Scandinavian style in a modern Swedish apartment

If until now it seemed to you that it was impossible to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the whole apartment with absolutely white walls, then before you is a direct proof of this possibility – the design project of one Swedish apartment located in the city of Gothenburg. In a building with a complex architecture, one would either have to hide a lot of useful room space to align it in the correct shape, or try to use design features for the benefit of a comfortable and functional home. And in the case of rooms that are replete with various niches, bevels and other nooks, the snow-white finish is an ideal option for decorating the space..

Let’s start our inspection from the entrance hall, which leads to a spacious room with several functional areas..

Hallway of a Swedish apartment

The large snow-white space connects the two most important segments of the dwelling – the kitchen and the living room. Obi zones have the same finish – a snow-white ceiling and walls turn into a laminate with a beautiful natural wood pattern. Furniture and decor items act as a dark contrast, and live plants bring notes of natural freshness to the interior..

Spacious premises on the first level

The sitting area of ​​the living room is located in a cozy corner and consists of a spacious corner sofa, a light coffee table, a small pouf and an arc floor lamp with chrome surfaces of the tripod and shade.

Living room with corner sofa

Any wall decor looks great on a white background of finishing a Swedish apartment – paintings and photos in simple and laconic frames have become the main decoration of vertical surfaces. Live plants in pots and small pots, pots and baskets are of no less importance in decorating living space..

Wall decor in a modern interior

In the other corner of the living area there is a place for reading and talking – two comfortable leather armchairs, a display cabinet and tables-stands for books. Despite the fact that the entire space is decorated using an open plan and zoning into separate segments is very conditional, it still exists. Each zone has not only its own carpet, but also a source of artificial lighting.

Living room interior

Original sitting and reading area

The architecture of the building is complex and the premises of the Swedish apartments are replete with various design features. For example, a niche with a beautiful arched window formed a cozy place to relax and read. It only took a couple of chairs and houseplants to create a cozy atmosphere..

Niche with arched window

The kitchen space is separated from the living room only by the furniture set itself, consisting of cabinets with snow-white facades, household appliances and work surfaces integrated into a wooden countertop.

Kitchen area in a spacious room

The angular layout of the kitchen set allowed integrating as many storage systems, household appliances and work surfaces as possible, while maintaining a sense of spaciousness and freedom. With this layout, it is possible to maintain a balance between the ergonomic arrangement of the tops. «working triangle» and the compactness of the placement of functional segments, which are used most often by the hostess (owner).

Kitchen area in a spacious room

The opposite wall has a continuation of the kitchen segment. Spacious storage systems with an integrated fridge and microwave on one wall and a breakfast base on the other. Thanks to the snow-white facades of kitchen storage systems, even massive cabinets look light, discreet, creating, together with finishing, an airy image of the entire room..

Storage systems with snow-white facades

In their love of white, the designer and homeowners decided to push it to the limit and did not add color variety even to the finish of the backsplash. Practical white ceramic tiles have become the material for wall cladding above work surfaces. Next, we go to the dining room, located in a separate room..

From the kitchen to the dining room

The complex multi-faceted architecture of the dining room «smooths out» image of a dining group. A spacious oval table with a snow-white top, comfortable chairs with an ergonomic backrest, made an organic union. Furniture looks casual – and plastic frames and metal legs add lightness to the furniture.

Dining room in white

There are not many contrasts in the dining room space – the only dark spot is the rug, which outlines the location of the most important furniture group. As in other areas of the apartment.

White dining group on a dark carpet

A low storage system with a wooden frame and snow-white facades has become not only a place for storing dishes and cutlery, but also a decoration for the dining area for the whole family and for receiving guests. Wall decor and live plants bring color variety to the snow-white interior of the room.

The original storage system for the dining room

In order to get to the bedroom, you need to climb the snow-white stairs to the second level of the Swedish apartment.

Staircase leading to the bedroom

The spacious bedroom is designed in the same freedom and freshness concept as the rest of the Swedish apartment. Snow-white finishes, light furnishings and an abundance of natural light make the image of a room for sleeping and relaxing light and airy. There is a lot of furniture in the room, but at the same time the space looks spacious, free.

Bedroom interior

Even the textiles of the large bed are decorated with snow-white shades. But the wall decoration at the head of the bed is done very graphically – black and white combinations in the material of wallpaper, lamps and wall decor brought dynamics and focus to the bedroom interior.

Unusual design of the headboard

The spacious bedroom has enough space to place, in addition to the sleeping place, a relaxation area – a small boudoir consisting of comfortable armchairs with footrests and tables for books has become a decoration of this area of ​​space.

A place to rest and read in the bedroom

In Scandinavian interiors, you can often see windows devoid of textile decoration, even in bedrooms. The inhabitants of Northern Europe advocate getting as much sunlight as possible and try not to interfere with its penetration into the dwelling through the windows. But in the bedroom, the creation of darkness is also necessary during the day; for this, the windows of the rooms for sleep and relaxation are equipped with roller blinds.

Plenty of natural light in the bedroom

View of the city of Gothenburg

It is not surprising that the space of the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom also has predominantly snow-white colors. Only for the tiling of the floors were clinker tiles with the characteristic colors of this durable material used. The white color of the walls, plumbing fixtures and storage systems, as well as the abundance of mirrored surfaces contributes to the visual expansion of the small space of the utilitarian room.

Bathroom interior

What could be better than the opportunity to go out onto the spacious balcony of the apartment and be able to observe the life of the city, bask in the sun and breathe fresh air? Perhaps, only the opportunity here, on the balcony, to equip a recreation area and short meals. Morning coffee tastes better when drunk outdoors.

Relaxation area on the open balcony

But to equip a comfortable seating area on an open balcony, you need very little – a pair of wooden chairs and a table from the collection of garden furniture. A pair of soft pillows for more comfortable outdoor seating will enhance the look.

Garden furniture for a cozy balcony