Modern hallways: fashionable examples of interior design and beautiful solutions taking into account the shape and area of ​​the room

Despite the fact that such a room in a house or apartment, like an entrance hall, is very inferior to other rooms in terms of attendance, absolutely everyone knows about its versatility. It is this room that meets us at the entrance to a house or apartment and accompanies us when we go to work, study and other matters. Here we take off our outerwear, change into house slippers, leave accessories and add the final touch to the whole look. Therefore, the arrangement of the design of this part of the housing should be treated as carefully as in the case of interior decoration in other rooms. Moreover, creating a modern hallway design is not as difficult as it seems at first glance..

Design of a modern hallway – concepts and features

General concept «modern style» characterized by a harmonious combination of several trends, which are combined with the same approach to the organization of space. At the same time, all the elements included in the interior of a modern hallway should be multifunctional and practical, and the design style should be based on certain criteria. The first thing you should pay attention to is ensuring sufficient space in the room and the obligatory division of the total area of ​​the hallway into functional zones, the location of which should be based on the sequence of their use by the owners of the apartment..

It should also be noted that a modern hallway cannot do without appropriate furnishings, for example, modular or built-in wardrobes, laconic colors and other nuances that can be talked about for a very long time..

Thus, we can conclude that the modern interior design intended for the hallway is very flexible and can vary depending on the wishes of the owner and the characteristics of the room. Applying such principles in practice, you can easily emphasize the advantages of the hallway layout or, conversely, skillfully hide the existing shortcomings..

Hallway in a modern style – a choice of colors

In the creation of any type of interior, the color performance of the room design has an important influence on the final result and the aesthetic perception of a particular style direction. In addition, thanks to well-placed accents and a play of shades, you can create both a calm and vibrating space, make the hallway more spacious or with clear boundaries..

When choosing a neutral scale, namely all kinds of combinations of white with gray, peach, sand and similar shades, you will get a rather hospitable and inviting space. This solution emphasizes the practicality and functionality of the hallway. Especially if combinations of glossy and curved surfaces are used in interior design. And most importantly, such a choice of color palette allows you to use bright details and unusual decor elements in the design..

If you like brighter and more saturated variations of shades, then in creating a modern design for the hallway, you can use up to three colors at the same time. «with character», for example, white, red and black. They can be implemented in neutral colors or used for monochrome solutions. Designing in a natural range implies the presence of shades found in nature in the interior. This can be the color of a stone surface, one of the options for woody shades, green foliage, aqua, sand, or a shade of burnt clay. There are a great many examples and variations of performance in this case..

Types of finishing materials for a modern hallway

As we have already said, a modern hallway is a multifunctional room and is most susceptible to dirt from the street, so for its arrangement it is important to use the most durable materials, which will not take you much time to care for. Decorative plaster can be used to decorate the walls in a modern hallway, which will help create a unique and one-of-a-kind design..

An equally interesting option is the use of special wall panels that can imitate any surface, be it marble, masonry, brick or wood. Wall cladding with gypsum plasterboard followed by its decoration is recommended for hallways with a sufficient area and perfectly flat surfaces..

If on the walls there are defects in the form of irregularities, then the ideal solution in this case would be embossed wallpaper with a neutral ornament..

Among the practical and meeting all of the above requirements for floor coverings in the hallway, there are all sorts of variations of porcelain stoneware or parquet, as well as vinyl tiles or linoleum. As a ceiling decoration for small rooms, it will be right to opt for flat surfaces painted in white or another shade..

In large hallways, you can afford to fantasize a little and mount one of the stretch ceiling variations, use one of the painting methods or create a suspended plasterboard structure.

Hallway furniture in modern style

Modern hallway furniture must have certain characteristics and the most important factor in this case, in addition to its attractive appearance, of course, is its versatility. It can be both full-fledged furniture walls, consisting of the most necessary items, and a mobile structure that easily changes its appearance. If the dimensions of the room allow you to install a wardrobe in the hallway, and the possibilities coincide with your wishes, then the most relevant solution for modern style will be a two-door model with an open panel or a built-in wardrobe.

So that the shoe rack does not take up too much space, you can always put it in one of the corners and give preference to a narrow vertical or long horizontal structure. An equally original and practical option is the presence of a floor hanger at the doorway. And also an ottoman, on which you can sit down if necessary, and other details, for example, an unusual stand for umbrellas, a cute key holder, open shelves and a small chest of drawers.

Modern hallway – interior styles

Due to the fact that modern interior design is perfectly combined with many directions, you can safely experiment with the style of decorating the hallway and introduce your own ideas into the design process. The main thing is that the room, in the end result, continues to fulfill its purpose, looks stylish, beautiful and fully corresponds to the lifestyle and taste preferences of the owners..


This design style is considered the most popular, simple and concise. Its discreet palette is capable of visually expanding any area and helps to create maximum aesthetics. This style is characterized by the presence of strict geometric shapes and clear lines. And also the simultaneous use of no more than three shades, bright decor and large mirrors.

Eco style

At the head of the creation of such an interior design is the maximum closeness to nature, which is expressed not only in the mandatory use of natural materials, but also in the availability of finishes in the form of natural textures, accessories in the form of stones or log cabins, and shade-loving indoor plants. It is recommended to use brown, beige and sand tones, white and all kinds of green variations as a color scheme..


This style direction will surely appeal to lovers of everything industrial. In addition, this is an excellent solution for those who do not consider it necessary to invest a large amount in the interior of the hallway. And brickwork on the walls, aged wood, concrete, metal bases for furniture, lanterns instead of lamps and «rude» the semblance of a shoe rack made of raw boards is a direct confirmation of this.

Loft is a minimum of effort and a maximum of opportunities to translate your creative ideas into reality.

High tech

This style harmoniously combines futurism and high technology, which actually allows it to stand out against the background of other design directions. Round furniture, all kinds of glass elements, mirror and glossy surfaces, chrome and metal fittings are often used here. And also the original backlight, which is used in abundance and helps to create «the same» a sense of a leap from the present into the future.


Interior design in this style can, in other words, be called a real platform for experiments, where crazy ideas smoothly combine with certain canons. In such a hallway, you can safely combine modern furniture and antiques, wood and plastic, bright colored wallpaper and brickwork, multi-colored tiles and laminate, real works of art in the form of paintings in carved frames and ordinary photographs or newspaper clippings. The main thing is that all components partially repeat each other..


The use of solutions in the interior design with features characteristic of neoclassicism will allow you to create a kind of refined salon in the hallway, getting into which you can plunge into the atmosphere of nobility, sophistication and grace. In this example of the interior, there is a complete absence of any hints of contrast. And the dominant role is given to symmetry and natural colors. On the list of furniture ideal for neoclassicism, you can find consoles and miniature tables, ottomans with a corset tie, as well as dressers and wardrobes with decor in the form of moldings. All furnishings in this example must meet quality standards and contribute to the creation of rich furnishings. At the same time, it is very important not to overload the interior design with a large number of items..

Art Deco

Unlike all previous proposals, the interior design of the hallway in the art deco style involves the use of only high-quality and expensive materials. Chic and luxury in this version are manifested in every centimeter of the room, ranging from multi-stage ceilings with stucco elements, ending with a clearly expressed texture of the walls and a glossy finish on the floor. If such an arrangement is acceptable to you, then you will simply have to forget about the furniture of the economy option and other savings. As for the choice of a chandelier or mirrors, then for such a design it is important to give preference to products with metal parts..

Small hallway in a modern style

Not every owner of their own living space can boast of having a large hallway. However, this fact does not mean at all that it is impossible to equip one of the modern interiors in a small-sized room. A small entrance can certainly be called a real challenge for a designer. But, as you know, it is the area restrictions that ultimately give rise to the most original and interesting solutions..

So, for the harmonious arrangement of a small hallway, it is important to use neutral shades with an addition in the form of a maximum of one bright accent. Also, despite all the love of modern design for curved lines and pronounced structures, in this case, you should give preference to straight lines and flat surfaces..

As furniture, it is recommended to use an open hanger with numerous hooks, shelves and a mezzanine, an ottoman with a drawer inside and other items with maximum capacity and minimum dimensions. A mirror in such a hallway can be placed directly on the front door. And so as not «to be puzzled» over the choice of a reliable method of fastening such a fragile object, you can use a ready-made structure, a wide selection of which is provided in almost every furniture store.

Modern design options for arranging a narrow hallway

To create a multifunctional and at the same time cozy design in an elongated or narrow hallway, one should adhere to very non-standard solutions that will be maximally aimed at creating a kind of square hallway. First of all, for the rational use of space, experts recommend dividing the total area of ​​the room into two zones, in which an area for receiving guests with most of the furniture and mirrors will be located, and an area at the front door, where you can quickly remove outerwear and shoes..

As for the color scheme, here it is recommended to play with shades and use a darker palette for finishing the end walls, and for elongated ones, on the contrary, a light one. Doorways in a narrow hallway can also be replaced with more practical arches. Such a solution is considered especially successful if the hallway does not connect the sleeping rooms, intended for privacy and relaxation..

Modern design for a corner hallway

No matter how surprising it may sound, the hallway, in which most of the room is occupied by one of the corners, is quite common. At the same time, in order to create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in such a room, the main amount of furniture, with the desirable presence of rounded corners, should be installed in this part. Various decorative details in the form of lamps, paintings or photographs are best placed on walls that adjoin smaller corners.

As for the methods of arrangement of lighting devices, then in a similar embodiment, the accent location of the lamps should be located near the walls with a light finish. Thus, attention will be automatically switched to the decor and accessories, and not to the geometric parameters of the room..

The entrance hall is an integral part of any home, and in many ways the first impression of the lifestyle and taste preferences of the people who live in it depends on this room. Do not be afraid to experiment and make your desires come true..

The modern style of the interior is not only the presence of certain rules, but also a great opportunity to prove yourself in the role of a designer.