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Curtains for a modern interior – design 2018

It is difficult to imagine a beautiful and cozy home interior without the use of drapery for windows. An important touch in the design of a wide variety of premises is not only a decorative element, but also a functional component of the design formation. Protection from sunlight (if necessary) and prying eyes are not all the possibilities of home textiles for windows. If you need to hide flaws in finishing in the area of ​​window openings, to tie up interior items of different colors and textures into a single composition, or to add zest to the design of a room, drapery will become the simplest and most aesthetic option. Nothing is able to complete the creation of the image of a room as effectively as the right textiles. So what curtains do designers offer us in 2017? What models, colors and textures will be popular? And is it generally fashionable to use textiles for decorating windows? We will try to answer these and other questions with the help of a large-scale selection of photos of design projects of rooms with a wide variety of functional purposes..

Curtains that visually increase the height of the ceiling

Dark blue curtains for modern design

2017 trends

For several seasons in a row, the modern style has been formed from the components of minimalism, hi-tech and Scandinavian style. Almost all of them advocate laconicism and practicality in drawing up the image of the room. Often, a complete rejection of decor becomes the basis of the concept of creating an interior. Finding «golden mean» between the desire to create a modern and stylish design and bring comfort to your home – the task of the owners of houses and apartments, who decided to shape the interior on their own.

Taffeta curtains for the bedroom

Neutral option

Dining room textiles

Colorful curtains in the bedroom

If last season, designers from all over the world advised us, if possible, to abandon the use of textiles for decorating windows in living rooms. Indeed, when creating the most spacious (at least visually) and bright room, it is not easy not to litter it with unnecessary objects, but also to abandon any surfaces that impede the spread of natural light. But there are many reasons for draping window openings not only with the thinnest, lightweight tulle. It is difficult to do without thick curtains in the bedroom, even for those who do not live on the first floor, and the owners of private houses cannot do without textiles on the windows. In addition, to create a truly cozy (and not just fashionable) interior, home textiles are necessary.

Bright curtains on a dark background

Curtains for living room

Textile for a spacious room

Modern style

Modern designers recommend using simple and concise solutions for window decoration. Thin white tulle combined with solid blackout curtains is a win-win option for a room decorated in one of the variations of a modern style. In recent design projects, it is difficult to find ruffles and frills, tassels and fringes on window canvases, even clamps and lambrequins are performed simply and even strictly. The multi-layered execution of curtains is practically not found, even interiors in the neo-classic style are decorated with traditional straight curtains, but from high-quality fabrics.

Curtains with lambrequin

Original curtains with lambrequin

Curtains in gray tone for the nursery

Curtains in the bay window

Traditional option

Workplace design

The combination of roller blinds and traditional curtains is becoming mainstream this season. At the same time, it is possible both to use fabrics of the same color for the execution of both components, and materials that differ in color and texture – it all depends on the interior of the room and your desire to make the drapery of the windows an accent or fit organically into the overall picture of the room.

Colorful textiles

All shades of gray

Combining curtain models

Textiles in pastel colors

Bedroom in beige tones

The combination of fabric blinds and straight curtains can also be used in rooms with windows of different sizes and configurations. For example, if your room has a balcony block and narrow windows (an option for apartments) or several dormer windows of different models (a variation for private households), you can use textiles in different modifications..

Light image of the bedroom

Traditional and roller blinds

Design in light colors

Straight curtains fall in folds from the ceiling to the floor, often partially lying on a horizontal surface. This is a prerequisite for visually increasing the height of the room. Whether your fabrics will be attached to a string hidden behind a false ceiling, or will hang in strict folds on eyelets strung on a cornice, but there should be no distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the curtains.

Mint curtains

Curtains on eyelets

Curtains for the kitchen-dining room

Eclectic interior

Curtain selection criteria

Regardless of what models, colors and textures are considered fashionable in this season, there is a small list of criteria for choosing a decor for window openings. Before heading to a store or to the vastness of Internet resources, answer a few questions for yourself:

  • for which room the curtains are chosen – the functional background of the room leaves an imprint on the choice of model, color and quality of the canvases;
  • the location of the room relative to the cardinal points is a direct dependence of the level of natural illumination, the choice of density and color of the fabric;
  • style of space design – modern style is laconic and even strict, options on the theme of the classics suggest a more luxurious design;
  • the color palette of the interior and your desire to make curtains an accent or harmoniously fit into the existing color schemes;
  • the choice of fabric for canvases will depend on financial capabilities and the level of care for curtains that you can provide (for someone, washing at home is fundamental, others agree to dry cleaning for the sake of beauty and naturalness of textiles);
  • there is a simple rule of choosing between plain and printed fabrics – if the walls of the room are decorated in the same color, then the curtains can be purchased with a pattern and vice versa – plain canvases on the windows are suitable for walls with patterns. But the rule is what is called not «carved on the stone» and has its exceptions.

Bright curtains for the nursery

Printed canvas

Variegated curtains and plain walls

Canvases with plant print

Boring patterns

Color and print for modern curtains

To the delight of apartment and house owners planning to decorate their homes, the fashion for interior design is not as fleeting as the catwalk. New trends do not exclude previous ones, and the designs created today will be relevant for several years. There are many options for using color to create a harmonious, vibrant, original or even innovative image of a particular room. With the help of color, we can create a certain atmosphere of space and such a decorative and functional finishing touch in the interior as drapery of windows takes not the last place in this process..

Window decoration in the nursery

Black and white print

For country style

Versatile options

One of the simplest and therefore universal options for decorating windows in a living room or bedroom is the use of light, pastel colors. Calm, light shades seem to dissolve in the overall picture of the interior, helping to create a serene and relaxing atmosphere for relaxation. After the city saturated with bright colors from street advertising, in such an atmosphere it is most pleasant to relax and unwind..

Light image

Living room in light colors

Light material for the bedroom

Pastel colors

Blackout light curtains

Light tone for design mix

Another universal solution is in the range of shades from white to black. The variety of shades of gray allows you to find «mine» a neutral, but at the same time noble shade, which will become, if not the main, but an important element of the interior of a bedroom or living room. Gray color can be contrasting dark (graphite, wet asphalt) or silver, giving a gloss to the design of the room. In any case, this is a great option for those who have not yet mastered the creation of original interiors and do not risk using bright canvases or fabrics with a variegated print..

Dark gray curtains in the bedroom

Gray color for the living room

Bedroom in gray tones

Neutral palette

Dark contrasts

With a silver sheen

Another popular and practical color for curtains is brown and all its shades. Most often in modern design projects you can find beige shades, the color of milk chocolate, but there are also rooms with dark textiles, for example, in color «bitter chocolate». Warm color palette helps create a cozy atmosphere even in rooms located on the north side of buildings with low natural light.

Pastel beige tones

Light interior

Light image

Beige shades

All shades of brown

Dark velvet curtains

Using plain bright curtain canvases to create an accent in the interior is the simplest and most effective way. First, changing curtains is much easier than upholstery or carpeting. Secondly, the material for curtains has such a diverse range of colors that you can find «mine», a bright shade that is perfectly pleasing to the eye can be.

Bright accent

Emphasis on curtains

Colorful canvases

Warm colors

Cozy living room

Emphasis on window decoration

Variety of prints

If the walls in your room are decorated in neutral solid colors, then the fabric for the curtains can be chosen with a print. Recently, the most popular are geometric and abstract prints. At the same time, it can be repeated (sometimes modified) in other textile interior items or represent the main accent of a room that attracts all views..

Patterned blinders

Geometric print

Bright print on a white background

Curtains with a pattern for the living room

The strip is a print that appeared on fabrics so long ago that no one can name the exact date. But one thing is obvious – they will never stop using horizontal or vertical stripes on fabrics for wall hangings. Horizontal stripes help create a visual enlargement of the room in width …

Horizontal stripes

Canvases with stripes

Striped fabric

Contrast stripes

Wide stripes on curtains

Black and white stripes

Variegated stripes

Warm colors

Kitchen in beige tones

And the vertical strip on the curtains will help to visually increase the height of the room, provided that the canvases are located from the ceiling to the floor.

Curtains with vertical stripes

Bright stripes

Visual increase in ceiling height

Black and white vertical

A floral, floral motif in the colors of the curtains can be found in interiors decorated in country, eclectic and neo-classic styles. The ideal backdrop for such canvases will be monochromatic walls in a neutral shade. In this case, the curtains automatically become accent elements that stand out against the general background and attract the eye. You should be guided by your own preferences. Replacing curtains is not difficult, but after all, they are purchased for more than one year. Before buying, make sure that it is these images of flowers or any other plants that you would like to observe in your bedroom or living room for the next few years..

Floral motives

Bright floral print

With cross-over hinges

What to combine the color scheme of curtains with

One of the simplest, most versatile and inexpensive ways to create a harmonious image of a room is to use one fabric (or one color scheme in different prints or monochromatic versions) on the drapery of curtains and decorative pillows. In the living room, this method is easy to apply to cushions, in the bedroom – to the textile decoration of the sleeping place. At the same time, curtains and pillows can be interior accents or organically fit into the overall color scheme, the main thing is that as a result you get a balanced atmosphere of the room.

Cushions in the color of the curtains

Combination of textiles

Combining fabrics

Neo-classic style

Window and bed decor

In the bedroom and children’s room, the design of window openings can be combined with the decoration of the sleeping place. This can be a bedspread, bed linen, a canopy or a compact imitation of it, used exclusively as a decor..


Geometry on fabric

In the living room, the fabric on the windows can be combined with the upholstery of upholstered furniture – a sofa or armchairs, a pouf, an ottoman. In the bedroom, the upholstery of the headboard or the same chairs, poufs, compact sofas, and a small sofa can act as a companion to the curtains. In the dining room, the curtains can be in harmony with the color and texture of the upholstery of chairs on the seats and backs.

Bright fabric for headboard upholstery

Bright blotches

Upholstery and curtains

Upholstery of armchairs and cloths on windows

A bright drawing on window canvases can be «to support» wall decor. These can be frames for photos, mirrors or paintings, the artwork themselves, panels or wall decor compositions..

Bright curtains and wall decor

Colorful design

Equally harmonious can be achieved by combining the color of the window treatments with carpeting. The drawing can be different (or the canvas can be executed in a monochromatic version), but the colors must match.

Curtains, pillows and carpet

Curtains are not just for windows

Not in all areas of our homes, curtains are used exclusively for draping window openings. The creation of canopies in the bedroom, the fencing of the sleeping and rest area within the combined room, or the isolation of any other functional segment can be done with the help of textile fabrics. For example, in a studio apartment, the sleeping area needs a mobile partition for some protection and privacy. In this case, curtains are selected in accordance with the color palette of the combined room and rarely act as an accent element..

Sleeping place behind the curtain

Curtains like a canopy

Curtains instead of a partition

Curtains and canopy in the nursery