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Curly hair for men – our grain of salt tutorial

While some wearers of curly hair regularly try straightening to counteract their natural curls, more and more people want to adopt frizz instead of their stiff mane. Curling hair is not new and has been practiced for a long time in women, but is intended to be relatively new in the male public. Like bleaching or the man bun, men no longer hesitate to try new hair experiences, previously reserved for women. Thus, the desire to acquire curly hair man becomes recurrent, in order to innovate or change the appearance of her hairstyle, if only temporarily.

Natural curly hair for men

photo curly hair brown brown man mid long with blue shirt on white t-shirt

A big smile and curly hair man

curly hair ideas for mid long man with smile white teeth and short beard brazilian style

Man with thick wavy brown hair

hairstyle curly hair man half long with degraded and short beard with brown t-shirt and sunglasses

How to have curly hair with sea salt spray

tutorial illustration how to curl his man hair with sea salt mix

A simple and natural way to wave hair is to use a sea salt spray solution. Surf spray or sea salt spray in English, this one is nothing but a mixture of water and sea salt, to which we can add a little hair care, such as argan oil or another moisturizer, to compensate for the dryness caused by the salt. Basically, it’s like making a pot of pasta. There are therefore ready-made sprays that can be found in supermarkets or on the internet, but the simplicity of the elixir makes its homemade preparation also very easy and economical. As the hair dryer plays an important role in the process, it is recommended to use a skin protective treatment before starting, in order to limit the impact of hot air on the hair.

Sea salt for an after-beach curl effect

illustration of the product ingredients necessary for how to curl his hair for men with sea salt spray and dermo protector care

Step 1: Wet !

Start by wet your hair and dry it lightly with a towel until it is just damp.

Step 2: Spray !

Spray a generous amount of dermo protective spray into your hair.

Step 3: Spray 2.0 !

Spread the salt spray through your hair, from roots to ends. It provides long-lasting texture to create natural curls.

Step 4: Broadcast !

If you have a diffuser on your dryer, put it on. It diffuses the breath of air in a multiplied way, ideal for improving curls and reducing frizz. If your hair dryer does not have a diffuser, you can remove the nozzle to create a wider airflow.

Sea salt and a little fingering make it easy to create a wavy effect, like after a day at the beach

assembly before after use of sea salt spray to curl or wave the hair as after beach

@Jake daniels

Step 5: Dry !

Dry by rubbing and lifting the hair with some pressure. When the hair begins to dry out, add more salt spray and continue to blow dry while scrunching and lifting. When the hair is dry again, add more sea salt spray to the less curly areas and blow dry again. You can also wrap strands of hair around your finger and blow dry them to create individual curls.

Step 6: Apply !

When hair is dry, finish with a soft pomade that improves texture to keep curls in place. This type of pomade will also work for sleek hairstyles. There are also sea salt sprays with coconut oil, to hydrate the hair naturally.

Step 7: Finish !

Finish the hairstyle with your fingers.


Medium long curly brown hair for a hairstyle with a retro look

photo curly hair brown man half long with blue eyes and black t-shirt

Trendy men’s hairstyle with layered side and longer top on the front with thick wavy hair

man hairstyle with fashion wavy hair with gradient side and longer top on the front and hipster mustache

Young mixed race man with long curly frizzy hair standing on top and sides cut shorter

black and white photo cut curly hair young mixed race man with degraded bottom and mid long top

Brown man hairstyle with curly hair with lengths on the top directed to the forehead, short sides and back in layered

male hairstyle photo with wavy hair man longer top to the front and sides in gradient

Retro hairstyle for man with curly hair who laughs

curly hair man curly hair mid long retro style sui laughs with white shirt

Long hairstyle and wavy hair for men

brown man hairstyle with wavy hair falling half long and blue eyes with heather gray t-shirt

Revisited retro rockabilly inspired cut for curly hair

trendy curly boy cut with short sides and forward top with curly hair

Surfer hairstyle for young brown man with curly hair

curly hair man young brown hazelnut with thickness and length mid long style hairdresser surfer

Man with curly hair of good length and short sides with gradient around the ears

hairstyle for frizzy hair long mixed race man with low gradient around ears and afro curly top with goatee beard

Dark-haired man with current hairstyle with thick curly hair

fashionable brown man wavy hair hairstyle with low gradient and short beard

Curly hair brown man with thickness on the top and long beard trimmed in gradient

dark-haired man with mid-length curly hair forward banana style and black beard trimmed in gradient

Brown curly haired man with brush hairstyle with short side

curly light brown man with trendy short haircut on the side and longer top forward

Young blond man with wavy hair

curly-haired blond man with gradient and longer top and sunglasses and white shirt

Hipster fit with cropped bottom hem and thick curly top

man wavy hair with fashion undercut hairstyle with short bottom and demarcation with longer curly top with bangs

Boy haircut with medium curly hair

young brown boy with long curly hair falling on the forehead and brown winter jacket

Curly-haired dark-haired man with American layered top and blond balayage on the tips

mixed race man with frizzy hair and layered cut crop top and curly top with blond balayage

Short curly hair brown man with short sides in gradient

brown curly hair man with top layered cut and thicker top and short beard

Brown man with curly hair and current trendy banana-type cut

light brown curly hair man with gradient high forward banana hipster style trendy hairstyle

Brown hair curled and cut short on the side, accompanied by a long beard trimmed in layers

dark-haired man in degraded American top and curly top with trimmed long beard

Young man with curly red hair shaved to the side and styled in neo rockabilly style

young redhead with curly hair on top, trendy vintage banana type and American short degraded side

Medium long hair brown curly man

medium hair brown curly man with blonde highlights and blue eyes with blue jacket and white shirt

Modern banana cut for light curly hair

young white blond with trendy man hairstyle with very short degraded side and longer above

Thick wavy brown hair shaved short to the sides and falling to the forehead

how to curl your man's hair and trendy cut with short sides and banana top

Curly brown hair with gradient on the side and length on the top falling

trendy haircut for brown man with side trimmer design and curly hair on top falling forwards

medium long man hair on brown top and side in degraded short trendy banana style

Young mixed race man with long curly frizzy hair with discoloration on the tips

young mixed race man with frizzy hair with afro degraded low american hairstyle and golden blonde coloring on curly lengths

Trendy curly cut with short sides and gray blonde coloring

curly hair hipster man with trendy short side hairstyle with gray blond coloring and beige vintage jacket

Long curly hair man

long curly hair man with curls hairstyle in natural brown curly hair

Curly hair young man

medium brown curly hair for young man with locks falling on the forehead

Frizzy curly man hair with american gradient

metisse boy with trendy afro cut with American gradient cropped bottom and thick curly top

hipster man with lotus flower tattoo on neck and short layered haircut with tattoo on temple and longer top with wavy hair and blue eyes

oriental brown man with trendy degraded cut very short low around the ears and curly hair and long black beard trimmed

boy's curly haircut with longer top in front banana style on the forehead and short degraded side with trimmer features on the temple

brown man wavy hair with short layered cut and longer top with bangs on the front

John Snow and his curly hair man

harrington john snow with mid length hairstyle with brown curly hair and denim shirt

how to have curly hair for men with gradient side and top on the forehead

Curly hair blond man

bond man with curly hair and simple mid-length hairstyle and brick red jacket

medium long curly man hair falling forward and very short side in degraded and short beard trimmed

Curly hair man with current hairstyle natural

how to curl his hair wavy man brown man black and white photo