Home insurance: for whom and why buy it?

A lot of times you get attached to minor items like your laptop or new fashion item and do your best to protect them from drops or stains. At the same time, we frequently neglect the role of its dwelling as well as its importance. But if we take a second to think about it, we realize that the place we live in is actually our fortress. The shelter that keeps all our possessions and memories … This is why it is important to think about protecting it against possible risks and damages. Are you interested in home insurance? Let’s see what you need to know about this type of contract.

Protect your cozy nest against possible risks and damages

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Home insurance, for whom ?

Living in a home does not necessarily mean that you own it. As you well know, there are different situations. Tenant, occupying or non-occupying owner … Depending on their role in the specific case, a potential client of theHome Insurance can thus choose from various options adapted to the circumstances.

Owner or tenant – home insurance offers you different formulas depending on your case

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When to opt for home insurance ?

To find the most suitable solution for you, we suggest you examine the classic alternatives below. Here is a brief overview of the different guarantees to consider depending on your status.

Tenant : Normally, each tenant sees the need to take out housing insurance which includes civil liability coverage. The latter in fact covers any damage and your responsibilities vis-à-vis the owner of the accommodation. In addition, you can opt for insurance of your possessions.

Student : As a tenant of student accommodation, you must take out home insurance. The latter protects you against various risks including: theft, water or fire damage, broken windows and others.

Civil liability is a guarantee of tenants vis-à-vis the owner

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Non-occupying owner : In general, you are not required to take out insurance for your home. However, it is recommended to think of an optional guarantee that covers the risks of loss, even when the accommodation is unoccupied..

Owner occupant: First, if you own the home you live in, insurance is not legally required. Unless it is a condominium. On the other hand, if you want to protect your property against risks, you can choose from different formulas according to your needs and preferences..

Living in a home goes hand in hand with responsibilities

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The additional benefits

The contract with certain insurance companies allows you to take advantage of a reduction in transport costs in the event of a move. Thus, you can benefit from a discount on the rental of a vehicle to move your belongings with complete peace of mind. In addition, you have the option of keeping the insurance on your old accommodation for the following 30 days.

In addition to the classic guarantees, some insurance companies give you the possibility of taking advantage of additional reductions in the event of a move

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