Walls in the kitchen: beautiful design ideas and advice on choosing materials for decoration

The kitchen space is the pride of any hostess. This space is used for cooking and as a family dining room. Here you can arrange cozy gatherings with a friend over a cup of coffee and even invite a small group of friends. Therefore, the kitchen should be beautiful, practical, multifunctional, safe for health and preferably durable. And in this case, when designing a design, experts recommend that you definitely pay attention to the decor of the walls, since such an interior detail can transform a room, divide it into zones and mask flaws, if any. At the same time, it is important to choose the right finishing materials, because the kitchen belongs to the category of specific rooms with high humidity, frequent changes in temperature and characteristic contamination remaining after cooking. In the material, we will consider the most popular materials for decorating walls in the kitchen and offer our readers photos of ready-made interior solutions..

Wall decoration in the kitchen – requirements and features

No matter how attracted we are by the appearance of certain finishing materials, when choosing suitable ideas for the kitchen, first of all, their durability should be taken into account, since the kitchen is most often subjected to wet cleaning, and this, as you understand, is the use of cleaning agents and mechanical stress. In addition, the selected type of wall decoration should not ignite and emit substances hazardous to health when changing the temperature regime..

Also, one should not forget about the need to divide the common space into functional zones – working and dining, which means choosing an interior solution taking into account these factors. For surfaces that will take on the main load, you should choose more durable materials..

When facing the rest of the walls, you can focus on the decor. In addition, the simultaneous combination of several materials will allow the owners of the premises to save money and provide an excellent opportunity to show imagination. Read more about what types of materials can be used for kitchen design..

Painting the walls in the kitchen

This unpretentious and versatile way of finishing wall surfaces in the kitchen is considered a fashionable European trend today, so we start our guide to finishing materials with just this option..

Using the proposed material, you do not have to resort to the services of specialists, since painting does not require any specific skills. The main thing is to decide in advance on the shades of the waterproof emulsion and prepare the surface of the walls, otherwise the coating will only draw attention to all the irregularities and roughness.

A similar finishing option can serve you for decades and be updated at the request of the owners of the premises..

Types of wallpaper for the kitchen

Despite the fact that not every type of modern wallpaper is suitable for decorating a kitchen, designers confidently continue to use similar materials to create various interior solutions. And in this case, preference should be given to non-woven or vinyl products..

The main feature of the proposed options is moisture resistance. Therefore, these wallpapers can be damp cleaned. In addition, vinyl and non-woven wallpapers do not fade in the sun, which is very important for kitchens with constant exposure to sunlight, they have a very impressive design choice and can be used as a base for painting..

It should be remembered that non-woven wallpapers are sensitive to mechanical damage, and vinyl ones need more glue consumption and can shrink after final drying. Photo wallpapers look no less original and attractive in kitchen design, which, due to their variety, are perfect for highlighting an accent wall and are wonderfully combined with other materials.

Ceramic tile

This proposal can be called one of the most «not killed» types of coatings, which is perfect for decorating a kitchen backsplash and for cladding larger areas. Ceramic tiles are provided in a wide range, can have various shapes, colors and sizes, rough or glossy surface.

Such material is not at all afraid of water, reacts perfectly to temperature extremes and mechanical influences, therefore it is distinguished by its durability, which must be taken into account when creating an interior. In other words, you should carefully consider the design, since it will not be possible to dismantle and replace the boring tile with a new one in a short time..

Decorative plaster

If you want a unique style and real quality, this type of wall cladding, such as decorative plaster, is the ideal solution. Such a proposal belongs to the category of expensive finishing and requires the involvement of specialists. However, the result will surely delight you and allow you to create a unique style..

The plaster is characterized by increased wear resistance, has sound insulation properties and wonderfully retains its original appearance under the influence of high temperatures. And the only drawback is instability to moisture, experts perfectly compensate by coating the plaster with varnish or water-repellent paint. With the help of such material, you can recreate an imitation of any surface on the walls and apply a bas-relief.

Decorative brick

Many modern interior styles are not complete without such characteristic additions as brickwork, therefore, a similar finish is very often used in kitchen design. Decorative brick is made of gypsum or stone and is considered a fairly strong and durable material, it can have a white or characteristic brown color, or be used for painting. In this way, you can select the area around the door or window opening or focus on one of the walls..

Wooden walls

The option of finishing the surface of the walls with the help of wooden canvases or lining will be an excellent solution for arranging a kitchen room not only in a country house, but also in a city apartment. In addition, the tree accompanies many stylistic solutions that are very popular these days, for example, country or Provence. With proper processing, a wooden wall in the kitchen can be compared in durability to a stone or tile, so experts recommend covering the lining with a protective layer of varnish or using it as a base for painting. As a result of such manipulations, the surface can be safely wet cleaned..

The choice of materials for wall decoration in the kitchen can be called both a useful and educational pastime, since in the modern variety of cladding options it will not be easy to quickly make a choice. You will not only have to find out the characteristics and features of the option you are interested in, but also compare how much it suits your kitchen and the chosen style. Good luck!