Man haircut

Men’s hairstyle trend 2021 – a gradient of ideas

As with women, men’s hairstyles have diversified over time, allowing everyone to appropriate the style that suits them, according to their tastes and personality. The time of the single cut imposed by the decorum of a conservative society, the time of our ancestors, is now well over. Only the idea of ​​the neck and clear ears is still relevant today, because while the range of men’s hairstyles is wide today, certain habits and rules remain common to most of them. Indeed, the major difference between men’s cuts is mostly on the top of the head and will be in length, texture and general orientation. As for the bottom, the gradient is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the trendy man hairstyle and remains essential, whatever its length, high or low, in 1950 as in 2021.

2017 was marked by the surprising return of long hair – a real fashion phenomenon, worn and highlighted by many public figures and by the world of music and particularly rap, like Nekfeu, Lomepal, Pnl … If the choice of mane is not adaptable to everyone, cuts using a mid-length size are a good compromise. Thus, the banana or quiff, the pompadour or the simple back headdress seduce more and more, by their wise but also stylish side..

When it comes to short hair, the uniform short hairstyle is truly out of date, sorely lacking in personality in an age driven by differentiation. A length demarcation is therefore the essential basis of a current cut and the so-called “French crop” style therefore retains its ground, combining simplicity and sophistication. The one that has the particularity of being forward-facing, ending with a short fringe on the forehead, stands out as the reference trend for short haircuts, however favoring a greater volume on the top and a very short gradient, for a assertive style.

Trendy man hairstyle textured hair. Top front with cropped bangs and undercut sides

trendy man hairstyle 2018 with short undercut sides

Trendy man hairstyle with mid-long top back and short sides in degraded bottom

idea hairstyle man trend hair back and side degraded

Trendy mid-length blonde haircut with long red beard

model haircut man back with long red beard

Trendy cut for curly hair falling to the front and short sides

degraded man cut on the side trend hairstyle 2018 hair curls falling banana quiff crop

Curly hair styled in french crop and top layered

degraded cut man on the side and top loop on the front in crop

Enzo from the Gomorra series and his simple but effective hairstyle. Top mid-long back, very short undercut sides and long beard

cut back like enzo of the gomorra series with shaved sides

Banana hairstyle trendy in volume

degraded man haircut and quiff banana on top

Men’s short cut with short sides and crop top on the front

short haircuts for men trend 2018 short side up front in french crop

Simple short layered haircut

simple short man degraded hairstyle with 3 days beard

Mid-length discolored quiff cut

original hipster cut mid long short top on the side with white blond discoloration

Trendy crop hairstyle falling to the forehead with short sides and back

short hairstyle 2017 2018 Neapolitan gomorra hairstyle short on the side above longer on the front crop

Hairstyle for long curly hair falling on the forehead

man cut short on the sides long above curly hair falling

Short hair cut and sides in American gradient

short haircuts 2017 undercut man on the side above with bangs

Short degraded crop hairstyle

shaved man cut side in American gradient and longer top in french crop

Disheveled trendy quiff cut and undercut sides

man haircut mid long back with short gradient hipster

Short hairstyle in degraded man

fashionable cut short man in degraded and top on the front trend 2018

Man haircut short on the sides long top back hawk way

idea cut hipster gradient american man fake hawk back hipster style

Men’s forward hairstyle with bangs falling to the forehead

trendy short man haircut with bangs and side in gradient hipster style with glasses

Short hipster cut and undercut sides

man hairstyle trendy hipster undercut degraded top sides shaved above longer

Pompadour giff cut with millimeter gradient on red hair

degraded man haircut high on the side pompadour cut style red man

Haircut back man and sides in degraded

degraded man cut top back type pompadour banana

Long man haircut and thick beard

back haircut man with hipster beard and low american gradient

Trendy hawk hairstyle with crested top and shaved sides

man haircut mid long back fake hawk shaved side

Trendy cut 2021 with bangs on the forehead and short layered

short haircut for men top with bangs on forehead

Short beard and degraded to white for a current trendy cut

French crop hairstyle for men with front top and degraded side

Banana hairstyle short sides and short beard in degraded

banana hairstyle long top back type quiff cut and degraded with beard 3 days

Current haircut idea for curly hair

hairstyle for man curly hair trend shorter on the side with long beard in degraded

Man haircut mid long back and beard

back hairstyle degraded man long well trimmed beard

3-day beard and low layered on tousled textured hair

top trendy hairstyles for men 2018 with short beard

Banana cut with southwest facing hair

hipster hairstyle longer top back banana style and undercut side

Men’s degraded haircut with plunging quiff banana top

trendy haircuts 2018 man banana hairstyle forward curls

Cropped man hairstyle falling on the forehead

Photo hairstyle crop man long top with lock on the forehead and short sides

Short hairstyle with gradient on the temples and banana-style quiff wick

man hairstyle with banana type hair in front of quiff haircut idea

Trendy hipster cut with layered top and cropped top on the front

man hairstyle gomorra series with gradient neapolitan style italian fashion

Retro trendy man hairstyle with imposing quiff banana on top American gradient

retro rockabilly man haircut with volume banana and purple wicks

Man’s long haircut with undercut sides

Italian fashionable cut long top short side trendy undercut

Balanced quiff hairstyle with beard

haircut with long beard man trendy back hairstyle fashionable

The dropped cut on the forehead in a crop

original hipster haircut simple hair falling to the forehead russian fashion style

Trendy crop undercut man hairstyle

fashion man hairstyle with locks on top hair on forehead

Trendy sided man hairstyle

man hairstyle with beard sideways shaved hipster style trendy retro

hairstyle for brown hair medium long with long beard and light degraded

The pompadour à la Justin Timberlake, the timeless trendy men’s hairstyle

cut on the side justin timberlake pompadour hipster style and short beard 3 days

Undercut cut with deconstructed top

undercut couoe and longer disheveled top with gray blonde highlights