Summer is here ! Time to maintain your gas boiler!

Sun, vacations, sea, cocktails on the beach, summer is a breath of fresh air between spring and autumn. However, his arrival reminds us that sometimes staying home doing nothing is still a way to recharge the batteries. In order for the home to guarantee a sense of calm, however, the ambiance must breathe warmth in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Hence the importance of a heater that operates smoothly and optimally. Summer is the perfect season to make sure it is in good condition. Then find all the tips to maintain your gas boiler properly.

Is it compulsory to maintain your gas boiler  ?

Indeed, it should start with the fact that in France, the annual maintenance of heating equipment became mandatory in 2009. This, moreover, regardless of the type of boiler and its fuel (oil, gas, wood, etc.). coal), as well as the individual or collective nature of the installation. You are therefore somewhat constrained to ensure the maintenance of your heating or finally, not yourself strictly speaking.

The law stipulates that one must use the services of a heating engineer for maintenance aggregate. He is the only one who can provide us with a maintenance certificate. This paper presents a kind of guarantee and could be very useful to you in the event of a breakdown. In order to find a reliable professional, encourage you to use artisans’ reference platforms like Belfix. Quality services, verified professionals, fixed prices and rapid interventions – the process is facilitated and perfected.

Count on a professional to maintain your installation

trust a professional to inspect the gas heating boiler summer maintenance

Why maintain your gas boiler ?

Apart from the legal obligation, however, there is a purely practical interest in regular maintenance. It could remedy several risks associated with the operation of the boiler, which are:

  • the emission of toxic gases

The condition of the heating equipment is directly related to the quality of the air in the house. A poorly cleaned boiler could indeed have repercussions on your health. The problem is most often hidden behind harmful gas residues, emitted by the heater. Inhalation of carbon monoxide, the main toxic hazard, could cause various discomforts. From mild headaches to vomiting, intoxication and even death in the worst cases.

  • heating operation

In addition, regular maintenance of the boiler guarantees its technical performance. This greatly reduces the risk of breakdown in high season. In addition, the lifespan of the various elements constituting your heating, would be considerably lengthened..

  • heat losses

Taking care of the optimal functioning of the entire heating system would affect your bill. What ? When the heater does not work as it should, its malfunction could result in considerable heat loss. Suddenly, the boiler would seek to compensate for them, by emitting additional heat. Do you see now how it goes ?

Several practical advantages of regular maintenance

heating maintenance in the summer how to maintain the boiler reliable heating engineer

What heating elements to inspect ?

Of course, any professional in the field must be aware of the diagnostic process to follow. However, it is strongly recommended that you find out about it, in order to avoid any risk of being duped. These are the heating elements that should be checked periodically …

  • cleaning of the boiler and its constituent elements (heating body, burner, pilot light, smoke evacuation system)
  • examination of the operation of the seals, the connection and safety elements, the pump, the circulator
  • the correct adjustment of the boiler and all the components related to the gas flow
  • checking the level of carbon monoxide in the ambient air

The importance of examining all the parts of the boiler

maintain its boiler to ensure the proper functioning of its gas central heating with a professional heating engineer

Why is summer the best season ?

When it comes to heating, like any other situation in life elsewhere, maintenance is best done before the active season arrives. This is the first and foremost reason not to wait for fall, which is in high demand. On the contrary, we encourage you to prefer the summer period. This ancitipation would save you the risk of finding yourself without heating in the middle of winter. However, there is usually no good season to maintain a boiler that operates throughout the year. This is particularly the case with appliances that produce hot water, apart from heating. On the other hand, if the boiler is only used to heat your home, it is better to wait until spring and summer. The latter is a more suitable season, as the stagnation of fuel residues could corrupt the equipment. Finally, summer is also a good time to bleed your radiators.

Take advantage of summer to bleed the radiators

heating radiator bleed the radiators maintain the boiler in summer to ensure proper operation