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The short beard – a big step for a man

Even if the idea of ​​length remains subjective, the short beard will generally be between 3 days and 2 weeks, or even 1 month of abstinence from shaving. As facial hair grows continuously, from puberty until the end of life, all men have worn a beard at one time or another, especially the famous 3-day beard. Because, even unintentionally, it quickly happens to see yourself become bearded, after a long weekend during which you leave the razor in the shelf, or after a week in bed due to a tough flu, during which your appearance will be the youngest. of your worries.

If some people cannot bear to see their face covered with hair, or simply because their skin is intolerant to it, others and they are more and more numerous, will end up adopting this new touch of style, which ultimately does not suit them. not too bad and which is also in the current trend. While the fashion worn by the hipster community emphasizes long and imposing beards, it nevertheless allows shorter and more discreet formats to emancipate and be all the more accepted in everyday life, especially professional life. However, even a short beard must be groomed, in order to mark the difference with hairiness resulting simply from a certain negligence. In order to keep your face always clean, cheeks and neck free from unsightly hair are a necessary basis. With a razor or clipper, the action must therefore be repeated very regularly or even daily. In case of difficulty, a visit to a professional barber will be recommended. Whatever the length of the set chosen, it must remain constant and therefore, a quality mower accompanied by the right cutting guide will be the essential accessory for a weekly care.

There is therefore no ideal beard length, everyone finding the one that suits them, according to their desire, their prerogatives, their style and their aesthetics. The essential rule will therefore be regular maintenance, which will make all the difference..

Short beard on man with long blond hair

Long hair and short beard blonde viking hipster man

Short brown beard with light gradient on the cheeks

trim short beard mid long haircuts for men

Pointed beard and trendy hairstyle on the side

short man beard size with fashion haircut

Maintaining your beard is a daily job

3 day trimmed beard cut brown man hairstyle

7-day beard with the contours of the day before

bearded man 3 day trimmed beard cut

Beard trimmed to the millimeter with pointed ends on a layered cut

short trimmed beard of 3 days shaving man

Natural beard model with trendy gradient hairstyle

short hipster man beard size with degraded hairstyle

Simple 3-day beard

short beard model for 3 days

Shaded beard from top to bottom

short man degraded beard hipster cut

Short beard cut to match temples and hipster hairstyle with length on top

beard model short three day man necklace

Short but full beard model

half long short beard model 1 month man

Beard style for round face

how to trim a beard for round face short hair

Man with bun man bun and beard

beard and long hair bun man man bun

David Beckham with short, restrained beard

how to maintain his beard like david beckham

Having a great beard starts with regular trimming, on the cheeks and neck

trim your short beard with degraded man hairstyle

Properly trimming your beard is essential, especially in the workplace

how to trim a short 1 month beard

Model with red beard and hairstyle

have a beautiful long red beard with trendy hairstyle for men

Natural 3-day beard

how to cut his beard with the trimmer man

Trimming your beard in the neck alone is sometimes difficult

how to properly trim your three-day-old man beard

Trimmed three-day beard

use short man beard trimmer 3 days

How to maintain a sparse beard

men's haircut with short trendy beard of a few days

Short beard trimmed perfectly with gradient

shave trim beard and short hair degraded american

Knowing how to trim your beard is important, even for short lengths

maintain his beard trimmed and cut bearded man

Beard of a few weeks and blonde hairstyle in volume

trim his beard for 3 days short hairstyle for blond man

Close shave of the contours of a short beard

shave short beard contours 7 days man

A beautiful, short, groomed beard

sideburns tipped beard three days man

Cut your beard in a layered fashion that blends in with your hair

gradient sculpted beard american degraded hairstyle

Long blonde hair and 3 day beard

bun man man bun beard 3 days long hair

Man’s trimmed beard in degraded starting from the ears

how to shave your beard in gradient short short

Beard trimmed a few days

beard razor 3 days man with hairstyle bearded man

Short beard trimmed with goatee

goatee beard 3 days short with degraded hairstyle man

Mustache worked and growing beard

to trim short beard and long mustache hipster style man

Sparse beard on round face

trim beard for short round face man

Beard and long hair

beard and long hair man short sides hipster style crocodile dundee

Short sparse beard

to trim a beard three days short man

Short beard trimmed in gradient and shaved outlines

shaved head three days beard degraded razor style

Short haired man with salt and pepper beard

how to maintain a short salt and pepper beard

Mustache on yesterday’s beard

shaving beard with short trimmer and mustache hipster style

short three day beard cut

Three day beard cut

3 days short goatee beard with trendy man hairstyle

Short beard size

shaved head and beard types of short man beards

How to trim a clean beard

short beard trim and shaving gradient hipster hairstyle

Man haircut with beard

beard size 3 days blond man work