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A beard style for everyone

Like any hairstyle, there is very little universality, given the complexity and diversity of everyone’s faces. Even if professionals know how to adapt to demands and best apply the instructions given, the result will vary from one individual to another and the desired effect, therefore, also. As in hairdressing therefore, the work and sculpture of the hair remains more subtle than it seems. Indeed, the beard is not only a bundle of hair that will be allowed to grow over time, or at least the beard as an aesthetic accessory is not limited to it. The shape of the latter therefore requires adaptations, applied to the morphology of the face that receives it. As you will see below, there is a huge choice of beard types, each of them unique, considering the morphology of each face. It is not necessarily easy to choose the beard style suitable for everyone, but this strain allows any beard to be truly unique and to truly reflect style and personality. In order to be more easily guided in your choice, we will start by trying to find out what type of beard is desired.

To do this, the descriptions and types of beards in this article should help you learn more about the different solutions available to you that you could try to finally find your style..

Beard style for square face: short on the sides and longer on the chin

beard style for face straight man what a beard

Beard style for round face: layered on the sides, ending in a point on the chin

beard style for round bald face and shaved head

Beard style for oblong or rectangular face: thickness on the sides and shortened underside for a square shape

beard style for oblong face man rectangular face

The oval face has the advantage of grouping together the characteristics of other face shapes and therefore of adapting to different beard styles

type of beard for oval face man what style of beard

La Barbe en broussaille or bushy

trim his beard in brushwood wide bushy beard man

Is your hair thick and rebellious? Rather than pushing for increased maintenance on a daily basis in an attempt to discipline her, why not let her express herself naturally, in this so-called bushy style. There is thus a plethora of bushy but stylish beard models..

A long bushy beard, however, needs to be groomed

thick hipster beard in scrub bushy beard lumberjack style

The bushy beard gives an undeniable wild side

hipster beard waist cut scrub bushy long beards

The bushy beard allows thin faces to widen

hipster cut model and trimmed bushy thick bushy beard

The brush beard for a definitely Viking style

thick bushy beard cut hipster bushy style lumberjack

The salt and pepper beard: because style has no age

salt and pepper beard model degraded mature bearded man

Gray hair and hairs are of course not incompatible with a stylish beard, on the contrary.

White discoloration has even become a trend. It allows among other things to ensure a homogeneity in the whiteness.

white beard and white hair coloring man hipster wall

The salt and pepper beard brings a stylish note to the passing of time

salt and pepper beard photo man wall hipster marine style

How to trim his white beard pepper and salt for a man age hipster wall

trim his beard long salt pepper type hipster style man old school tattoos

Long beard

gradient beard long type of beards hipster style bearded

Whether you want to adopt the hipster, lumberjack style, or are just a fan of Professor Dumbledore, there is a long beard for it..

Long square beard

long beard type hipster man thick long beards

how to trim a long beard hipster style banana hairstyle quiff pompadour

trim a beard long and wide hipster style red bushy beards

Thick beard on the lower part, going up in gradation on the sides

how to properly trim your beard the most beautiful degraded beards on the side and hipster cut

A long blonde beard for a neo viking style

how to cut his beard long blond hipster viking style

Sparse beard

sparse beard style idea young bearded man

If you happen to get frustrated in front of the mirror with a sparse, disorganized beard, take it as a style in its own right. With a little maintenance, the result can be just as successful.

Beard sparse but trimmed with care

how to properly trim his sparse beard short style three days with hipster banana cut quiff

idea to trim his sparse irregular beard short man

trim beard neck irregular and sparse style 3 days man

The thinning hair turns out to be a full beard style

van dyke and oblong face morphology with sparse short irregular beard

The annual or yeard

the most beautiful long beards style biper zz top yeard beard

The yeard beard is simply to let it grow for a whole year, naturally, without pruning or special maintenance. The result is generally impressive.

Beard Yeard

haircut man with long red beard style yeard beard zz top

The challenge of letting your beard grow for at least a year

face morphology and trim the beard mid long style lumberjack hipster viking yeard

Natural long beard style

how to trim a long, full beard after one year type yeard beard

trim beard long one yeard beard one year

what length of beard after one year a year style long beards

The medium or mid-length beard

what style of medium beard man bearded mid long

The ideal size for those who want to adopt a full beard, without the drawbacks of a lumberjack or yeard beard. Enough to caress it without tangling your brushes. The length will be sufficient to be cut to suit everyone’s convenience, in particular according to the face shapes mentioned above.

A medium length, sober but effective

trim beard hipster mid long bearded man 3 months

medium beard cut for rectangular square face

photo beard trimmed half long three months bearded man with shirt

beard shape for oblong face man blonde hipster style

The 3-day beard

what a three day man short beard cut

The 3, 7 or 10 day style is ideal for those who want to adopt a short beard, but whose hair remains lazy growth, or who just don’t want to embark on the adventure of a thick hair requiring regular maintenance.

male model with short blond 10 days beard

degraded style short beard man with degraded cut

10 day beard fashion man with brown shaved head

Neatly trimmed short beard style

trim your short beard with layered haircut

blond man with short beard two weeks old and blond eyes viking style

short beard style brown bearded man 10 days

The beard without mustache

goatee beard without mustache long old school hipster style

If you want the benefits of a long, beautiful beard, without the drawbacks of a mustache, because you find it uncomfortable or unsightly, then you can combine the best of both worlds.

beard photo model without mustache and gradient hipster banana cut

The classic circular billy goat

male goat beard style mustache male mustache

Do you want to adopt the goatee to perfect your style? Take a look at our article dedicated to it and discover the multitude of possible styles. The circular goat makes it possible to integrate the mustache into a new or existing beard.

common photo with goatee and shaved head for beard style

van dyke beard long and thin face morphology and hipster banana cut