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Beautiful bathroom tile designs

Make your bathroom unique and beautiful so that in the morning you will be invigorated by its appearance, rather than a cold shower. Create an image of a bathroom that will send you to work every day in a good mood.

Vibrant red trim around the mirror for a refreshing boost

A person differs from others not only in habits, but also in taste. If you strive to have a unique image of your bathroom, then you yourself have to design it. And the basic rules that should be followed, we will now consider.

Division by bathroom size

It just so happened that the design design rules depend on the area of ​​the room. In the case of bathrooms, the borderline figure is 15m2. What is possible in large bathrooms is unacceptable in small and medium ones. Room enlargement techniques are not needed in spacious rooms. But there are general rules.

The interior of the bathroom is made in warm brown colors.

  • The smaller the room, the finer the tiles should be.
  • Light, especially white, glossy surface visually enlarges space and enhances illumination.

White glossy tiles make the room more spacious and bright

  • Pearl white tiles match all colors and shades.
  • Bright saturated colors can be used as a complement, decoration. A flashy color is needed only to highlight accents or emphasize, but not to be the main one. A lot of bright colors will put pressure on a person and deprive the interior of comfort.
  • The most suitable solution for a bath is a design in pastel colors..

Glossy tiles and glass reflect light, creating the illusion of spaciousness

  • Thicker tiles with a rough surface are laid on the floor. Walls are smooth shiny.
  • Wall and floor finishes must be moisture resistant and easy to clean.
  • The most advantageous color for the ceiling is white. The most practical ceiling is glossy stretch.

Bright inserts set off pearl whiteness and create a mood

  • Bathroom lighting should be bright.

Tile selection

First of all, pay attention to the geometry of the tiles. It should be all exactly the same size and rectangular. Also, the whole batch must have the same shade. Compare samples from different boxes.

the walls are lined with ceramic tiles only near the bathtub

You can check the geometry by superimposing one on top of the other and measuring the angles. Since we usually do not carry squares with us, it is enough to compare the length of the diagonals. You can use an ordinary rope or thick thread, because the size does not matter, but only its equality. If the distance between opposite corners is different, then this is a marriage and you should not linger near such products.

Nice combination of beige and white and decor in the form of a border over the bathroom

The highest quality tiles are now produced by four countries, this is the well-known Italy, as well as Germany, Spain and Portugal. It is necessary to pay attention to the state, not the company.

Dark blue areas make the room mysterious

Buying leftovers at a discount is a bad way to save money. You will first need to redo your design project to match what you bought. Then, when almost all the tiles are laid out, it turns out that the corners have been knocked down somewhere, and something has been broken during transportation and cutting. Since it is impossible to buy in addition, you will have to beat off and replace with another, spending money not only on the purchase of materials, but also to pay for the work of the master.

Snow-white bathtub stands out beautifully against a dark background

If we focus on the price, then quality tiles start from the cost per square meter, equivalent to 18 euros. Reasonable value for money ends at just over € 30. Then you just pay for the brand, markups, and so on. Collections in which the border and decor are decorated in the form of rhinestones, ledges, ruffles are cheap and of low quality. And it will be difficult to wash them..

Glossy white stretch ceiling is the most suitable for the bathroom

The most harmonious and beautiful interior is obtained from one collection of tiles, which contains light tones, dark tones, decors, borders and floor tiles. On the floor, get matte, dark tiles, the rest of the finishing products are glossy.

Small mosaic on the floor in the shower and a strip in the form of a border

Lighting changes the color of the surface. Therefore, pay attention to the spectrum and brightness of the lighting fixtures in the store. Try to find a place where the light is similar to yours, and there consider all types of finishes, their combination.

Natural tuff-look tiles create a warm environment

If you liked the interior in the photo, especially with a beautiful colored floor, count how many tiles fit in one row. Then count in your bathroom. If your area is not less, then you can make yourself the same floor or wall decor..

Bathroom interior design

A person automatically pays attention to what is located at the level of his eyes and below. Place the most important and interesting decorative element in front of the door at a height of 150-160 mm.

Soft colors diluted with bright decor

Rectangular tiles look practical and beautiful in a modern interior. It should be taken as a basis. Decorating may have options.

The tiles on the floor and walls have different sizes and surfaces, but the same color and pattern

For a bathroom up to 15 m2, compliance with a number of rules will allow you to create a harmonious and cheerful interior that will match your character and make the room spacious, bright and beautiful. Compliance with these techniques will not limit the flight of your imagination, but will only show the most acceptable path and an endless variety of options..


Let’s start by making the choice of tiles from one collection. We will cover the floor with a thicker matte finish that does not slip. Splashes falling down form spots that are less noticeable against a dark background. And the space increases if the walls are lighter than the floor, and the ceiling is generally white.

Dark square tiles on the floor and vertical lighter tiles on the walls made the low-ceilinged room taller.

The floor tiles are square in shape. If we compare the length of its side with the dimensions of the sides of a rectangular product for walls, then it is less than the length, but more than the height. Ideally, the diagonal of the square is equal to the long side of the rectangle. But laying tiles on the floor diagonally in small rooms is not worth it. Such a floor will reduce the room and you will have to cut a lot of tiles to lay them along the walls, this is not rational and difficult.

In a spacious room, the walls are finished in different ways

The floor will look beautiful if you start finishing from the center of the room and go in a circle. Then the symmetry will be observed and the trimming along the walls will be the same.

Vertical stripes of small mirror tiles above the bathroom and mosaics in the shower narrow the room and raise the ceiling

Grout for the floor is selected 1-2 tones darker than the main background color.


For finishing small rooms, the most convenient tile sizes are 200×500 and 200×600 mm. It is better to lay a dark tone from top to bottom. Then it is easier to calculate the height of the transition, which should be 7-10 cm higher than the bathtub, and pass above the toilet, but below the installation button. Having marked everything up correctly, you will get a nice wide crop at the bottom..

Bathtub and toilet look beautiful on darker tiles

The toilet looks better on bright background tiles. Therefore, you should not trim the wall behind it with decorative or light tiles..

Even a small strip of tiles laid at an angle narrows the bathroom

All taps, buttons, switches should be located in the center of the tile. To cut a hole, draw a circle of the desired diameter. Then file it with a stone. Then make a cross-cut through. Connect the ends of the cuts to create a square hole. Use a pair of pliers to break off the remnants along the contour. The cut will prevent the ceramics outside the circle from collapsing.

The mosaic is used as a decorative border

The curb in small baths is used as a last resort. If you have a fixed ceiling and need to avoid ugly narrow trimming. In this case, one must remember about the color reflex. Dark and light surfaces reflect each other, changing color and merging. Therefore, emphasize the ceiling by making a strip of dark tiles at the top..

Fine, glossy tiles with a glossy finish create a sense of depth in the bathroom and shower

As for the decor, it is not cut. Therefore, expect to have a light stripe of tiles and a wide undercut at the corners above and below. The rest of the space can be filled with decorative tiles or various types of mosaics. This is a field for your imagination.

Motley tiles make the bathroom fun, but when there is a lot of it, the coziness is lost.

Remember also this rule of beautiful tile design. If you use a rectangular decor, then a wall with a doorway remains without artistic inserts. In the case of decoration with tiles of a different color or patterns from small mosaic tiles, decorative design is also made around the door.

A small room seems more spacious thanks to light-colored tiles and white walls

Grout on the walls is selected according to the lightest tone available in the finish.

Large bathrooms

The design of large rooms differs in that there is no need to worry about increasing the space. You can decorate the bathtub with vertical stripes, half-columns, lay out any patterns you like from small mosaics, or just a scattering of colors. You only need to care about lighting and harmony..

The walls of the shower are lined with stone-like tiles, which act as a decor outside the stall.

Small tiles of different colors and shades help to realize the most interesting fantasies. These are various patterns on the entire wall, and vertical patterns. Bright, variegated surfaces reduce the space. Therefore, they are undesirable in small baths. But in large ones, they are quite appropriate. But don’t forget about the ceiling height. Vertical stripes can make it visually higher. Horizontal, on the contrary, will lower the ceiling and increase the space.

The mosaic looks good on the wall due to the fact that the installation of the toilet and taps are located on the equipment itself

If you put a square tile on the wall at an angle, in the form of a rhombus, then the room will become cramped..

In large bathrooms, the walls can be decorated in different ways. Just try to stick to the color combination and contrast chart. A very colorful bathroom will be annoying, a bright one will depress.

White surfaces of the floor, walls and ceiling are made more fun by the colorful fragment in the wall decoration

Lack of color can always be made up for with colorful toiletry items, brightly colored towels and decor. But it is impossible to remove the excess.

The shower is finished with tiles of different sizes, but the same color scheme, so it seems harmonious and complete

Recently, mosaics are increasingly used for decoration. It is soft, flexible and has been designed to cover rounded surfaces. But its cost is much higher. In addition, it can only be cut along the transitions and in order to avoid wide seams it must be dissolved, which is difficult and troublesome..

The embossed surface is difficult to wash and the plates of electrical appliances and installations do not adhere well to it. But your bath and your imagination. If you really want to, then you can use it. Just try to keep it away from taps and splashes..

The walls are decorated with relief tiles, but the planks of the installation and electrical appliances do not adhere well to it

When using embossed tiles, try to choose a small and shallow pattern, the so-called «pixel». The larger and deeper the drops, the worse the corners will look..

tiles with large protruding elements. It's difficult to create a beautiful angle

Now you know the basic rules for creating a beautiful bathroom design with tiles. The rest is up to you and your imagination.