Wallpaper for the living room: fashion trends and beautiful interior design ideas

We have already said more than once that the living room is «center of the world» any house or apartment and is considered the most functional room in which we receive guests and spend time with family. Therefore, the interior design of this room should not only correspond to the fashion and taste preferences of the owners, but also be made of high-quality materials and be as comfortable as possible. And in this case it is not only about correctly selected pieces of furniture or textiles. One of the successful solutions for creating the most comfortable atmosphere in the living room is the use of wallpaper in the decoration of the room. We will tell you about what types of wallpaper are on the market today and how to choose the right option for a particular interior style in the following material..

Wallpaper in the living room interior: varieties

This type of wall decoration owes its origin to the ancient inhabitants of China, who, about three thousand years BC, began to paste over the walls with rice paper, and apply various drawings and inscriptions to the dried surface. Modern wallpapers are very diverse and can be made on the basis of various materials, which actually divides them into types. The basis of paper wallpaper, as you understand, is paper, and unlike their ancestors, such products have an impressive assortment of colors and patterns. Such wallpapers are not characterized by high cost, which makes them available to a wide range of consumers, but they are very inferior in strength and durability to other wallpapers. Paper products are afraid of moisture and need periodic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Non-woven wallpaper is considered a more modern option, is able to withstand various mechanical influences and have increased moisture resistance.

Among the popular products from this series, one can single out wallpapers with a relief surface, which are often used for painting. And also vinyl-coated wallpaper with a rich selection of textures and patterns. Such a coating has good sound insulation and partially evens out the surface of the walls..

Acrylic wallpaper consists of a paper base and a dotted polymer, which allows products «breathe», but slightly reduces their strength.

As a basis for the manufacture of fabric wallpaper, modern manufacturers use paper or non-woven fabric. Linen, silk, jute, velor or other dense materials are used to apply the top, fabric layer.

Wall-paper made of fiberglass or fiberglass, do not be afraid of wet cleaning, it is quite easy to clean from various types of pollution and tolerate temperature changes well. In addition, these wallpapers are fire resistant and are perfect for painting..

The technique of creating metallized wallpaper is generally similar to the process of making fabric products, with the difference that in the first version, instead of fabric, aluminum foil is applied to the non-woven base for gold, bronze, silver or platinum, and on top of it various types of embossing and patterns. Such wallpapers do not fade, are not afraid of moisture, have heat-insulating properties and are durable..

Modern photo wallpapers with a 3D effect look no less beautiful and presentable in the interior of the living room. Such canvases have a fairly diverse assortment and are used as a fashionable accent..

Liquid wallpaper is more like decorative plaster in consistency and is also applied to the walls with a special spatula. Such a coating has a large selection of shades and contains various additives, for example, glitter, mineral chips, silver, golden or silk fibers, which allows you to create the most unusual designs and patterns on the walls..

As for natural wallpaper, such options belong to the category of fairly respectable products. They are composed of leather, natural fabrics, bamboo or cork. Such coatings are considered an environmentally friendly product, but they are expensive. Therefore, in most examples, they are used in the design of the living room as decorative inserts..

Living room wallpaper color

As you know, with the help of one shade or another on the walls, you can not only visually raise the level of the ceiling, make the room brighter and more spacious, but also highlight functional areas and create an atmosphere corresponding to the general style. In addition, it is the choice of a suitable palette that can determine how accurately your living room will be designed in a particular style..

The use of light wallpaper in the interior design for the living room will make the room brighter, more spacious and festive. This solution is especially relevant for rooms located on the north side. Slight top-down dimming in a gradient style will make ceilings appear much taller.

As for dark wallpaper, then such a proposal is relevant to use to highlight a particular area, for example, a fireplace area or a niche. In this case, the color scheme for the walls is selected based on the taste preferences of the homeowners or depending on the general style of decoration. At the same time, designers do not recommend using such options in rooms with insufficiently bright lighting or pasting over some of the walls with bright wallpaper in rooms with a large area. Decorating the lower part of the walls with dark wallpaper, and the upper with lighter ones is considered the most common option..

White wallpaper in the interior of the living room

Snow-white wallpaper has an amazing ability to fill any space with warmth and light, and this color of the walls is considered the ideal backdrop for placing bright accents and any kind of furniture. This design of the living room will be remembered for a long time by your guests, especially if the idea is used for the design of rooms with a small area. However, when making such a decision, you should understand that no matter how attractive such a finish looks, the white color will emphasize all the irregularities as much as possible. Therefore, you should first take care of the accurate leveling of the walls and the preparation of their surface..

Gray wallpaper for living room

The use of such a color scheme in the interior always causes some controversy. Some designers claim that this gray on the walls looks sophisticated and elegant. Others find it somewhat boring. If you look at this situation from the outside and take into account the general opinion, then gray wallpapers to a greater extent look quite attractive and restrained. Especially when it comes to the combination of the dominant gray with white, beige and black additions to the interior..

Among the most popular shades of the gray palette are ash, graphite or gray with a blue undertone. It can be both monochrome versions of wallpaper with a relief surface or patterns, and colored products, for example, dark gray wallpaper with white and silver patterns or canvases with a beige base and more intense embossing..

Beige wallpaper on the walls of the living room

The design of the living room in beige tones is considered one of the classic options, and the use of this palette in the decoration of the walls will create the most cozy, calm and relaxing atmosphere. Beige wallpaper looks beautiful and sophisticated regardless of the lighting and will be an excellent background for highlighting furniture, curtains and other interior components. In addition, such wallpapers have many variations of execution and are perfectly combined with gold, silver, white, black, light blue and light green colors, which allows you to embody the most extraordinary design ideas into reality..

Brown wallpaper in the design of the living room

Despite the saturation and depth of color, with a competent placement of accents, brown wallpapers on the walls in the living room will look no less attractive than their close relatives – beige canvases. The main thing is to be able to correctly combine such a dark tone with other colors that are present in the design, for example, white, gray, green, silver or golden. Additionally, you can refresh the wall with a beautiful painting, original lamp or statuette. And the most interesting thing is that such a color scheme will become an excellent background for light-colored furniture and other accessories..

Combined types of wallpaper

The non-standard shape of the room or low ceilings are just some of the nuances that can be encountered during the renovation of the living room. Therefore, a solution such as a combination of wallpaper on the walls with different colors, textures and patterns, in most examples, will help correct many shortcomings. One of these «secrets» the arrangement of the living room is considered to be the correction or correction of the space of the room by highlighting one of the walls with more contrasting wallpaper in color. The vertical arrangement of patterns or prints visually raises the ceiling. The horizontal, on the other hand, expands the walls. Companion wallpaper looks very interesting in this example, which are combined with each other in color, but differ in patterns or vice versa..

An equally original and successful solution can be called the zoning of the living room space with the help of a different combination of shades and textures on the wallpaper. In this way, it is possible to highlight with brighter or embossed canvases the reading area, the fireplace area, the office area and the place where the soft part is supposed to be installed and watching TV. This idea will make the living room at the same time multifunctional and cozy room, which is especially important in open plans or walk-through rooms..

Another fashionable solution is the method of wall decoration, in which wallpaper plays both the role of the main covering and the role of decor. In such examples, as a rule, two types of canvases are used, for example, plain light and patterned products. At the same time, the latter decorate the walls in part, like paintings or decorative inserts. This option looks especially interesting when wallpaper with patterns is additionally decorated with various types of frames..

Options for decorating the walls of the living room with wallpaper with flowers

All kinds of variations of floristic ornaments and flowers always look beautiful and do not go out of fashion. Photo wallpapers, which are very popular in recent years, look especially exquisite, allowing you to decorate the wall with a natural picture, with the maximum transfer of natural shades. It is enough to paste over one of the walls with such wallpaper, which will act as an accent in the entire interior. And at the same time, you can choose any option, starting from a canvas with small-sized flowers, ending with a catchy image of a large bud or inflorescence that occupies the entire area. In any of the examples, the effect is simply amazing..

Wallpaper for the living room with 3D effect

The selection of one of the walls of the living room with the help of 3D wallpaper is gaining momentum in popularity lately. And this is not at all surprising, because such a solution allows you to add a certain zest to the interior and looks unusually beautiful. The assortment of such wallpapers varies from various types of images on floral themes, which we mentioned above, to extraordinary landscapes, shots from orbit, city panoramas and our own portraits. At the same time, it is very important that the image is made with high quality and harmoniously fits into the overall atmosphere of the design..

How to choose a wallpaper style

No matter how much you would like to opt for a particular type of wallpaper, the choice should always be based on the general style of interior decoration. Therefore, it will be more rational to determine the direction of the repair at its initial stages, and only then proceed to the selection of suitable wall finishes. Interior design in a classic style is always characterized by the use of expensive materials that emphasize the luxury and a certain pomp of the room. Therefore, it is relevant here to use wallpaper with various monograms, golden or bronze details. Such wallpapers can be used to decorate all walls of a room, or can be alternated with more laconic monochromatic products and used as decorative inserts..

To create a Provence style living room interior, you should give preference to wallpaper for painting or look at one of the options for products with graceful patterns or small floral prints.

The atmosphere of a Scandinavian-style living room should maintain the spirit of the dwellings of the northern latitudes. Therefore, light-colored wallpaper imitating brickwork or rough plaster in this case is able to convey the Scandinavian originality as much as possible..

The design of the living room in the style of Art Nouveau presupposes the obligatory presence of metal parts, stone surfaces, wood, leather or fur. Therefore, all kinds of natural motifs or mosaics, in which there are no strict lines and clear forms, will become an ideal choice for decorating walls in such a living room..

For a loft, the use of wallpaper that imitates the surface of a stone or plaster is relevant.

As for wall decoration in such modern directions as hi-tech or minimalism, then in this case you should opt for monochrome canvases. If such a proposal seems a little boring, you can always choose an option from a series of wallpapers with geometric patterns, abstraction or with a 3D effect..

For lovers of oriental notes, manufacturers offer a choice of wallpapers with fragments and patterns related to a particular country and culture, for example, Japan, Morocco or Turkey..

At first glance, choosing the right wallpaper for your living room seems like a rather complicated task. However, if you look at this procedure from the other side, then you will not only replenish your knowledge base with all sorts of information related to interior design, but also get an excellent opportunity to translate your own ideas into reality. The main thing is to harmoniously combine taste preferences and features of the room.