Living room decor

The industrial living room – a decor that does not hesitate to show off its imperfections. Several tips and decorative examples

New York, New York, is there a city that better presents the American dream? The skyscrapers, the sound of horns, the crowds of people and these pretty buildings, memories of the industrial era, endowed with a very special charm. We have seen them a lot in American films and yet we continue to fall in love every time such an interior appears on the screens. The good news is that today you don’t even have to live in an old loft to afford such a design, because the industrial is more accessible than ever. In this article, we’re going to provide you with some awesome tips and ideas for decorating your own. industrial show.

Idea how to furnish an industrial living room – an example that displays full of characteristic details for the style

industrial living room model with duck blue sofa and stools, round wooden coffee table, designer fireplace, brick wall to separate the kitchen, wooden lounge chair, light parquet

  • The origins of an unpretentious trend

But what are the origins of this trend, which never fails to fascinate us? Indeed, the industrial style has a rather interesting history that goes back a long way in time. As the name suggests, the aesthetic in question drew its inspiration from the industrial revolution of the beginning of the previous century. At a time when the Fordist spirit was at its peak, we saw the emergence of innovations that would forever transform working life. Machines are gradually starting to replace humans and the work chain becomes a recurring practice that explodes in productivity … These changes in the way of working will also have their repercussions on production itself. The furniture that we make in factories therefore becomes more practical, more robust and heavier..

An industrial living room model in gray, enlivened by a very original yellow accent

industrial living room with gray sofa, gray chair and carpet, glass and wood coffee table, industrial pendant lights, bare light bulbs, yellow piano

Reintroduced in the 1980s, these uniquely charming pieces of furniture seem to adapt perfectly to the decor of old factories, artist studios and lofts. The potential of this vintage-inspired combination was soon noticed by decorating experts. The style quickly spread to Europe and the whole world, fascinating people with its raw, functional and unpretentious character. But what attracts us most is the idea behind it. This principle of seeking and finding beauty even in ugliness is reinterpreted in decoration … Because the industrial style does not hesitate to praise wear and destruction.

Industrial details mixed with artistic accents – great idea for a chic industrial living room

artistic atmosphere in an industrial living room, jar pendant light, gray sofa, rocking chair with fur throw, brick wall, industrial shelf, abstract woman portrait wall painting

  • How to adopt the industrial style in the living room

Today, however, industrial design is not just reserved for loft-style homes. You can find industrial touches in any interior. However, be aware that the industrialist usually needs more space to realize his potential without the scenery appearing too overcrowded or even oppressive. This is why a large number of interiors, designed according to industrial aesthetics, are open spaces. In fact, in our gallery, you will find a multitude of examples of living rooms opening onto a kitchen and dining room. Otherwise, there are certain materials, materials, accessories and furniture that are very characteristic for the industrialist and below we will provide some clarification on this subject.

A kitchen open to industrial living room. Spacious room that embraced industrial decor

kitchen open to living room dining room with industrial furniture, brown leather sofa and armchairs, wooden coffee table, gray lounge chair, concrete effect walls

  • The perfect imperfections

The first thing to do before setting up an industrial show is the inventory. Is this an interior that already has some imperfections? These could turn into a big advantage for you! Not only should you leave them as they are, but also seek to display them. Old piping and reinforcement, for example, are often left uncovered. The same goes for damaged and faded walls. The industrialist feeds on imperfections and it is up to you to make an advantage.

A faded wall that communicates well with vintage furniture for a spectacular effect

example of artistic industrial living room with gray sofa and armchair, original chair, gray carpet, worn wall, deer antler chandelier, small raw wood coffee table

  • The triumph of materials and raw materials

The materials and the materials are far from refined and indeed on the contrary – they are as raw as it gets! The sofas and armchairs are often dressed in leather and the walls – in waxed concrete or those famous bricks that give the room a very personal touch. Sometimes you see waxed concrete invading the floor as well, but apart from it, parquet is another great option. However, an important clarification must be made because it is no longer a question of light parquet reserved for Scandinavian design but rather darker variations of this coating. Details in metal, steel and zinc are also quite common. But what really matters is the state in which these materials are found. That is to say, if it is metal, it would have to be rusty and brushed and if it is wood, the latter would sport a worn and weathered look..

Parquet with a raw appearance – an excellent coating suggestion

model of small industrial living room with green sofa, gray and yellow cushions, wooden and metal coffee table, raw wood parquet, decorative scale, worn walls

  • Dark colors

As for the colors, they also incorporate this movement of research into raw aesthetics. The industrial show demonstrates a craze for dark tones very often balanced by a few neutral touches. Grays, beiges, blacks and whites are then a fairly common solution. However, it is not uncommon, especially in recent times, to see a few touches of color creeping into this type of living room. After all, it is a space that is by vocation friendly and must therefore remain welcoming and warm. You can opt for small accents of yellow and green that will refresh the atmosphere. The dark blue hues which have recently seen quite considerable success are also a nice idea. Do not hesitate to introduce tones of duck blue, peacock, petrol and navy in your interior.

A large open space with dark tones with some blue and yellow accents to break up the chromatic scheme

kitchen open to industrial living room, with sofa and small brass coffee table with black top, dining room with Scandinavian chairs and gray wooden table, industrial lighting

  • Functional furniture from yesteryear

As we have already mentioned above, industrial furniture is inspired by the industrial era and the search for functionality. They are therefore quite practical, refined and resistant to all kinds of attacks. These are pieces of furniture made with the ultimate goal of serving people and not just beautifying your home. To get such pieces of furniture, the best option would be to hunt for flea markets and garage sales, where you will undoubtedly come across “treasures” from this period. It is much cheaper and in addition, it is more authentic to have at home a piece of furniture marked with its own history.

Otherwise, you can also salvage old wooden pallets and crates to turn them into nondescript furniture. These could easily take on an industrial character! However, it is essential to know that there are quite a few re-editions of industrial furniture that you can buy off-the-shelf. The raw wood coffee table on wheels, the copper sofa, the shelves and the metal TV cabinet are among the essentials of industrial decor in the living room..

Here are some examples of industrial style furniture too characteristic for the style in question

example of industrial furniture black leather and metal sofa, industrial coffee table, bare electric bulbs, industrial shelving and tv cabinet

  • The essential details and accessories

If there is also an accessory that is considered essential for industrial decor, we must first mention the industrial lighting. Whether it’s a metal pendant light, a simple bare bulb, spotlights, a floor lamp and even a projector or a sign-style lamp. And speaking of the latter, notice boards, as well as old advertising signs are a great idea for your decor. The same goes for all kinds of objects in cast iron, copper and metal and of course everything that is vintage and evokes the working-class spirit. From old books, to the industrial clock to finish with an antique telescope for example. An interesting detail are the canopies which are often introduced to separate the space.

Several vintage accessories to add interest to the living room and immerse the room in the industrial era. A charming industrial fair

Still feeling stuck for ideas? Check out our selection of photos now, which will give you plenty of inspiring examples. Stay with us until the end because we have selected only the best of the best ideas.

An industrial style living room dominated by metal, leather and concrete

industrial style furniture in a vintage industrial living room, brown leather sofa, chest coffee table, brown parquet, black armchair, brick wall, industrial metal shelving on the background, spotlights

A kitchen open to an industrial living room which has retained its warm side

example of modern industrial living room with green and blue sofa, low wooden trunk tables, beige carpet, mauve armchairs, separate kitchen with glass roof

example of industrial loft living room layout, gray sofas, white floor and black ceiling, industrial pendant lights, glass coffee table

living room bedroom separation with black glass roof, industrial coffee table in metal and glass, carpet with blue, beige and gray squares, brick wall, gray sofa decorated with gray and yellow cushions

An industrial loft decor in a living room inside an old factory

industrial loft furnishings with gray sofa, minimalist wooden coffee table, wooden storage crate, light parquet, brick walls, original chandelier

industrial style deco with gray sofa and armchairs, wooden absse table on casters, wooden bookcase, anthracite gray suspension, brick wall

example of industrial living room with gray and brown sofa, wooden coffee table, brick wall, abstract painting in wall decoration, interesting lighting

industrial living room with light wood plank coffee table, black sofa, gray cushions, ball pendant lights, leather armchairs, exposed frame, decorative rabbit panel

industrial loft decor in a contemporary living room with purple sofa, mauve, white and red coffee tables, red carpet, light parquet, book shelf, worn wall

industrial deco in living room with white sofa, coffee table in wood and metal, concrete effect ceiling, brick wall, piping with adjacent kitchen

A show that combines industrial decor with Scandinavian-inspired accents … And the result is wonderful

industrial loft decor with touches of Scandinavian decor, white sofa, Scandinavian rocking chair, vintage chest coffee table, bicycle, large windows, united states flag, white floor

industrial style living room with gray sofa with decorative cushions, wooden coffee table, black and white carpet, white armchair, jar pendant, industrial lamp

industrial shelf in an industrial style living room with off-white sofa., round coffee table, black leather chair, original pendant light, white brick wall

industrial living room decoration with dark brown leather sofa, yellow armchairs, gray carpet, brown parquet floor, worn wall, wooden ceiling, black and white graphic picture frames

A big vintage projector in a living room that exudes industrial style. An interesting example of industrial lighting

industrial loft decor in a living room with vintage dark brown leather sofa, leather armchair, Scandinavian rocking chair, minimalist coffee table, spotlight, barns windows, deco wood planks

example of industrial loft deco living room with off-white sofa, decorated with red, brown and black cushions, oriental rug, navy blue sofa, glass coffee table, open kitchen

Industrial shelf in wood and metal, industrial style cabinet in a living room with gray sofa, hanging plants, wooden table and blue chairs, exposed frame

The leather sofa – a piece of furniture widely represented in the industrial living room

industrial decoration living room with black faux leather sofa decorated with gray and white blanket and decorative cushions, knitted cushions, exposed beam, indoor swing

industrial decoration living room with gray sofa, red armchairs oriental carpet, minimalist wood and metal coffee table, dark parquet wooden shelf, spotlight lighting

example of industrial style living room with black sofa, oriental rug, coffee table, small adjacent dining room, brick wall, industrial pendant lights, spiral staircase, apaprente beams

example of industrial style deco in a simple living room with white sofa and armchair, wooden coffee table, brick wall, black TV cabinet

The industrial style living room could also appear feminine. Here is a beautiful proof!

example of industrial style deco in a feminine living room with pink sofa, marble and brass coffee table, black and white carpet, brick wall, rose gold light fixture

industrial decoration Scandinavian living room with black sofa, black coffee table, gray and black carpet, wooden stools, chair with animal skin, graphic decoration of black and white paintings, whitewashed parquet

industrial style deco in a living room with gray sofa, gray and white lounge chair, black coffee table, stone fireplace, light wood walls

industrial stule deco in a spacious living room with dark sofa, wooden coffee table, metal lounge chair and blue mattress, concrete effect walls

industrial style deco living room with brick walls, light wood parquet, gray sofa, white tv cabinet, black glass roof

Lots of industrial pendant lights to illuminate this show, whose limits seem to be lost in infinity

industrial loft decor, off-white corner sofa, light wood parquet, concrete effect walls, black industrial pendant lights

example of industrial style living room with brick wall, leather sofa, gray carpet, red armchair, wall decoration of black and white paintings, spotlights

industrial living room decoration with gray sofa and red sofa, white carpet, wooden coffee tables, wall decoration of frames with colorful numbers

industrial style living room with gray sofa and armchairs, gray parquet, exposed beams, wood and metal shelving, TV cabinet in wooden box

industrial shelf, black library cabinet, brown leather armchairs, light parquet, mezzanine with spiral staircase, light parquet, wooden TV cabinet

industrial loft decor with grayish white corner sofa, beige carpet, blnc armchair, industrial wood and metal coffee table, opening onto workspace

industrial decor in a living room with gray sofa, round coffee tables, light parquet, straight wood and metal staircase, brick wall, mezzanine

kitchen open to industrial style living room with brick wall, gray and yellow sofa, blue, yellow, gray and black square carpet, exposed beams, industrial pendant lights

Industrial mezzanine living room decoration – a wonderful example of how to set up a small relaxation area

mezzanine living room layout with industrial style furniture, brown leather sofa, gray armchair, tan chair, wooden aprquet, metal and glass coffee table

industrial style cabinet with brown sofa, brown carpet, concrete floor, brick wall, white light fixture

industrial coffee table in wood and metal, gray sofa and carpet, amthracite gray TV cabinet. industrial suspensions

example of industrial tv cabinet, fawn-colored sofa, oriental rug, white floor, white suspensions, apaprentes pipes

example of industrial tv cabinet, light wood parquet, gray carpet and sofa, designer coffee table, staircase with yellow grid

The industrial coffee table on casters – a Scandinavian design staple

industrial wooden coffee table on casters, gray carpet, light parquet, gray sofa, industrial style cabinet, brick wall

industrial tv furniture in wood and concrete block, concrete-effect tile floor, gray corner sofa, oriental rug, opening onto a kitchen, mezzanine

example of industrial style furniture in a small designer living room, brown leather sofa, wooden coffee table, wooden and leather chairs, brown parquet, brick wall

example of industrial living room decoration with red sofa, gray and blue carpet, small round wooden table, modern library, wall dressed in original mosaic, design pendant light and opening to dining room

industrial living room shelving model with gray sofas, animal skins, industrial brick wall tv cabinet, plants

Industrial living room in an old factory which still bears the imprints of its glorious past

example of industrial living room decor with brown leather sofa, wooden coffee table and glass top, oriental rug, original suspensions, brick kitchen

industrial furniture, brick accent wall and concrete wall, wooden TV cabinet, wood and metal coffee table, worn parquet, fawn yellow sofa

industrial coffee table in wood and black metal, gray sofa, industrial tv cabinet, brick wall, amrron parquet

industrial loft decor with off-white sofa and armchair, glass and wood coffee table, white carpet, brown parquet, brick wall

Bricks, bricks and more bricks – the industrial design element that fascinates us the most

industrial glass coffee table with wheels, gray sofa, light parquet, brick wall, mezzanine, industrial lighting

industrial loft decor, brick walls and fireplace, brown sofa, wooden table and bench, concrete effect slabs floor

example of industrial style furniture, industrial coffee table in wood and metal, off-white sofa, brick fireplace, apaprent beams

industrial coffee table model in steel and concrete with dark brown leather corner sofa and blue armchairs, original suspensions, apparent beams

industrial coffee table model in wood and metal in a loft living room with black sofa, gray carpet and gray ottoman, wooden ceiling, gray brick wall

industrial style furniture in a loft living room, leather and wood sofa, wood and metal coffee table, gray carpet, metal beam, original pendant lights, modern library

brick wall in a modern living room with black sofa, light parquet, wooden and metal coffee table, oriental rug

Industrial loft decor in white, black and brown with furniture and accessories, with history

industrial style furniture in a loft living room with black geometric pattern wall, leather sofa, black animal skin, original coffee table, leather armchair, gray parquet

industrial coffee table model on casters in a living room with gray leather sofa, square carpet, metal cabinet, brown cushion, brick wall

industrial deco in a spacious living room with brick wall, light parquet, black sofa, coffee table and empty frames deco

industrial coffee table in wooden trunk, black sofa, gray cushions, light parquet, industrial pendant lights, iron wall with yellow stain

example of industrial loft decor in a spacious living room with beige sofa, soft white carpet, metal and glass coffee table, white TV cabinet, large bay windows, wooden ceiling

industrial style furniture, leather and metal chairs, gray floor covering, black sofa and red fireplace

industrial living room decoration with gray corner sofa, purple and gray pouf coffee table, light parquet, brick wall and bay window

industrial style cabinet in a living room, dark brown leather sofa, white coffee table with wheels, vintage chairs, wood and metal cabinet, industrial pendant light, brick wall

industrial design living room with exposed piping and light bulb pendant lights, metal chairs, brick wall, light parquet, opening onto the dining room

industrial loft decor in a living room with brown sofa, pallet coffee table with wheels, wooden floor, white pendant light, vintage trunk and old books, white beams

industrial style living room with gray sofa, interesting wall decoration, concrete wall, off-white carpet and brown stools

industrial cabinet, small wooden low table, off-white sofas., fireplace on a concrete background, orange and white decorative paintings

industrial furniture in a living room with coffee table on casters, white sofa with storage and brown seat cushions, black pendant lamp, vintage clock, stone wall

industrial furniture in a living room, sofa worn by time ,. wooden and metal nesting tables, industrial pendant light, beige carpet, geographic map, wooden table, concrete effect walls, industrial shelving