Our advice for choosing an effective mosquito repellent: advantages and disadvantages of different methods

We’ve all dreamed of finding the unstoppable mosquito cure and you’ll probably agree with us, it’s not that easy to find! Perhaps you have already tried so-called revolutionary products based on Ultraviolet light or Ultrasound? Your results were, I’m sure, a far cry from what you might have seen in the ad that sold it to you … and that’s no surprise. There are plenty of scams out there in the pest control arena and we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and make the best choice. You will be able to enjoy your garden and your exteriors without worries during this summer..

Which mosquito repellent is really effective ?

Before looking for a solution to effectively fight mosquitoes, it is crucial to consider the environment to be protected and the expected finality. You will not use the same technique to stop mosquitoes if you are looking to have a quiet meal by a lake or if you want to stop the invasion of mosquitoes in your garden.

We are not going to praise one particular mosquito repellent because several exist and the products vary according to your needs. We will start by giving you the keys to help you differentiate between a good product and a good effective mosquito repellent in the fight against mosquitoes and another product that sounds more like a scam. Mosquitoes are vectors of diseases that can be dangerous and fear has set in. Many manufacturers have understood this and have taken the opportunity to quickly release mosquito repellent solutions that have not always been tried. And that’s a shame ! Some repellents or traps that we are going to discuss have been developed for more than 8 years with laboratory tests. You can trust this kind of solutions more easily.

Repelling a mosquito is not the same end as capturing it

an insect strewn on a network of windows in front of a garden

First crucial point in the fight against mosquitoes, avoid solutions based on UV, waves or chemicals. A mosquito is mainly attracted to CO2 and perspiration which generate a mixture of very particular odors, specific to humans or animals. The mosquito knows that it will find its blood meal, essential for its reproduction, by approaching this scent. A good mosquito trap will therefore be able to reproduce this odor to effectively attract these pests..

As we discussed earlier, you should ask yourself what your needs are before investing in a solution. There is a big difference between fighting sustainably to gradually reduce the number of mosquitoes in your garden and immediate solutions to repel the pest for a while.

Solutions to repel mosquitoes:

If you are looking for a solution to keep mosquitoes at bay for a meal then you can opt for a repellant. Several types of repellents exist: Thermacell brand diffusers, candles preferably based on natural products, spirals, plant pyrethrum-based diffusers… We strongly recommend the Thermacell brand solutions. This mosquito repellent is a real benchmark that miraculously repels mosquitoes during an outdoor meal. You have to test it to believe it.

This solution has the disadvantage of being expensive if used very regularly


Solutions to capture mosquitoes:

Other techniques can be used to permanently repel mosquitoes from your gardens. A mosquito moves little. Within a radius of approximately 100 square meters. If it is installed in the bushes of your garden, there is a great chance that it will come and sting you as soon as the opportunity arises. An excellent solution is to invest in a mosquito repellent device that aims to capture mosquitoes in the area by mimicking the presence of a human. This kind of technique makes it possible to reduce the number of mosquitoes little by little and to find a quieter garden. The Biogents mosquito repellent device is one of the best traps on the market today.

The mosquito net:

Equipping the exits of your home with mosquito nets is also an excellent way to protect yourself from mosquitoes. You can at least be sure that none of these pests are entering your home and that you can spend your summer with the windows and doors open without any fear. Even with the light on. Many mosquito nets exist on the market and can be adapted to your needs.

Do not hesitate to consult the various specialist resellers

a hand pulling a network against insects deep in the mountains

Other techniques to keep mosquitoes away:

Many products exist but are not always effective. Not all mosquito repellent sprays are created equal. Not all spirals and other candles are as powerful as other more innovative processes. We strongly recommend that you trust the opinions that you can read on the internet on certain specialized sites or listen to the recommendations of your acquaintances. Remember that a trap based on UV technology will surely not meet your expectations.

Are mosquito repellants still scams ?

The answer is NO, not all mosquito repellants are scams and luckily they are. There are really effective solutions, but you have to take the time to learn and find them. This will prevent you from falling into the traps of some advertisers who are looking to sell at all costs, knowing full well that it will not really measure up. Don’t be fooled by the videos circulating on social media that promise to capture 100% of mosquitoes. I will explain why this is not possible and why some products do not work in the rest of this article.

Beware of traps that favor ultra violet light as the only argument to attract mosquitoes. UV light is very unattractive to mosquitoes. It is even considered to be completely ineffective against the tiger mosquito which is active when it is daylight. UV light is only of interest when it is the only source of light (ie when it is dark). The tiger mosquito is no longer active at this time. The other perverse effect of ultra violet light is that all the night insects in the area will come and fly around your trap, which will bring nuisances close to your surroundings. Ultrasonic mosquito repellents have never been proven to be effective, especially on the tiger mosquito.

Even if mosquitoes have very developed hearing, they are obviously not sensitive to this technique.

a mosquito insect in icy blue background abstract image