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Men’s haircuts – fall / winter 2021 hair trends

The trends in men’s haircuts are evolving at the same speed as the sartorial fashion, so there is always something to inspire you to adopt a trendy look. In addition to the great classics such as the undercut and the man bun, which linger for a few seasons already, there are always revisited or twisted hairstyles that were long believed to have been forgotten. With November being the perfect transition time to change your mind, we present you with over 80 trendy masculine looks. Get inspired by the hair trends of the past months and dare the novelties spotted on the catwalks.

Men’s haircuts – hair trends 2021

an ultra trendy degraded man cut with side parting and wavy locks styled modern dandy style

the shaved head, this is really the only cut hair that has the strength to bring you together with young fashion icon David Beckham while asserting a bad boy look. Fall 2020 marks the comeback of ultra-short, military-style hair with its undeniable manly side. However, the modern version of buzz cut favors longer strands a few centimeters on the top of the head in a more or less high gradient. The nape of the neck and the lower part of the head always remain free. Want to alleviate the rigors of the strict military cut? Go for a more natural looking forehead line. Both practical and minimalist, the modern shaved head denotes a certain strength and sex appeal. With this hairstyle we also forget for bad hair days. To style it on a daily basis, all you need is the appropriate care (scalp protective product such as scalp purifying concentrate fromAveda) and a good nourishing shampoo.

The trend is again for the military cut with ultra short hair.

classic and masculine short haircut for men with shaved head

  The manly appearance of the haircut with the shaved head is undeniable

a classic short man haircut easy to maintain, the shaved head like one of the big fall trends

The gradient with short sides and longer top (French crop)

Another great classic brought up to date. The French crop is the ideal cut for those who want to keep their hair short enough while flaunting an asymmetrical hairstyle without much effort. Much like the classic crop this cut is characterized by very short hair on the bottom of the head and to the sides. The modern twist is to keep the thick hair mass on the top of the head and create texture. Another novelty – the hair tends to fall straight across the forehead in short, tapered bangs. Here we favor the gradual gradient and much more subtle transition to the clear demarcation between the shaved bottom and the top of the head. This is the perfect cut for wearing thick, hard-to-control hair. Cropping allows you to embrace the rebellious nature of hair and turn the disadvantages into benefits. To style the cut, use a styling spray. This will fix the movement of the hair forward and give it texture. Finish the hairstyle by applying a dab of styling clay.

Classic gradient with bangs for those who would like to assume short hair

the trendiest men's layered cut of the moment with the bottom of the head cropped and longer hair on the top

The banana hairstyle, another retro hairstyle “victim” of its popularity, which by dint of being revisited each season comes in a thousand and one variations. This time, we put more on a hairstyle combed-disheveled effect with locks in the wind. Long strands are mandatory here to be able to give movement to the hair. On the styling side, start by applying seawater spray to the roots of wet hair before drying it back. Then apply a little styling wax, from roots to ends, combing the strand backwards.

The 2021 men’s haircut – the messy banana is more rebellious than ever.

chic and casual look with a degraded man banana style cut that accentuates the long combed strand at the back

Back to the 90s with the parting in the middle

A wave of inspiration from the 90s is felt in the air. Hairdressers looks back on the looks so popular with members of iconic boy bands. Remember those mid-length locks falling on the face and that parting in the middle? In its contemporary version, the nineties cut is more reminiscent of the timeless look of Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. To avoid any resemblance to a Backstreet Boys member, ask the hairstylist for longer, messy locks. The modern take on this iconic hairstyle turns out to be quite versatile – it goes very well with a square and rectangular face. However, avoid adopting it if you have an elongated face. On the styling side, it is very easy to give a square parted shape in the middle. Blow-dry hair forward with a flat brush. When dry, sweep them forward. Apply hairspray or take a little pomade in your hands, working the hair with your fingers.

 The square cut revisited with parting in the middle 

a man's hairstyle from the nineties inspired by boy bands that is making a comeback this fall

  The hair slicked back for a neat and well-controlled look

an elegant and chic business man hairstyle of slicked back style with slicked back hair and well drawn side parting

Enhance curly hair by keeping the volume on top of the head

a man's hipster cut for curly hair which accentuates the contrast of the volume at the top of the head and the short sides

 The mid-length of the 90s is no longer just for the grunge style. The front locks pulled back bring a chic side to shoulder-length hair

a man hairstyle versatile enough for shoulder-length hair with a parting in the middle and the nineties

Long side wick to show a young side

a men's haircut with long locks styled sideways to bring a young side to his look

The look reserved for 90s boy bands

a man haircut inspired by the nineties with parting in the middle of the hair and a blonde coloring

Gradient low to white – keep the volume of curly hair on the top of the head for a casual and chic look.

a classic men's layered cut with very short hair at the bottom of the head and more texture and thickness on the top

 Elegant cut with subtle layering and wick styled back

an elegant and chic degraded man cut with cropped hair on the sides and a long section combed back

 Hair pulled back with combed-disheveled effect

an original hipster cut that combines polar blond coloring for men with disheveled shoulder-length hair worn sideways

Undercut with straight bangs and a fairly clear demarcation between the shaved bottom and the top of the head

a short man haircut with straight bangs and a clear demarcation between the shaved bottom and the longer hair on the top

Hair treated with gel for a look that is both neat and relaxed

an elegant man's hairstyle with side parting and gel-worked hair for a neat look

   The crop with bangs for a timeless minimalist look

the trendy short man haircut for fall and winter, man haircut with short straight bangs a degraded man cut with a clear dividing line and short bangs styled on the front

Classic men’s haircut  

a man's haircut mid-long back with a movement of the hair back with a very natural effect

We love the wavy back movement and the rock look of the model Oliver Cheshire 

a man's haircut mid-long back with a combed-disheveled effect for a relaxed rock look

Messy banana hairstyle

a messy banana man hairstyle for a more relaxed rock look thanks to the messy locks

Black hair and banana hairstyle for a retro and rock look

modern banana man hairstyle on black hair

   Tom Hardy’s buzz cut pairs perfectly with his beard 

easy to maintain man hairstyle with very short, buzz cut style shaved hair military and masculine look with almost fully shaved skull style short man haircut

 Tousled locks to bring movement to the hairstyle

a haircut for men mid long back that embraces the natural texture of the hair with tousled wavy locks

The modern rockabilly hairstyle with a more natural look

a short man haircut with a short haired bottom of the head and strands on the top styled upwards

Trendy mid-length haircuts

idea for a casual and natural man hairstyle with shoulder-length hair

Assume early white hair with modern pompadour hairstyle and short sides

a modern tousled pompadour style man hairstyle paired with a three-day beard

Gradient top slicked back

how to wear a man's haircut mid long back, top degraded cut with hair styled back on the top of the head    a retro style man hairstyle inspired by rockabilly banana with an oblong strand styled back a man's pompadour style hairstyle with an ultra voluminous lock on the front with a man's sweep

The hipster style is placed on the chic side with a hairstyle with slicked back hair and parted on the side.

a modern viking hipster cut with undercut, full beard and slicked back hair a hipster cut with volume in the front, hair pulled back and a connected beard

          The half bun on wavy hair

a hipster cut with shoulder-length curly hair tied in a half ponytail 

 Stylish retro hairstyle with side parting combined with a light mustache

a man haircut mid long back retro style with parting on the side and a very neat dandy look   how to wear the man haircut mid long back in a chic way, slicked back blonde hair with parting on the side

 Justin Timberlake’s wise hairstyle

a man's haircut with short hair brought to the side for a chic modern dandy look

 The bowl cut revisited 

original hairstyle style with a shaved man cut with a clear demarcation point reminiscent of the ball cut

 Well structured hairstyle with straight bangs

original hairstyle with a side shaved man cut bowl style with straight bangs styled towards the side

 Bowl cut with gradient for a movement effect 

a gradual degradé man well structured with the neck and sides shaved and lengths on the top styled casually

 Actor Cillian Murphy’s gangster degraded cut 

stylish hairstyle for fall with a side-shaved man cut and longer hair on the top     a degraded man cut with a clear demarcation between the bottom white shaved and the longer hair on the top of the head

 Modern dandy look – degraded and slicked back hair

modern dandy look with side shaved man cut and slicked back hair wise and elegant pompadour style hairstyle with asymmetrical bangs styled to the side

 Stylish undercut

an asymmetrical man haircut with sidecut   a man's haircut mid-long back for a look both relaxed and controlled of a modern businessman a side-shaved men's cut with top-to-white gradient and disconnected bearded for a hipster look idea for a shaved man cut on the trendy side with a high gradient and a clear demarcation between the bottom and the top of the head   a degraded man cut with graphic cut bangs

 Retro chic hipster hairstyle with wavy locks 

a man's haircut inspired by the nineties with mid-length front locks and a parting in the middle a man's hairstyle for medium-length hair in a square style with a parting in the middle inspired by the nineties a short man haircut that revisits the square with parting in the mid-nineties   a degraded man cut with shaved sides and longer hair on top styled back for a retro chic look

 The practical and minimalist buzz cut is the buzz this fall

a degraded cut man in military style with the sides shaved and the hair very short on the top       a man haircut for afro hair with a shaved head short man haircut with short shaved head and blond man coloring

    Degraded afro cut

an afro hipster cut with well demarcated high gradient and disconnected beard

 The undercut version curly hair

a short hipster cut that sublimates curly hair with longer locks on top modern version of banana man hairstyle with tousled hair in natural look

 Business man hairstyle with a neat look and side parting

an elegant and masculine business man look with a side parting man hairstyle  men's hairstyle for a modern dandy look with a parting on the side well demarcated and plated hair  a very chic men's hairstyle with a milk on the side and a front strand with a slightly wavy movement an elegant and chic style short haircut for men with slicked back hair and slight volume in the front

  Romantic look with the wicks in the wind 

a man's haircut mid-long back with soft locks with natural movement idea for a man's haircut mid-long back with front strands styled sideways a men's hairstyle with a tousled look and supple mid-length locks styled back an asymmetrical men's hairstyle that highlights curly hair by styling a curly lock from the side an asymmetrical man hipster hairstyle with long curly lock that falls on the face a stylish men's haircut to control curly hair a hipster cut with short hair on the sides with more volume on the top       how to style the men's progressive degradation, a hairstyle with slicked back hair and a well-defined parting


    The men’s haircut with graphic bangs

idea for a short man haircut with straight and graphic bangs for a modern and casual look adopt the short man haircut with short tapered bangs falling on the forehead a shaved man cut on the trendy side with a high gradient to white and longer hair on the top which ends in short bangs

autumn trends in short man haircuts for an elegant and controlled look  

a men's hairstyle for long hair with a line in the middle and soft strands with a natural effect men's haircut, men's hairstyle medium hair with disheveled effect brought back for a chic look effortlessly

     The bowl cup brought up to date

a hipster bowl cut for a well-structured hairstyle with a clearly defined undercut a bad boy hipster cut with well drawn side parting and slicked back hair a pompadour style man hairstyle with a voluminous lock styled back for a look that is both modern and retro chic

  Haircut for a man who assumes his gray hair 

an elegant man hairstyle to flaunt his first silver hair with style a chic and relaxed men's haircut with supple side hair banana-style man haircut with side-swept hair