Selection of the best Christmas landscapes to get in the festive mood right away

Filled with turbulence and challenges, 2020 is already drawing to a close. And even if you don’t know what brought us in the New Year, you still need to continue to believe in miracles and appreciate the beauty of the little things in your daily life. During this chilling period, then, we embark on even deeper enthusiasm in the preparations for the most wonderful holiday of all, especially Christmas. And sometimes, it takes very little to get into the festive spirit and feel the magic all around you. A classic song, a romantic movie, the installation of a fairy lights or a pair of warm socks… There are so many little ways to immerse yourself in this good mood. Today, we invite you to go with us to discover the Christmas landscapes the most magical in the world.

Get into the festive spirit by taking a virtual world tour with the best Christmas landscapes

house wood mountain view peaks forest landscape mountain carpet snow blue sky clouds

Admire one of the best Christmas landscapes in Rovaniemi village in Lapland

What’s the first thing we associate with winter and cold weather? The Christmas party of course! The magic around this long-awaited event has fascinated young and old all over the world for several centuries. And this is not without reason. The soft, crisp snow under our feet, the flakes dancing in the rhythm of the wind, the sleigh of Santa Claus and his faithful companions … We all fall for this magical world where it is only joy, happiness and laughter that reign in an atmosphere out of this world. However, there are quite a few places on our planet where you can really feel like you’re in a fairy tale. One such find is the famous Rovaniemi village in Lapland. A winter paradise offering picturesque views with its snowy nature, its colorful sky in pink shades and the sleighs of reindeer and huskies. In addition, this wonderful piece of land is known to be the official home of Santa Claus. So, this is arguably the perfect destination to contemplate incredible Christmas landscapes.

Discover the beauty of the official Santa Claus residence in the Finnish village Rovaniemi

beautiful image landscape winter nature mountain snowy sled huskies lapland adventure photography snow

Lake Bled – the perfect place to discover its dream landscape

While scanning the most wonderful places in the world to take a real or virtual walk in winter, we suddenly come across a treasure not very well known but which has something to charm dreamers. We are talking here about Lake Bled in Slovenia. A small place of wonders in the form of an island located in the heart of a lake. According to legends, the place was created by fairies who loved to dance on a carpet of fresh grass and the starry sky. But the fairytale landscape couldn’t be complete without the presence of a castle, right? Fortunately, there is a medieval building rich in history and romantic spirit. A corner of the marvelous, loaded with a magical and calming atmosphere, above all for its soothing views towards snow-capped mountains and the surface of pure water.

Take a virtual walk to Lake Bled which offers a splendid view of snow-capped peaks

christmas landscapes wallpaper winter nature lake reflections sunlight cloud surface water peaks mountain destination

The Northern Lights in northwestern Sweden: an almost unreal winter image

Who has not, at least once in their life, had the desire to escape to a distant and less populated place to find their connection with nature in peace? And if ever, you have such a possibility, what will be your dream destination? For us, these are the territories of northwestern Sweden. Distinguished by a polar climate with very low temperatures in winter and the lack of sunshine for several weeks, this is the ideal getaway for adventurous souls who are not afraid of the vagaries of the weather. Magnificent winter landscapes, wilderness adventures and light shows in the form ofnorthern Lights ? We say 100% yes !

Marvel at the miracles of nature and its northern lights out of this world

polar arctic dream landscape circle destination winter sweden aurora borealis green sky stars night

Christmas markets: immerse yourself in the beauty of the Christmas photo in the urban spirit

Besides the splendor of unspoiled nature, admiring the festive decoration in an urban environment is an occupation as moving as it is inspiring. And what better place to start our virtual tour than at a Christmas market? At the top of the ranking of top destinations for the end of the year are the markets of Prague and Strasbourg. Two places that come to life in a festive atmosphere, dressed in multiple lights and Christmas ornaments. To fully enjoy this spectacle for the eyes, the greatest enthusiasts do not hesitate to walk the steep paths for a splendid view from above.

Visit the most enchanting Christmas markets with just a few clicks of the mouse

christmas photo festive light decoration christmas street buildings christmas destination sunset

Unforgettable landscape wallpaper in the magic village – Hallstatt in Austria

To stay within the framework of the urban landscapes during Christmas period, we turn our gaze to another magical destination, in particular the village of Hallstatt in Austria. Located by a lake, with buildings like something out of a fairy tale, it is a magnificent place to be discovered all year round. However, if you are a fan of the magic of Christmas, the snowy season remains the best alternative to marvel at the white landscapes in this region..

Hidden houses by a lake in this charming town in Austria

dream landscape destination winter christmas party village lakeside view snow-capped peaks reflections water light

Christmas landscapes to use as a wallpaper for your PC

aurorae sky pink green light night night sky stars landscape mountain nature polar arctic

White and pristine nature somewhere far from city life

christmas snowy trees pure nature wild landscape mountain view from above frozen lake summit

Deer are our favorite element in the winter landscape

deer sleigh nature winter image trees blue sky white clouds house wood fence

A wooden cabin in the snowy forest and a smile of genuine joy – what better winter landscape ?

wooden chalet hut snowy mountain beautiful image landscape nature wild girl christmas clothes crochet hat

path virgin nature trees fir snowy landscape mountain winter house wood light veranda

Dozens of light garlands light up the streets for the Christmas party

festive lights landscape wallpaper outdoor christmas decoration trees light garland

illustration magic christmas night night sky full moon beautiful image landscape christmas trees snow

Winter landscape like coming out of a fairy tale

urban winter image snowy street trees buildings vehicles covered whiteness winter season

image winter wild nature night blue sky wood fence light garland outdoor christmas decoration

festive light outdoor decoration forest snowy fir trees christmas photo light garland

Nature offers us the most beautiful views of Christmas

nature night sky trees snow path boy lights christmas village landscape mountain winter

snowy nature forest mountain trees fence wood lantern wallpaper landscape hut wood

Sunrise in Christmas morning

landscape mountain winter sun rays peaks snowy mountain village house wood roof snow

landscape nature snowy mountain drone photography top view christmas trees path snow

reflections light water surface lake ice landscape beautiful hut wood light snow capped peaks

top view snowy landscape drone photography forest christmas trees snowy mountain

christmas trees landscape mountain wild nature pure carpet white snow light christmas day

snowman image winter sun rays pine cones cinnamon stick figurine christmas deco

path traces snow dream landscape christmas trees snowy firs walk nature christmas forest mountain

snowflakes winter landscape fairy landscape christmas decoration outdoor market fairy lights

christmas wallpaper urban decoration christmas village light garland balls pretty photo landscape buildings

winter landscape image Christmas market end of year party photography outdoor decoration garlands

image landscape winter city walk night christmas snowflakes snowfall buildings night sky

nice photo snowy landscape mountain christmas destination visit wonder village hut wood snowy trees

light night cabin wood veranda image landscape winter photogprahie snow trees fir snowy

christmas market light garland giant christmas tree festive outdoor decoration winter landscape

nature winter promenade city snowy street snow landscape trees vehicles decoration christmas outdoor

nature mountain christmas tree snowy landscape fog snow christmas trees photography

snow landscape visit magic place christmas party buildings river snowy trees nature winter

winter landscape christmas destination market europe branch christmas tree decoration red christmas ball

snow covered christmas tree virgin wild nature snowy landscape minimalist christmas wallpaper

northern lights nature wonders winter landscape snowy mountain path tops pink clouds

the best winter scenery christmas getaway discovery car view snowy mountain road sky clouds

winter nature landscape image beautiful white nature snow covered trees wooden bench christmas park

winter landscape nature snowy mountain light sun rays reflections trees snowy crown wooden hut

landscape view from above snowy mountain sun rays blue sky white clouds nature morning christmas