Wallpaper for the bedroom: fashion trends of 2019

The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom often becomes especially difficult, because this is where the family spends most of their time, especially when they want to relax and unwind. It is for this reason that you need to responsibly approach their choice in such a way that you can enjoy a style that promotes relaxation..

modern-bedroom-with-gray-geometric-wallpaper-idea modern-master-bedroom-with-wallpaper-i_g-ish7lwakfzvii40000000000-pbdlrwallpaper with flowers original with patterns

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Varieties of wallpaper

The most affordable and environmentally friendly option is paper wallpaper, which has a huge selection in shades and colors. In addition, they are very easy to glue due to their low weight. However, they also have disadvantages, the main one being their fragility. It is also worth noting that paper wallpapers are short-lived, easily get dirty, are sensitive to the rays of the sun and can absorb negative odors. On the other hand, the bedroom is not intended for active use, so this is a great option for her..

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Vinyl wallpaper can last for many years, in addition, if it gets dirty, you can easily fix it and just wash it. You will also be pleased with a wide selection of textures and colors, which guarantees a combination of styles and a rich choice of a suitable bedroom interior. However, most experts believe that this type of wallpaper is unhealthy, so it is not advisable to glue them in the bedroom, because a person spends a lot of time here, in particular, resting and sleeping.

blue vinyl green vinyl brown beige vinylblack with white pattern vinyl

Non-woven wallpaper is also not considered environmentally friendly, but it can often be seen in a Provence style bedroom. These wallpapers require subsequent painting and can withstand more than one painting cycle. This factor makes them durable, in addition, they are not expensive, which means that their use is materially beneficial..

beige non-wovenpink-purple non-wovenpurple non-woven

Natural wallpaper – paper base with special treatment. Only natural materials are used for application, in particular, it can be: cotton, bamboo, reed or jute. If we consider that in 2018 environmental friendliness and the use of everything natural are gaining main popularity, then this type of wallpaper will be the most relevant and preferable. The only drawback of this type of wallpaper is its solid cost..

bamboo wallpaper mandala pattern natural in eco styleLiquid wallpaper – wallpaper, which is a decorative type of plaster. They must be applied as a mixture of cellulose pulp and glue. Once the wallpaper is dry, it creates a graceful, seam-free picture. This type of wallpaper is very convenient in terms of contamination, it is enough to remove the damaged area and reapply the solution. A bedroom with liquid wallpaper looks very stylish and cozy, and most importantly, this type of coating is also safe for health..

original liquidgray liquid lilac liquid purple liquid

Choosing the best wallpaper color for the bedroom in 2018

In most cases, everyone goes to the bedroom in order to relax as much as possible, enjoy the comfort and, finally, relax after a hard day at work. In this case, the best option would be wallpaper of blue, blue and other colors of calm tones. If you use dark blue wallpaper, then they will give the bedrooms a visual darkness, which means that it will be easier and more comfortable to fall asleep in such conditions..

blue wallpaper in the bedroom light blue tint light blue wallpaper blue striped wallpaper blue with gold

For people engaged in an intellectual occupation, it is better to use green wallpaper, as it promotes mental relief and relieves stress. In general, it is worth noting that it still depends on the size of the room, light colors visually enlarge the bedroom, but dark shades can make a large room more compact..

green wallpaper in the bedroom green striped wallpaper light green tintIf the bedroom windows face the sunny side and it is hot enough in summer, then you need to use wallpaper in gray shades with a slight metallic sheen. Of course, they do not give actual coolness, but this is not required. The main thing is that a feeling of coolness is created due to such a combination of colors, and only an air conditioner that can be matched to the wallpaper will help to cope with the actual heat. Such a color scheme is able to compensate for the scorching sun, which means it will make it possible to relax comfortably in an environment conducive to this. On the contrary, beige and brown shades of wallpaper can create a warm atmosphere and are suitable for a bedroom with windows facing north. It is also important to take into account that such shades will not become as flashy as orange or red, which means that they will not visually irritate the eyes..

gray monophonic in the bedroom gray plaindark gray

Black wallpaper. Initially, it seems that they are not suitable for the bedroom, since black is considered very gloomy, without shades. However, despite this, many designers believe that in 2018 it is a trendy color, which can also contribute to relaxation and rest. In addition, it is not necessary to make the entire bedroom exactly black; you can use interesting combinations. For example, a black and white bedroom will create a feeling of the complete opposite of the sides of the room, a black and gray tint will give comfort, and a black and gold will enrich the bedroom outwardly. You can also use wallpaper with patterns or prints. By combining the wallpaper horizontally and vertically, one of the walls can be distinguished in contrast, which will also be striking and delight the host’s guests.

modern-bedroom-design-with-black-white-wallpaperblack and white black with a white branch black with white pattern black with pattern chic black and white bedroom

New, 2018 welcomes shades of pink and lilac colors, however, such wallpapers are suitable only for the bedroom of a girl or woman. Agree that a men’s or family bedroom with pink wallpaper looks ridiculous and out of place. Dark purples or shades of purple are very rarely used in the bedroom as they can cause anxiety and irritation..

delicate pink wallpaper pink wallpaper pink striped light pink wallpaper in the women's bedroom bedroom in pink

Yellow is positive and energizing, but you don’t need it in the bedroom, so it’s better to use this color in the living room than in the bedroom. However, here you can also find a way out, choosing the right shade and lighting, you can make it so that in the evening the wallpaper will be muted and darker, but in the morning it will contribute to awakening and a charge of vigor for the whole day.

yellow egyptian style wallpaper light shade of yellow bedroom in yellow tones bedroom with yellow wallpaperDesign nuances

The color scheme is not the only external indicator for the wallpaper. A very important role is played by the ornament decorating the wallpaper. You can glue wallpaper with flowers in the women’s bedroom, it looks very delicate. Using country or Provence style, you can recreate a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. For men, wallpapers with geometric patterns are suitable, which can look very good in almost any style. For a married couple, it is best to decorate the bedroom with floral motifs in 2018. This style of design contributes to the connection with nature. Wallpaper in stripes or a cage will become universal, due to such a solution, it is possible not only to correct the geometry of the room, but also to create an original interior.

white-gray textured turquoisedesigner combinedIf you make the wallpaper monochromatic, but at the same time very interesting and attractive, then you should use textured wallpaper with an embossed ornament, they will give the bedroom a certain elegance and severity.

combined wallpaper unusual wallpaper wallpaper for painting wallpaper with a view of the mountains city ​​print wallpaperbeautiful-kitchen-wallpaper-borders-wallpaper-designs-for-bedrooms-modern-wallpaper-designs-for-bedrooms-graphic-design-desktop-wallpaper-wallpaper-for-walls-designs-unique-wallpaper-for-walls- 936x585