Swing yoga – sporty and original

The swing is a very original and suitable accessory as a sporting accent for the interior. So if you have one finally it’s super cool to have such kind of fun! Everyone really likes swings and is sure to have hours of fun with them. In this way you would have an original decoration for your living room. But you need to have plenty of space if your little one is going to play with it. If not you can put it on 2 even square! Plus it’s not expensive – it’s around 70 euro per kit.


The installation of the swing

The aerial yoga swing can be set up indoors and outdoors. For the interior It is important to know what material your ceiling is made of – brick or concrete. Also you can put the swing on a bedroom door, you can use a branch of the wood itself!

For the exterior you have two variants: put the swing on a tree or make a wood or iron installation to put the yoga swing. There is also a third variant: there are swings that you can buy directly with the iron operating system in the shape of an igloo. You can make a classic swing frame too. Here you will see different ideas for each type of installation.


It’s not that hard, no?


There are different colors for every taste


  For you it is also good – you will relax in this yoga swing which gives you a feeling of comfort and serenity. In addition you will save time – why go to a specialized studio to take care of your shape??comfortable-yoga-seat-for-your-home

This is how to install the swing in the garden

Simple wooden construction


Cool yoga fitness structure with the aerial swing


The aerial yoga swing doesn’t take up much space if you use it for exercise 

cool-design-for-the-iron-swing (and (tissue-turquoise

Unique idea for your outdoor fitness


It is an iron construction for the garden – it is simple and not difficult to do it!

Yoga Swing Session with Kara, June 2013

It’s a unique way of sport for worldly people who like to have fun


For men there are also colors


And for women

cool-colors-for-your-yoga-swing child-on-a-yoga-swing-in-red-in-open-air httpwww1.alliancefr.comuncategorizedtest-le-levitation-yoga-5018468 idea-of-outdoor-swing-like-an-iron-construction-from-the-garden-for-a-shelter dubois-construction-idea-for-the-garden jolie-swi, g-yogq-en-bleu-for-a-studio-of-yogq-and-modern-design Le-Levitation-yoga_image-unique-et-photo-de-relaxion the-elements-of-the-swing-yogq-construction-for-your-unique-design-and-the-shape-you-want-to-have wonderful-idea-of-swing-for-your-yard-or-garden-or-for-the-terrace wonderful-idea-for-your-swing-that-you-will-love-and-find-unique-in-your-living-room Omni-Gym-Yoga-Swing-igloo-installation-for-indoor-and-outdoor original-idea-of-white-swing-and-a-wood-swing-yoga-swing original-idea-of-the-swing-like-a-swingèyoga swing-how-on-the-ceiling swing-ygq-bqlqnçoir-pour-la-maison-en-jaune unique-swing-in-white-for-your-minimalist-interior unique-idea-for-your-athletic-shape-that-you-can-install-in-the-living room unique-yoga-instalation-for-your-door-and-how-to-install it unqiue-design-of-swing-for-children-that-you-will-adore yga-aeren-for-your-classic-living-room-design-with-a-fireplace outdoor-yoga-exercise-that-you-will-love Yoga-Swing-Swing-in-Yellow-to-Create-Your-Unique-Forle

We hope you liked our ideas for the yoga swing and you found something interesting for you.