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Green curtains in a modern interior

It has been proven that the human eye is able to perceive the full range of shades of green like no other. All shades of green, having a natural origin, have an incredibly beneficial effect on our psycho-emotional state. Nature itself, with its lush greenery, dark water surfaces or mossy swamps, creates that comfortable atmosphere for a person in which you can work and relax. That is why modern designers are increasingly offering their customers the use of a wide range of shades of green in the preparation of modern interior projects for a wide variety of rooms. It is noteworthy that thanks to the large selection of shades of green, you can find the right tone for any stylistic interior design. In this publication, we would like to focus on such an element of the interior of a wide variety of premises as textile decoration. We hope that our impressive selection of design projects using curtains of one of the green options will help you find your own way of textile decoration of windows in rooms with different functional components..

Bright interior with green curtains

Mustard-colored curtains in the interior

Green in the interior: human-friendly shades

Most of us know that green color can have a beneficial effect on our psychological state – it calms and relaxes, can create a feeling of security, stability and comfort. In a modern city, there is too much gray and black for the background and the bright flashing of advertising banners as an annoying element. In a home environment, most of us would like to relieve color tension, give our eyes a rest in a relaxing color palette of our home..

Visual increase in room height

Printed curtains in the bedroom

Curtains with green pattern

Original window decor

The palette of shades of green is very diverse. The advantage of using one of the variations of this natural tone is that it can be easily combined with other colors that are often used in the design of modern homes. So, what shades of green used in the design of curtains for various rooms of our home can be a successful project to create the most comfortable environment?

Striped fabric

Curtains for panoramic windows

Decor for windows in green tones

Dining room decoration

Bright accent

Pleasant to the eye, often neutral, if they act as an unobtrusive background, shades of green that will be relevant in rooms with different functionality:

  • olive or green-yellow;
  • pea;
  • mustard;
  • light menthol;
  • pistachio pastel;
  • khaki;
  • light malachite and emerald;
  • lime color;
  • linden shade;
  • deep dark green moss color.

Terrace decoration

Nice shade of green

Bright textiles for windows

Shades of green for the bedroom

In a room with a high ceiling

Combination of green with other interior tones

Depending on what role is prepared for the textile decoration of the windows in the room, you can select companion colors to combine with a green tone. If the curtains are an accent element of the interior, then you can choose bright, saturated colors for textiles, and choose a neutral tone for the walls (not necessarily light). If the curtains should harmoniously blend into the overall picture of the room, without standing out against the general background, then the colors of the textiles are chosen based on the general palette of the interior.

Bright living room

Accent window decoration

Curtains with tie-backs

Deep malachite color

Another unwritten rule for combining curtain colors and wall decoration tones is associated with a combination of monochromatic surfaces and material with a pattern. If a single-colored wall decoration is used in the room, then the curtains can be hung with a print, but if the vertical surfaces are pasted over with wallpaper with a pattern, then it is better to buy plain-colored textiles for windows.

On white background

Bay window decoration

Bright bedroom design

Cabinet design

Green printed curtains

White is versatile, it can be combined with any colors and shades, different prints and patterns. The combination of white with various shades of green creates an incredibly fresh, «spring» furnishings in the interior of any room. Against the background of snow-white walls, any green curtains look organic and fresh. Even fabric with large, bright patterns can be used.

In a snow-white bedroom

In a classic living room

Combined with dark objects

Newborn room curtains

In a spacious living room

Another versatile color to combine with shades of green is gray. The combination of gray and green can be used both in classic interiors and in rooms decorated in a modern style. Diluting the gray-green combination with snow-white surfaces, you can get an original, but at the same time unobtrusive image of the interior..

Combination of green and gray

White-gray-green design

Against the background of gray walls

Combined with patterned wallpaper

Contemporary style

Green is like no other color close to the natural palette. Therefore, it is not surprising that fabrics of all shades of this color as window textiles go well with wood surfaces. At the same time, the beautiful natural pattern of wood can be used not only as a material for the execution of furniture, natural motives are also applicable for wall decoration. It can be wood-colored wallpaper, wall panels, any imitation of a wood, reed or bamboo pattern..

Geometric print

Green and woody

Natural shades

Combination of colors and textures

Green curtains of various models

In addition to the fact that the textile decoration of windows can be performed in different shades of green, have a print or decorative elements, the curtains themselves can have various modifications. In the interiors of modern homes, there are different types of curtain models – it all depends on the stylistic design of the interior, the size of the windows and the room itself, the location of the room relative to the cardinal points.

Bright green curtains

Mustard shades

Headboard curtains

Many shades of green

One of the most popular options for the execution of green curtains is traditional. Straight canvases with falling vertical folds are relevant at all times. The traditional model of curtains will harmoniously look both in a classic interior and in a room decorated in an ultra-modern style. Another advantage of traditional curtains is that they look great on windows of all sizes and modifications..

Dark green tone

Classic motives

Plain curtains

White walls, green curtains

On a light blue background

In modern design projects of a wide variety of premises, you can find the use of green curtains of the traditional model, both with or without curtains. Modern stylistics advocates the use of the highest possible level of natural light in the space. But many premises cannot exist at all without textile decoration – for example, a bedroom or a room on the first floor in an apartment building. Therefore, decorating windows of various shapes and sizes only with curtains is quite common – during the day the room receives maximum natural light, and at night the curtains protect the room from prying eyes.

Eclectic design

In a combined space

Juicy greens

Swamp shades

Dining room design with green curtains

If your room faces the south side of the building, you will need more protection from the sun than a thin, translucent curtain fabric. In modern design projects, you can increasingly find a combination of classic fabric curtains and roller blinds made of reed, bamboo or other natural materials. On the one hand, you get reliable protection from the sun’s rays and prying eyes, on the other – an aesthetic decor of window openings, bringing the effect of originality to the interior of the room.

Pleasant palette

Curtains and blinds

Yakaya dining room

Classic canvases in shades of green can have different attachments to the cornice. A popular model of traditional curtains are canvases on eyelets – metal or plastic rings, with the help of which the fabric is literally strung on the cornice and falls from it to the floor in evenly distributed vertical folds.

Curtains on eyelets

Light green curtains

Bright fabrics

Fastening curtains to eyelets

Another popular model of traditional curtains is fabrics on swing-over hinges. These curtains are very easy to attach to the tubular cornice. Buttonholes can be made from the same fabric as the canvas, or act as a color accent.

Hinged curtains

Baby room design

Different colored curtains

From the point of view of attaching traditional curtains to the cornice, there is another interesting and aesthetic way – the use of a lambrequin. If you need to hide flaws in finishing, a window opening or imperfections in the architecture of the room as a whole, just create an original curtain composition for decorating windows, a lambrequin will be an excellent option. Most often, rigid lambrequins are used, which are a narrow rectangle that covers the entire space of the window opening in width in its upper part (at the cornice). But there are also non-rigid models, collected on the sides or smoothly falling onto curtains or curtains..

Curtains with lambrequin

Checkered textiles

Green curtains and white lambrequin

Lambrequin-frill in green

When sewing traditional green curtains, you can resort to combining with materials of other colors, prints. You can combine two plain fabrics of different shades, as well as fabrics with and without a pattern. Horizontal inserts of a different color on green monochromatic curtains look original …

Against the background of brick walls

Combining fabrics

Green curtains of a traditional model with vertical inserts made of fabric with a print or ornament look no less impressive …

Curtains with vertical inserts

Blue-green shades for the living room

Traditional curtains

Neutral shades in the bedroom

Malachite curtains

Another popular way to decorate windows with textiles in modern homes is to use fabric blinds or roman blinds. These are rectangular canvases with evenly laid horizontal folds. When assembled, fabric blinds are located in the upper part of the window, in a disassembled position – they close the window opening like a fabric screen. The model is laconic and easily fits into interiors of various stylistic directions.

Fabric blinds

Roman curtains

Traditional and roller blinds

Striped roller blinds

Bedroom in olive tones

Not often, but still found in modern design projects and interiors with Japanese curtains in green shades. Japanese curtains are fabric canvases without folds, completely covering the window openings. They are also often called textile screens. The laconicism and practicality of such curtains fits perfectly into the modern style. Most often, such window decoration variations are found in a monochromatic form, but printed fabric screens can also decorate the interior of any room..

Japanese curtains

Curtains-screens for the kitchen

The combination of the color of the curtains with other interior elements

In order to create the most harmonious image of the room, the color of the curtains must be combined with the shades of other interior items, unless, of course, your textile window decoration is an accent element of the room design. It can be upholstery of upholstered furniture, carpets, decorative items, elements of storage systems, wall decor..

Bright design of the nursery

Colorful colors

Classic in shades of green

For example, in a bedroom interior, the fabric of curtains can be combined with the headboard upholstery …

Curtains to match the color of the headboard

One fabric for curtains and headboard

Window textiles to match the headboard

The upholstery of upholstered furniture, not necessarily all, is enough for one armchair, a small ottoman or a canapé sofa. The same effect can be achieved by combining the color of the curtains with the execution of a coffee table or a small storage system …

Dark green shades

Green is everywhere

Original design

Bright textiles

Non-trivial color schemes

In some cases, it is enough to use a green fabric, from which the decor for windows is sewn in the design of sleeping places or a soft recreation area in the living room – on decorative pillows and rollers.

Matching the color of the decorative elements

In the bedroom for two girls

Pastel shades

In the girl's bedroom

Solid green curtains can be combined with a similar pattern on wallpaper or wall panels …

Matching the color of striped wallpaper

On a pink background

With amber effect