Original loft-style townhouse interior

The re-equipment of former industrial premises into residential apartments has long ceased to be a novelty even in our country, and Europe and America have long learned to make the most of the warehouses or workshops of factories of the last century. By purchasing even a small space in the property, but with high ceilings so much that you can equip the second level, you can easily double the number of living rooms and utilitarian premises. But in this case, it would be logical to complete the decoration of the premises and equip the rooms in the loft style, which does not hide the design features of the former factory premises, but flaunts communications, elements of floors, supports and other structures.

We invite you on a tour of just such a dwelling – a city private house, converted from a part of an industrial building, by completing the upper level of living rooms.


As a rule, the first level in a loft apartment is a studio, in which the zones of different life segments have very conditional boundaries, partitions and walls are used only to limit utilitarian premises, for example, a pantry or a bathroom. And in this city apartment, getting inside the room, we find ourselves at the same time in the hallway, living room, combined with a dining room and a kitchen. There is enough space in the hallway, so the owners decided to equip a play area here and installed a billiard table.

Woodpile and stove

Another option for entering the premises is through large gate-doors, near which there is a woodpile for firewood going to kindle the stove, the design of which is similar to the once popular in our country «potbelly stoves».

Living room

Taking a couple of steps from the hallway, we find ourselves in the living room area, equipped with everything you need to relax and unwind after a hard day or gatherings with family and friends. Comfortable upholstered furniture with leather upholstery, an original sliding coffee table, a TV-zone and book shelves – everything works to create a comfortable, homely atmosphere.


Moving a little around the spacious room, we find ourselves in the dining area with a spacious table and bright chairs. According to the canons of the loft style, the entire room is decorated in light colors, against the background of snow-white walls and ceilings, structures of metal floors, engineering systems and other communications are especially clearly visible.

Lunch group

View of the dining room and kitchen

The dining group more than makes up for the lack of brightness in a snow-white room – plastic chairs in various shades look great with a table made of light wood, and a mirrored pendant lamp above them adds a touch of sparkle and glamor to the atmosphere of the dining room.

Relaxation area in the dining room

The space of the dining room flows smoothly into the kitchen area, separated by a bar counter. Such a convenient location of the proximity of the working area of ​​the kitchen room and the dining area with the advent of powerful hoods has become not only possible, but also comfortable..


Despite the modest quadrature of the kitchen compartment, everything you need for a comfortable stay in the working area of ​​food preparation – modern household appliances, a sink, storage systems and other kitchen accessories and appliances – fits here very ergonomically. An interesting design move was the replacement of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets with niches in which it is convenient to store food and dishes.

High ceilings of the room

Living room and pool table view

The space, practically unlimited by walls and doors, creates a feeling of freedom of movement, spaciousness and lightness, which are so often lacking in urban dwellings. Due to the fact that there are windows in the room not only in the walls, but also on the ceiling, a large studio room is literally flooded with sunlight, which always has a beneficial effect on the emotional and psychological state of the owners..

Near the stairs

There are living rooms on the upper level, but to get into them, you need to climb the stairs and go through a small recreation area located in the space in front of the stairs.


The first private room is the master bedroom. Like all premises of a loft apartment, its furnishings include only the most necessary, each piece of furniture or decor is endowed with functionality. An original design solution for a small room was the equipment of an open hanging dressing room.

Hanging wardrobe

In loft-style design projects, you can rarely see a completely fenced bedroom, but in this case we have an almost isolated room for sleeping and relaxing.


The bathroom adjacent to the bedroom is also made in strict and laconic motifs of the loft style: light, almost snow-white finish, diluted with the brilliance of stainless steel, submission to functionality in everything and a minimum of decor.


And the last room along the way is the nursery. The snow-white finish of the room is here met with bright accent spots of furniture and decor. Due to the original arrangement of windows on the ceiling of the room, the openings had to be provided with stretch curtains, because there was a lot of sunlight.

Original decor item Unusual chair

In a modern townhouse, there are many interesting pieces of furniture and decor of the original design, which not only regularly perform the functionality assigned to them, but can also easily act as art objects.