Successful Indian makeup – a fun task and not so difficult

Come and discover our advice in photos on Indian makeup here. They will come in handy if you like Indian culture, if you want to do Indian makeup for Halloween, or if you want to adopt elements of Indian warrior makeup, not only to look better but also to be more successful. If you know the philosophy of the Indians, you are aware of their respect for the energies of the planet. They are found in deep connection with wind, water, soil and fire. That is, they are linked to their land not only physically but also spiritually. The classical Indian is convinced that he cannot acquire anything without the divine participation of the pagan forces which watch over him. His mind depends on the mercy of the gods, but it is this belief in particular that generates the greatest independence that can exist. Indians believe that they accept the energy they honor in themselves but to evoke it they have to do physical gestures such as rituals, religious dances and appropriate makeup..

This is why Indians borrow colors and facings from their surroundings – to find themselves in interaction with the forces of nature. The eagle is a highly respected animal mascot in all Indian cultures, as are the bear and the wolf. Perhaps the most famous element of Indian disguise is the feather crown. With very little modification it transforms into a modern hair band which embellishes the woman and gives her the characteristic halo of the Indian warrior. In Indian culture, it is not primarily women who wear makeup. And the makeup accent is not on the eyes and lips. The whole face, and even the whole body, is the object of this ritual activity. Every little detail added to the look completes the Indian spiritual map. That is, one can guess many facts in the life of the Indian by examining his appearance and find several signs that indicate the family status, social achievements and merits of the individual. The richer and more varied the elements and hues of its appearance, the more qualities one has honored.

Try on stylish and chic Indian makeup for a night out with friends or a masked ball

Indian makeup, hair band with yellow triangles, red border on the face

Indian makeup is perfect for going to a party, parade or advertising event

Indian makeup, ethno jewelry and collected hair

Attractive Indian makeup – your green eyes will undoubtedly shine mysteriously with this bold makeup

super colorful indian makeup, pale lilac hair, modern feather crown

A multicolored stripe at eye level and several white circles at the forehead

indian makeup, peacock feather, feather earrings

Simple Indian makeup with lip accent

Indian makeup, white stripes around the eye and small side braid

So be ready for several bright colors, captivating accessories, figures drawn on the face. You can choose between minimalist Indian makeup or one that is more festive, with lots of areas painted on your face. Choose your face painting and dare your Indian makeup knowing that the mask is a sacred component for the Indian. Don’t be afraid of the colors if you really want to get the Indian look. The yellow, green and red that you are going to put on your face have a function which seems symbolic in European but which is in fact practical. They will guide you beyond your physical perception and immerse you in the unknown world of mysteries from which you will draw strength for your usual activities. What we know about psychology is that the mask is not a way that helps us to be someone else. It is just the opposite – a way of being yourself and freely expressing your authentic personality without being disturbed by curious looks and attached to the expectations of others..

Bright everyday makeup with Indian style additions 

indian makeup, pretty makeup and blue stripe painted with blue

Simple and very characteristic Indian makeup 

indian makeup, two white feathers and blue stripe on the face, necklace

Hair accessory in braids and red painted forehead 

Indian makeup, spike braid on long hair, makeup forehead and braided hair bands

Wild nature motifs – Indian cat’s eye

indian makeup, tiger animal patterns around the eyes

The marks on the face of a warrior woman

Indian make-up, ethnic jewelry and a large red stripe with the eyes

Indian makeup, blue necklace, lilac colored hair

indian makeup, festive makeup, colorful busty crown and blue eyeliner

Reversed eyeliner and orange face paint around the eyelids for a super expressive look

Indian makeup, small pearl statement necklace, eye imitating cat's eye

Indian makeup, hama pearl hair bandana, pink edges and green eyes makeup

indian makeup, hair band in black and yellow, eye mask in face painting

The hama pearl headbands are a great accessory for your Indian makeup

Indian makeup, eyes made up with several bright colors

Indian make-up, brown parting on the eyes, hair band and feathers in the hair

warrior makeup, blue half-spheres under the eyes and eye makeup in gray and yellow

warrior makeup, small braids around the face, pastel colors on the cheekbones

A few small touches with white paint will change your face and give it the dignity of a real Indian warrior 

warrior makeup, hama beads band, black eyeliner, indian headdress

Geometric elements around the eyes 

warrior makeup, geometric elements in red around the eyes

warrior makeup, a blue stripe under the eyes

warrior makeup, crochet hair headband with feathers

warrior makeup, paint face in indian style and put on beige headband

Super fresh makeup in warrior style

Indian woman makeup, put on her face all the colors of the rainbow

indian makeup woman, blonde woman with short hairn massive bracelets

Indian woman makeup, face painting around eyes and butterfly lashes

Indian woman makeup, face painting on female face and golden feathers

 indian woman makeup, afro face makeup in tribal style

Indian woman makeup, original red necklace and feathers in her hair

Indian woman makeup, afro girl with purple face paint

Indian woman makeup, a red stripe under the eyes and head crown

A totem animal on the face to appropriate its power 

indian woman makeup, dry leaf facing and eagle drawing

indian woman makeup, ethnic bracelets and black hair band,

Indian woman makeup, face painting and braids with integrated ribbons

Original makeup with black and red feathers 

Indian woman makeup, blue feathers attached to hair

Several festive colors on the face and a rich Indian headdress

Indian man makeup, indian headdress and multiple colors

Indian woman makeup, original hairstyle and white vertical line

A super elegant festive idea 

Indian make-up, cheekbones highlighted in gold and silver

Indian makeup, blue stripe on the face and Indian headdress

Indian makeup, two black and white feathers, Pocahontas style hairstyle

Ear of wheat braids and band at eye level – a classic Indian look 

Indian makeup, original face paint, original necklace in ethno style and epi braids