Gold and design – chandeliers of magnificence

By definition, design objects are intended not to go unnoticed. In a globalized world where standardization has quickly imposed itself, interior decoration is of course not left out, resulting from the success of strategies cleverly thought out by the giants of the sector. However, if the need for belonging inscribed in Maslow’s pyramid has thus been fulfilled for decades, the need for emancipation and differentiation, which is the direct consequence, is only more stimulated and comes to counter the idea of stereotyping, so present in a society of excessive consumption. Indeed, the consumer, witness to his own habits, generally modeled on what surrounds him, tends more and more to want to stand out, modifying his habits and changing the hierarchy of his priorities and factors of choice. Indeed, price and availability are no longer the main denominators, but are replaced for a desire for quality, social justice and respect for the environment. In terms of layout and furniture, beyond economic criteria, more abstract notions of art, originality and know-how are added.

From this observation, the Scandinavian style and its minimalism, very present in recent years, are giving way in favor of pieces with a more marked personality, in terms of design, but also of rendering. The warmth of materials and colors therefore replace the cold atmospheres from the north. Among these new trends is a renewed interest in gilding, which, combined with contemporary design, enhances the piece with an unusual touch. Thus, a handmade designer chandelier or desk with contemporary lines bring reflections and lights, as only gold can produce.

Large round and golden design chandelier by Artixe

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Like the phenomenal crystalline chandelier of the Istanbul Dolmabahçe Palace, this decorative element which has survived the centuries remains synonymous with prestige, even if its scope has diminished with the rhythm of time and needs. In the past, owning a chandelier was proof of good taste and this is tending to become so again, like the contemporary golden pieces of the French manufacturer Artixe. The chandelier is not only a light support, but also takes on the quality of a main element of decoration. Hanging in the middle of a room, it attracts at first glance like a sun in the center of a galaxy. An element of classical culture par excellence, the chandelier has also known how to evolve and adapt to the times. The traditional star or cross candlestick has now changed to contemporary shapes, in original lines and designs, making it more current than ever, while retaining its ancestral charisma.

Designer chandelier covered with gold leaf

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Golden chair with a contemporary monobloc design

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Designer desk with a shiny gold finish

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Coffee table with an original cubic design, composed of blocks in golden and silver hues

luxury designer gold coffee table, small contemporary cube living room table

Designer living room sideboard with a golden metallic look

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Large dining table signed by Italian designers, with original curves and luxurious golden finish

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Duo of living room coffee tables with circular gold-colored frames 

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