Pastel wallpaper to announce the arrival of spring

Is there a color that better embodies softness and joie de vivre than our favorite pastel shades? Having become a sure bet in decoration and fashion, these powdery shades are particularly captivating as spring approaches. And this is not surprising, given that nature itself is adorned with pretty pastel tones during this period of spring rebirth. And as life all around swarms in a feast of joy and color, our spirits are also uplifted. We automatically switch to a pastel wallpaper.

A winning combination – pink and pastel blue

pastel blue and pink background and pastel blue color alarm clock example photo background pc

What is a pastel color ?

Pastel colors are all the rage in our homes, wardrobes, and on social media. Clear, luminous and pale, these romantic hues are far from being limited to sky blue or powder pink. Yellow, lavender, salmon, sea green, the range is quite rich! And then there is also the degraded effect which transports us to the seventh chromatic sky. Thanks to Instagram in particular, pastel images have gained unparalleled popularity. And if we fall for these aesthetics that make you dream, it is quite natural to want to adopt them against the background of our screens. But before diving into our gallery of the most beautiful pastel wallpapers, find below a brief history of these charming tones..

The rich range of pastels in all their soft shades

pastel color palette various shades of pastel blue pink purple orange water green and others

From the small stick of colors to a fashion trend

Even before becoming a fad, pastels were a favorite art tool for children. But if we go even further, to discover the origins of these little colored sticks, we will have to go back to the 15th century. It was during this time that Leonardo da Vinci became the first to use pastels in art. However, this new form of artistic expression did not become popular until two centuries later, and saw its peak under the old regime. In the 18th century in particular, pastels made their entry into the royal court and more precisely into the wardrobe of Queen Marie Antoinette. The new fashion spread quickly and ended up influencing the Rococo style, so characteristic for its pastel opulence. The trend died down, however, once the winds of the French Revolution began to blow.

Marie Antoinette – queen of pastel

marie antoienette the queen to make pastel colors popular in the royal nut fashion and interior

Pastel color in contemporary history

But since pastels are always where there is need for joy, they will come back up to date two centuries later, but this time in other countries. Very trendy in the 1920s (post-war years), these hues represent a breath of hope during one of the worst periods in American history. We are talking about this cumulative decade which will be crowned by the greatest economic crash of the 20th century, in particular the Great Depression..

In the 1950s, pastel colors were established as a real art of living. This time, however, they reflect a certain idyllic image of a booming American society. The houses dressed in pastel tones nurture this idea of ​​life in pink that still inspires interior design today.

In the 80s, shortly after the revival of the art deco architecture of South Beach (Miami) in pastel code, a television series once again pushed the dull and luminous tones to the fore. The famous Miami Vice features a main character whose outfits are exclusively pastel.

The 80s and the madness of pale and bright colors

miami vice the tv series that reintroduced pastel colors to 80s popular culture

Pastel tones and pastel wallpaper – an up-to-date trend

Even today, the colors in question do not cease to fascinate us. A certain nostalgia for the 50s and 80s escapes, of course, but not only! In fashion, pastels give a fresh and stylish air that is neither too bland nor too garish. In decoration, these shades are a guarantee of a peaceful, relaxing and very versatile atmosphere. This is why pastels are a favorite choice in the bedroom and especially in the children’s bedroom.

However, even in our daily life, the fact of surrounding ourselves in pastel tempts us. Whether it’s the manicure, the notebook or even the wallpaper of your computer or laptop. Very pleasing to the eye, pastel shades reflect a certain sensitivity, kindness and softness of character, of which you could be proud. And do not especially believe all those who tell you that it sounds childish? No, it’s just too fancy and it’s you! A pastel-colored interior, a pretty drawing or illustration or a food or collection of pastel objects – choose your wallpaper image according to your interests. In the following lines you will find some ideas, so don’t hesitate to download them to embellish your own wallpaper and put you in a springtime mood..

Interior in pastel pink – a guarantee of elegance and femininity

salmon pink bedroom furniture white accents beige and brass set wallpaper too stylish

Pastel fields – great idea for spring wallpaper for PC

wheat fields pink color on the blue sky background example of romantic landscape

A snowy landscape in pastel tones

snowy mountain landscape with pink sky and light purple crátif pastel color background

Drawing romantic perfect for photo wallpaper

stylized landscape in blue and white with pink sun and river creative pastel wallpaper in pale tones

salmon and white pastel image with pink and white flowers white background

The Eiffel Tower and pastel balloons – what could be better !

paris eiffel tower landscape with pastel balloons too stylish and chic wallpaper idea for pc

artistic picture watercolor wallpaper in color pink green yellow purple creative picture

pastel image of cactus with flowers chalkboard painting idea for chic wallpaper

image of coel and clouds seen from above = pastel pink wallpaper of dream

marble pastel computer wallpapers top free marble pastel.jpg

pastel blue background with touches of pink seabed theme sea clouds animals

Pastel swag girl illustration

pink girl wallpaper with snowy mountains girl with brown hair white sweater cup of coffee

seabed inspiration image sea shell and pink and blue paste example charming pastel image

example of pastel green pastel pink color fan on white wood background pastel color image pc background

pastel plates and food on pastel pink background image idea for original wallpaper

pastel pink and blue castles and pink sky the most beautiful stylish wallpapers fairy tale

Gradient effect pastel rainbow shell

pink and purple sea shell unicorn aesthetic original image sea inspiration

cotton pink blue and purple color pastel tissue paper circles creative example the best chic wallpaper

pink color crystals on blue background example of original wallpaper in light pastel tones creative image rainbow unicorn

green palm branches on a pink background sample simple and chic background image

Pineapple decoration in white, pink and pastel green

pastel yellow pink green pineapple figurines on white background original pastel image for iphone wallpaper

pale blue background ice yellow juice with curls pink and green color gourmet pastel image iphone background

pink and blue pastel color background and bulb image example for simple pc or iphone wallpaper

Pastel food – a new visual trend in food presentation

aesthetic wallpaper in pastel pink and blue with appetizing colorful donuts

pastel color wallpaper ice pink color on yellow background idea original image

gradient wallpaper in pink blue white and yellow pastel tones artistic image

pastel pink tone flower wallpaper on diluted blue and pink background

Pastel image for music lovers

music wallpaper in pastel pink and blue with headphones image in pastel colors

pastel blue pink and white wallpaper artistic pc background idea of ​​light colors

pastel wallpaper in pink and white balloons on pastel pink background original idea pc photo

wallpaper too stylish ice cream color orange salmon yellow on pastel blue background

Rainbow pattern made in pastel gradient

pastel color background ice colorful rainbow example aesthetic image unicorn inspiration

pastel rainbow cake with pastry cream and colorful balls original dessert

idea of ​​blue pumpkin and sugar paste on cupcake in pink box pastel color image

idea wallpaper pastel background and pink lollipop in small blue plate

IPhone wallpaper for photography junkies

original instax mini camera image and small flowers on off-white background

image of pastel pink and blue meringues in plate original pastel wallpaper with small purple flowers

Pastel marshmallows to take you back to childhood

marshmallow food image color white pink blue and pastel yellow example appetizing pastel color image

original pastel image flowers background candles landscape stars cubes with lemon

pastel colors macarons pale wallpaper idea with french dessert food, pastel wallpaper image

roses color pink blue yellow pastel original aesthetic image idea

roses pastel pink color idea for aesthetic flower wallpaper too beautiful

cups of cappuccino and slice of cake in plates pink flowers on the pastel color background