Modern modern: objective reality

Modern in the modern version tends to minimalism, simple lines, clear forms, a neutral background with accents. There is a trend towards maximum functionality and comfort in the direction. Observing the principle of integration of environmental objects, in the unity of synthesized ideas borrowed from current designs, it is easy to come to unique results. The materialized project clearly demonstrates the capabilities and features of the popular direction.

The universal design is due to the monopoly of calm tones with bright blotches. With all the variety of gray scale, numbering more than 50 shades, one still cannot do without the consolidating support of white, black, brown and a number of its warm nuances. By manipulating this resource, it is permissible to level out office monotony as much as possible.

Wall with A practical solution

It is advisable to move away from the stereotypical decor and wisely use the possibilities of formatted wallpaper, which will allow you to decorate the wall in an extraordinary way and, at the same time, refresh your knowledge of geography. Fans of exact sciences will be helped to remember the algebra course by formulas. Geometric shapes are favorites of any modern design and the overall impression of the interior depends on their combinations on the same plane. But you never know what «cheat sheets» you can glue the wall, subject to referring to a home printer or photo printing technologies.City view

Focus on furniture

Basically, the style is created from configurations, straight lines, volume and uncomplicated attributes. The basic interior of the room with modular furniture is complemented by textiles, namely, contrasting sofa cushions give coziness. An urban plot behind glass in the width of the wall, a bright poster, a few souvenirs on the shelf of the section with yellow flashes enliven the pale background.

Highlights Rest corner

The modest decor is compensated by the textured variety of finishing materials of furniture facades and cladding, which exclusively depends on material possibilities. Dominated by wood, frosted glass, silvery metal. Used for the floor are marble, tiles, laminate, cork, wood. In this project, under the light of powerful lamps in dark metal cases, the attention is shifted to a central demonstration of a fireplace in a similar frame.

Living room with fireplace Yellow flashes

Complex compositions are not acceptable. The decor is presented in 4 colors: black, gray and yellow are seen on a white background. Vases on top of the portal with sunspots «cheer up» room. Accessories in the spirit of early modernity or pop art of the 60s have the right to take their place on open shelves. Fresh flowers, a beautiful still life create a homely atmosphere.

Cute trinkets Flower pot

The space is comprehensively open to natural flows. The evening scenario assumes intense artificial lighting, which requires elaborate technical equipment. Along with point halogen bulbs and a linear system, segment and furniture backlights are in demand. And it is not at all necessary to stick to the classic combination of shapes, colors and materials. Transparent glass of figured chandeliers, built-in ceiling lamps are welcome for conditional zoning. Visual division through light enhances the design impression.

In gray Long corridor Laconic cuisine

Smooth walls in the hallway with plastic hangers-buttons no worse than the shelves cope with the functional task, and along the way they solve the issue of stylish decor. The issue of storage of things is not urgent. Spacious wardrobes along the blank wall allow you to streamline your life.

Creative hangers Long wardrobe Hanger button

In the bedroom «buttons on legs» the shape echoes the lamps at the head of the wide bed. The walls, as in the corridor, are painted in two colors. Dark gray high panels frame the entire perimeter and accentuate the whiteness of the upper space. Steel blue quilted bedspread and linens almost blend into the background. The laconic setting is due only to functional necessity and excludes items of secondary importance. Lack of versatile accessories is a characteristic feature of minimalist designs.

The right things Long corridor Modest bedroom design

The color scheme of the kitchen is no different from the living room and bedroom. Maneuvering with a white-mother-of-pearl scale, the absence of trinkets and textile sets create the impression of a silent space. But you can’t argue with the practicality of the perimeter. And yet, in the reflection of empty planes, chrome plumbing fixtures and glass doors, a democratic space looks interesting and modern. Blue and yellow vases with bouquets, fruits on plates subtly diversified the monotony of the finish.

Yellow fruit

Comfortable kitchen Kitchen with

Behind the sliding glass panels on the equipped balcony, there was a place for tea tables and armchairs. The small perimeter is designed in context with other rooms. The round transparent shades of the chandelier reflect the city panorama. On plastic chairs, yellow pillows are clearly missing, however, this is the master’s business. All-round visibility, summer still life and delicious tea create the perfect picture for relaxation..

Vivid contrast Exquisite serving Balcony idyll

A bathroom is unthinkable without light gray marble, white plumbing installations, large mirrors. The design of the private area is subordinated to the general idea. Under-sink cabinets allow you to organize your toiletries, so as not to destroy the illusion of spaciousness. Soft accessories merge with the mother-of-pearl background. And as a symbol of the sun – invariable yellow flowers that adorn each of the rooms. The shower room is fenced off by a glass door.

The captured frames of the embodied project leave only pleasant impressions. Supporting your own imagination and ready-made solutions, it is likely to achieve incredible results..

Marble and glass in the bathroom Monochrome perimeterMinimum functionality