Pistachio living room: tenderness and absolute harmony in design

The living room is the room in which guests are received. But still, contrary to their direct purpose, the owners prefer to relax in the living room after a hard day, watch interesting films with the whole family. The living room interior can be decorated in different styles, but such a room should be comfortable, ergonomic, beautiful. The modern design of the living room is often bright and unique. For convenience, some people combine the living room with a kitchen or a balcony, this allows you to make your interior more attractive and functional..

Living room in pistachio color

For several years now, the pistachio color has not gone out of fashion. Its light shades simply captivate us with their splendor and nobility, creating a special mood. Living room in pistachio color fills with energy and good mood. Pistachio color goes well with cold and warm shades. To change the main color of your living room to pistachio, it is not at all necessary to re-glue the wallpaper, it is enough to fill the room with several elements of this color, pillows, a soft rug, curtains, and your room will immediately be filled with bright light and positive emotions.

Living room interior in pistachio color

Pistachio color is common in many classic styles. Living room design in this color promotes relaxation and even stress relief. The pistachio shade goes well with white, gray, red, brown, purple. When you are tired of the white color of the wallpaper, you can safely replace it with pistachio, not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling.

The sofa in pistachio color will decorate the living room. Curtains look equally good in this color. But still, when decorating a living room, you should not design only in pistachio color, stop at certain elements, for example, pistachio walls and curtains, and gray furniture, or vice versa.

Pistachio kitchen-living room

Combined living room with kitchen, ideal for modern apartments. This is the pursuit of space and convenience. In addition, the combined kitchen with the living room makes it possible to update the design and make your desires come true in the interior. The pistachio color is ideal for dark rooms with windows facing the shady side. In the kitchen area, pistachio color is usually used in the form of wall tiles, in the dining area and recreation area, the walls are pasted over or painted in the same color.

For furniture, you can use pistachio partially, for example, the dining table will be brown or gray, and the chairs are pistachio. It is also necessary to decorate the living area: pistachio pillows on the sofa, small decorative elements in this color, house plants will also look very beautiful in such an interior. This solution is suitable for classics, Provence and even modern style..

Pistachio curtains in the living room

Without unusual and beautiful curtains, the interior of the living room will never be complete. The atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the living room will be created by pistachio-colored curtains. For a bright living room, you can arrange a window opening with thick pistachio curtains, but for dark rooms, curtains made of natural lightweight material that can easily let light into the room are ideal.

You can supplement the curtains with grabs or lambrequins. It is recommended to add delicate white tulle to the pistachio curtains in the living room. Thanks to the harmonious combination, you will get aesthetic pleasure from the right combination. But solo pistachio curtains look perfect too..

Pistachio wallpaper in the living room

The modern selection of wallpapers is very large, and it seems that choosing the right one will not be difficult. But this is not the case. When choosing wallpaper, you need to consider their quality, type and, of course, color. Most designers recommend pistachio-colored wallpaper for the living room. This color evokes positive emotions in a person and calms down. Pistachio wallpaper in a classic style is appropriate to combine with silver stripes.

In Provence style, pistachio is popular in combination with a flower pattern. These wallpapers fit perfectly into any style of your living room. Only one wall of the living room can be decorated with a bright coating, for example, in the area where the sofa is located. This shade is in perfect harmony with wooden furniture. In such an atmosphere it is pleasant to spend free time and meet guests..

Dilute pistachio, interior items will help. White tulle and brown decor.

Beige and pistachio living room

The combination of beige with pistachio is good for small living rooms. These are fresh, delicate colors. The interior in beige and pistachio combination should be calm and unobtrusive, while very elegant..

If you don’t want to re-glue the wallpaper, and you want to change the interior of the living room, place a pistachio sofa with beige pillows in the room, hang double beige and pistachio curtains on the windows. A comfortable carpet in beige and pistachio color can be placed on the floor. These accents will fill your living room with light and freshness..

The combination of pistachio and other colors for the design of the living room

Pistachio color is a rather neutral shade, but still the best combination is achieved with the help of the following colors: white, it is able to bring a calm, pleasant atmosphere into the living room interior.

Smart orange combined with pistachio will create a warm and cheerful mood.

The combination of gray with pistachio will bring a special chic and sophistication to the living room interior.

Red with pistachio will charm with its richness and depth.

It is not recommended to combine a delicate, pistachio with a deep green color, the bright color will be lost against the background of a gloomy swamp hue.

Pistachio is a subtle shade of green that creates soft contrasting combinations. The combination of pistachio color in the interior of the living room creates a pleasant energy, reminds us of the freshness of the early morning. The natural beauty of this color attracts designers, and they are inspired to embody this color in their creative projects..