3 online postal services that make our lives easier

Among the many innovations that mark the age of technology, today we already find the possibility of writing and sending a card or a letter from home and in just a few moments. A luxury thanks to which you no longer have to travel to visit the nearest post office and then spend a few more beautiful moments there while waiting in the queue to send mail. Haven’t tried this time-saver yet? So, in the following lines, we suggest that you take a look at the top 3 postal services that we could already use online.

Write a letter or send a greeting card using online postal services 

online postal service technology era registered letter digital greeting card

Send a registered letter online

In these uncertain times, more and more people are looking for alternatives to avoid queues at the Post Office and send documents in another way. So do you know that if you find yourself in the need of writing and send a registered letter, can you take advantage of an online service? Indeed, sites such as Merci Factor offer the accessible and certified option of posting your letters. But in addition to that, their platform provides you with templates for administrative letters (insurance, banking, housing, social security and many others) that you can use and adapt according to your needs. So you can also schedule the date of sending and track the shipment. A service that is proving to be very useful especially for the elderly and isolated.

Send your administrative letters with peace of mind with the certified online option

write registered letter online sending administrative letter template to write digital postal service

Write a love or friendship letter

In the good old days, writing a letter was the best or only form of correspondence. Long hours filled with tears and smiles, the sender’s trembling hand when he leaves his feelings on the white sheet … And then, the strong emotion and the accelerated rhythm of the recipient at the sight of this same letter traveled the long way. distance between two close souls… Today, we no longer need to wait weeks to hear news from friends or family who live on the other side of the world. Yet the love / friendship letter still has the same sentimental value. Since you can’t compare a series of daily Facebook posts to a carefully thought-out letter.

And in these last few months, we feel even more deeply the importance of small gestures of affection towards those who are dear to us. So for example, if you don’t dare to visit your elderly parents often because of the pandemic, but you don’t want to deny them the news of their grandchildren altogether, then there is a pretty nice alternative to try. We always talk about the possibility of writing a letter online (or even making a digital drawing with the help of your little ones) and then having it printed and sent the same day.

Never overlook the importance of small gestures of love in everyday life

small gesture of love write letter online with digital drawing online postal services

Share the joy of the holidays with an illustrated card

Surprising the precious people in one’s life is an act of love that warms the heart not only of the recipient but also of the organizer. So even though you may not be able to share a party with someone, there is always the alternative of showing your appreciation and love for them through a original greeting card. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, end of the year party or any other type of special occasion, you have the option to select or create your own personalized card with photo and sweet message. Finally, you just have to click on send and wait impatiently for the reaction of the moved recipient..

Surprise loved ones with an original greeting card 

surprise online greeting card birthday special occasion sending personalized illustrated card with photo and message