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Laminate in interior design 2018

Laminate as a material for creating flooring for a wide variety of premises has long gained popularity in our country. Affordable, with high aesthetic qualities, easy to install and use – this material can decorate any interior. But it is necessary to carefully select a laminate for finishing floors, because there are many varieties, strength classes, versions with imitation of various surfaces. But first things first. Let’s find out together what type of laminate is suitable for rooms with different functional loads, how to choose density, strength level, color and texture solution.

Floor decoration with laminate

Laminate flooring

Laminate labeling by class

so, laminate Is a flooring material that consists of several layers: fiberboard or chipboard, several paper interlayers and a final acrylic or melamine laminate coating. It is the laminated surface that protects all other layers from moisture, dirt, dust and mechanical damage. Obviously, the technological properties of the product largely depend on the quality of the top layer..

Laminated surfaces

Floors in the color of the countertops

Kitchen cover

Floor accent

It is not without reason that laminate has gained such high popularity among our compatriots. After all, it has a number of significant advantages:

  • high aesthetic qualities;
  • a wide range of colors, the ability to imitate any surface – from parquet boards to ceramic or stone tiles;
  • the possibility of self-assembly in a short time and without lengthy surface preparation;
  • affordable cost (laminate is much cheaper than parquet, but more expensive than linoleum);
  • sufficiently high strength and durability (compared to linoleum);
  • relative ease of maintenance (more difficult than with linoleum, but easier than with parquet – no need for periodic cycling);
  • the material is environmentally friendly.

Living room laminate

Natural wood grain

Laminate for bedroom

Light interior

Laminate classes

In order to decide on the choice of laminate for a specific type of room, it is necessary to take into account the class number – two refers to residential premises, three refers to commercial (must be present on the material labeling):

Laminate 21 class intended for residential premises with low traffic and low furniture loads. Such material is rare due to its low popularity. Does not last long – less than 3 years;

Floor decoration

Laminate in bedroom design

Dark tone flooring


Laminate 22 class suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms with light furniture and low traffic. The service life usually does not exceed 4 years;

Focus on flooring

Laminate in a spacious living room

Dining room laminate

Bright design

Laminate 23 class is able to withstand heavy loads (heavy furniture) and is used in rooms with high traffic – not only in living rooms, children’s rooms and corridors, but also in hallways, kitchens, dining rooms. The juice of exploitation also rarely exceeds 4 years;

Laminate in the kitchen

Laminate as a parquet board

Accent design for a white kitchen

Traditional solution

Laminate class 31 designed for light duty commercial premises. Its performance is higher than that of residential laminate flooring. If you lay such material in a conference room, then it will last about 3 years, in a residential building its service life can be 10-12 years;

Corridor laminate

Color accent on floors

Laminate in the hallway and corridor

Laminate class 32 has higher strength characteristics and can be used as a floor covering in commercial premises with medium use. It can be used in classrooms, offices, reception areas. In this case, the laminate will last about 5 years; in a residential building, its operating juice can be about 15 years..

Warm flooring palette

Dining room decoration

Laminate for kitchen-dining room


Laminate 33 class has the highest technological properties and is used in commercial spaces with high floor loading. Can be used in restaurants, gyms, high traffic stores. Juice service in this case varies from 5 to 6 years. In a residential area, such a coating can not be changed for 20-25 years..

Floor covering - laminate

Contrast design

Warm color for gray kitchen

Experts recommend not to save on the purchase of flooring material. After all, replacing a laminate is associated with global preparations in terms of repair – it is necessary to completely empty the room, and in a one-room apartment, for example, such events are difficult to carry out. In order for the laminate to serve as a reliable and durable floor covering as long as possible, it is recommended to purchase a material with markings for commercial premises – from class 31 and higher. The cost of high-quality laminate will pay off with durability, excellent aesthetic and strength characteristics.

Laminate for bedroom design

Spectacular flooring

Laminate in light shades

Other criteria for choosing a laminate

Material thickness

The material of various manufacturers and classes varies in thickness from 6 to 12 mm. Obviously, the thicker the flooring material is, the stronger and more durable the finish can be considered. Therefore, experts recommend choosing a laminate with a thickness of at least 8 mm and, based on their financial capabilities, try to purchase it as a material with as thick a layer as possible. The thicker the laminate is, the easier it is to install. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the sound-absorbing characteristics of the material – the thicker the laminate, the higher these properties.

Laminate for utility rooms

Variegated wood pattern

Laminate manufacturer

The choice of manufacturers in the modern market of finishing materials is incredibly wide. But there are always several of the most popular options for companies that have proven themselves with a long-term impeccable reputation. Typically, such firms provide a long-term warranty for their products. There are even manufacturers who give a lifetime warranty on their products..

Light surfaces

Light flooring

Typically, the manufacturer’s warranty ranges from 5 to 15 years. In Russia, there is no GOST for the production of laminate, so all companies use the Technical Specifications. Most foreign manufacturers rely on GOSTs, most often international.

Ocher shades

Light laminate

Dining room on the veranda

Separation of laminate according to the type of connection of elements

The entire laminate can be divided into two groups according to the type of connection of its elements (panels):

  • glue;
  • castle.

Imitation wood floor

Original design

Adhesive laminate it costs less than a castle one, but you won’t be able to mount it yourself without certain skills. The panels are connected end-to-end with special quick-drying glue. This connection provides a gap-free surface. The floor covering is more resistant to moisture than the one created with the interlocking laminate. A significant disadvantage of such a coating is the impossibility of replacing the damaged panel – all elements are glued.

Dark coating

Neutral background

Name «castle laminate» speaks for itself – panels are attached without the use of glue using special «castles». The advantage of this coating is the speed of installation and the possibility of replacing individual panels in case of damage. The disadvantages include the receipt of gaps between the elements of the coating, which will be exposed to moisture.

Colorful colors

Lock connection

Small Laminate Panels

There are two types of locks for laminate panels:

collapsible (click) – double locks, which are located at an angle of 45 degrees. This mount is very convenient from the point of view of installation and subsequent operation. The curvature of the base for such locks is allowed no more than 3 mm per linear meter;

Laminate in the hallway

Unusual colors

Nursery decoration

latches (lock) is even easier than collapsible locks. The owner, who has not yet had to deal with a laminate, will also be able to cope with panels that have this type of connection. But it must be borne in mind that for panels with this type of locks, a perfectly flat base of the floors is necessary..

Laminate for a spacious room

Light design

Laminate for a combined room

Classification by type of substrate for laminate

When using laminate to create the flooring, you must use a backing – a material that insulates the top layer from the floor. The underlay will provide the required level of heat and sound insulation. Laminate class 32 and higher may contain a substrate as part of the elements and do not require preliminary preparation of the floor surface, except for thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.

Dark floors for a bright bedroom

Original laminate design

Laminate for kitchen-studio

According to the type of material, all options for substrates can be divided into three groups:

Polyethylene foam backing – the most common option. Resistance to moisture, affordable cost and ease of installation brought this type of material to the top list of the most popular options. But the polyethylene foam material also has drawbacks – over time it can sag significantly (it does not hold its shape well), it is not a completely environmentally friendly raw material;

Interior design in laminate

Warm color palette

Laminate in the living area

Cork backing – absolutely environmentally friendly, it is an excellent heat insulator (it is most often used for decorating the floors of the first floor). The cork keeps its shape perfectly, it can be called a durable material. But the possibility of condensation formation reduces its popularity. In order to rid the material of this drawback, the cork is covered with bitumen or rubber. Such material has excellent amortization and practically does not wear down;

Bright hallway


Eclectic living room

Special backing, being part of the laminated panels, it allows very quick installation. It provides excellent heat and sound insulation, serves for a rather long time and without condensation. But the high cost often becomes a key criterion for choosing a laminate for flooring..

Tree everywhere

Classic dining room

In the living room with fireplace

Also, experts recommend paying attention to the icons on the packaging of the panels, which can mean the following properties:

  • has an antistatic coating (will not attract dust and fine debris);
  • does not fade in the sun;
  • does not require special care;
  • household cleaning products can be used to clean the surface;
  • durable and resistant to mechanical stress;
  • suitable for covering the so-called «warm floor»;
  • the surface is resistant to the formation of mildew and mold;
  • the material is non-combustible.

Non-trivial design

Harmonious combinations

Respectable design

Choosing a color scheme for flooring

The choice of the color scheme for the design of the floors largely shapes the image of the entire room. Not only the interior design, but also the psychological perception of its image as a whole depends on whether the color of the flooring will merge with the general color scheme of the room or stand out with a bright or dark accent. The assortment of modern stores of finishing materials for floors is incredibly wide – an owner with any aesthetic preferences and wallet size will be able to find his own color option.

Natural shades

Accent wood species

In a bright kitchen

Light shades in the living room

In small rooms, designers recommend using materials of light shades for surface finishing to visually expand the space. But this rule applies to a lesser extent for flooring. The fact is that for a comfortable psychological state of people in the room, the color of its floor covering should be at least two tones darker than the decoration of the walls. This will allow it to say so «feel the ground under your feet».

Small kitchen area

Dark bottom - light top

Contrast trim

Almost every owner of an apartment or house knows that the execution of the ceiling in white, walls – 1-2 tones darker, and floors – in the darkest tone, allows you to create a visual increase in the height of the room. This design technique is often used when decorating premises in standard and small-sized apartments in our country..

Laminate in the office

Dark accent - floors

Visual expansion of space

Laminate with the image of a floor board with surfaces as if worn from time is incredibly popular when applied to interiors in country and shabby chic style. Scuffs and imitation of chips help not only to create an authentic stylistic direction of the atmosphere, but also to bring originality to the most ordinary design of the room..

For country style

For shabby chic style

Scuffed floors

On a glazed veranda

If a cool color palette is used for the decoration and execution of the main furniture in the room, then the warm natural pattern of wood will always help to raise the degree of the color temperature of the interior. Given the scale of the surface of the floors, even a single design element – the floor covering, may be enough to create a balance in the color perception of the image of the room..

Snow white design

Warm shades for floors

The popularity of the use of gray and its shades for the design of modern homes has reached the colors of the laminate. Noble gray shades can be presented both in a light, silver palette, and in dark, anthracite shades. The advantage of using light gray shades to decorate the flooring is also that the dust on such a laminate is practically invisible..

Laminate in gray shades

Gray floors

All shades of gray

Original color choice

And finally

Recently, the rule that the size of the floorboard or tile (depending on what exactly the laminate imitates) should be the larger, the more spacious the room itself, ceases to have its weight. Floor covering with the image of large planks or dies, tiles or any other elements that make up the floor is becoming more and more popular. This color is used regardless of the size and purpose of the room. And most often it allows you to visually increase the volume of space..

Large laminate panels

Laminate for a spacious room

Beautiful flooring pattern

Focus on the floors

Laminate can be used for more than just flooring. For several seasons in a row, the use of this material for decorating an accent wall or part of it has not lost its relevance. At the same time, the color of the laminate for finishing the wall or part of the room does not have to coincide with the material for the floors – it all depends on the chosen color scheme of the interior, the way of placing accents and stylistic performance. With the help of laminate, you can decorate the facades of storage systems, the space around an electric fireplace, decorate niches and ledges, create panels and aprons in wall decoration.

Laminate not only for floors

Partition with laminate

Modern style

Decoration of floors and facades

Light surfaces are everywhere