floor – laminate or floorboard will serve as an ideal covering. The varnished wood perfectly matches the spirit of minimalism, which in turn is promoted by the loft style. Tiles or stones are much less common. As a wall decoration, brickwork is an ideal solution. You can use an imitation of it, or you can make an imitation of bare concrete. Also, as an option, an ordinary emulsion is suitable for wall decoration, which allows you to paint the walls in any desired color. Again, if you paint it in white, then the space will visually increase..

Brickwork on the walls is ideal for a loft living roomBrickwork in the interior of a loft living roomLoft living room with brickwork on the walls

It is very important that window frames and skirting boards are made of natural wood or painted in tones that blend in with the overall interior. In other words, they shouldn’t «live on our own».

Arrangement and furniture in the loft living room

The center of the living room of this style is a massive sofa covered with leather or expensive textiles. Moreover, its size does not matter at all. The main principle is that the more the better. The effect of aging on the upholstery, scuffs, etc. is often used. A large number of comfortable pillows are welcome. Chairs for guests should also be roomy and large enough. And in general, there should be an abundance of seats here. Ideally, the furniture should be on wheels, because the loft is characterized by the simplicity of the implementation of the permutation. Additionally, you can place ottomans, for example, suede. In addition to the sofa, an obligatory element is a coffee table, which is characteristic of minimalism in terms of design. A carpet with extravagant colors, lying on the floor, for example, like a leopard, will wonderfully complement the interior of the living room. Also, an important attribute of such a living room is a huge TV with an acoustic system..

TV with sound system in the interior of the loft-living room

In this brutal interior, things like hammocks, swings attached to the ceiling, and even baseball nets or trees will look wonderful..

In addition to all of the above, antiquarian items are appropriate here, freestanding, for example, a grandmother’s chest, a rocking chair, old lamps, as well as flower stands, forged candlesticks, whatnots and other all kinds of unique things. And on the windows of such an interior it is impossible to find lace curtains. Instead, you can find thick cotton or wood or metal blinds..

The loft-style living room also contains many unusual lamps with geometric shapes in white, gray or black..

White lamps in the interior of the loft living roomBlack lamps in the living room in a loft style

Household appliances are used flawlessly – from steel plates to mind-blowing plasma TVs.

As for the textiles used, in addition to leather, suede has an excellent texture. It can be used both on ottomans and on pillows, or even on a bedspread. Felt or felt carpets are preferred. It is great if cashmere, alpaca or upholstery with a pimpled texture are used as upholstery..