We draw up a design project

Each owner of a residential property wants to equip it to his liking. In the modern world, a rich selection of building materials, qualified specialists and information sources simplify the situation..

What is design in general

Not many people understand that the design of an apartment is not easy to select a beautiful decor and other aesthetic goals. First of all, it is practicality, functionality and zoning of the room. Regardless of the number of rooms in the apartment, everything should be located in its place and have its own purpose..

That is why it is recommended to select furniture, plan its location immediately after making a decision on the design and decoration of the interior. Especially for this, design and creative research is carried out, the market for design opportunities is studied, and the pricing policy is discussed..

Ideas can be implemented both in the simplest ways, which do not require large expenses, and in complex ones, requiring a careful development of a design project. After all, design is an accurate, specific decision regarding the external and internal appearance of a room of any nature..

Design project
  • Ideas for renovation and decoration, style, color, texture and selection of furniture, recorded on paper.
  • Documents, diagrams and drawings attached to it.

It is possible to cope with this on your own, but, as in everything, it is better to trust the professionals. Especially when it comes to redevelopment.

The designer has taste, style, and most importantly a sense of proportion. He is a bit of an artist, a bit of a historian, an engineer, an electrician, a plumber, a foreman, an employee of the SES and GPN, and all rolled into one.

Working with a professional designer

To avoid unforeseen situations, when choosing a designer, you should pay attention to his education, previous projects, recommendations or the company on whose behalf he works..

Working with a professional designer

There are two ways to collaborate with a designer.

Of course, in both cases, the main burden falls on the designer. But in the first, after talking about your tastes and wishes, you can even leave the country. And in the second, you participate in the project from start to finish..

A designer’s work on a project consists of several parts:

  • Terms of reference and its development.
  • Project sketch.
  • Directly implementation of the design.
  • Monitoring the project during its implementation.

There are many small subclauses between these points, which are described below..

Cooperation details

  • Tell the designer about your family. Composition, gender, age, preferences, daily routine, habits, hobbies, hobbies.
  • Tell about your desires.
  • Provide layout, drawings, drawings, sketches, ideas.
  • Develop conceptual design solutions. Image, style, direction, color.
  • Working with lighting.
  • Selection of material. Structure, texture, price range (the more diverse the material in its properties, the more interesting the result will be).
  • Designing your ideas.
  • 3D sketch. Transferring all ideas in a voluminous version to paper.
  • Selection of masters.
  • Purchase of materials.
  • Registration of documents (in case of redevelopment, etc. changes).
  • Monitoring the further activities of the work team.

Independent design project

Independent design project

Choosing a color palette

Many designers recommend moving away from the usual post-Soviet colors, blue, gray, green and beige. But, by and large, it’s a matter of taste. In any case, before proceeding with the repair and the choice of materials, it makes sense to either draw your future room, or organize the visualization of the color palette from scrap materials..

For example, collect and lay out on a sheet of paper, so to speak, a color sketch of the future apartment. These can be magazine pictures, ribbons, small pieces of fabric of various colors. The easiest option is to create a collage from colored paper.

The results obtained can be changed, photographed and changed again. Try, experiment with colors, of which there should be enough.

Design solutions

To visualize your ideas, you can organize your layout. A layout is a room or apartment as a whole, a very reduced view. It should be with walls, doors, windows, furniture and even lighting, which can then become a dollhouse. Furniture can be made by yourself from cardboard, wood, fabric, or borrowed from a child.


In the case of redevelopment, the approval and permission of the administrative authorities is required, which can only be obtained by the owner..

  • Redevelopment statement.
  • Apartment documents.
  • Technical passport.
  • Redevelopment project prepared by specialists.
  • Confirmation that the object is not a cultural or architectural monument.
  • Implementation of the project.
  • BTI inventory.
  • Get a document on the safety of changes in your apartment.
  • Document all changes.
  • Obtain a new cadastral passport.
  • Obtain a certificate in the management of the public service. registration of cadastre and cartography.


For an independent solution of your design project, you should definitely consult with qualified repair specialists. But in order for the result to satisfy you completely, it is better to cooperate with them..