Materials (edit)

Mosaic tile: design piece by piece

For decorative purposes, simple ceramic tiles can be replaced with mosaics. This method of decoration has deep historical roots, nevertheless gaining more and more popularity in modern design art..

Mosaic of blue shades

The specificity of such a finishing tool is that a drawing is created from small pieces of different color. In addition, each of the elements can itself be decorated with some kind of pattern. The main advantages of this decoration are:

  • presentable view;
  • practicality;
  • ease of care;
  • durability;
  • a large selection of topics;
  • can be used on any hard surface.

White walls lined with mosaics Colorful mosaic in the bathroom Black mosaic in the bathroom

Varieties of mosaics

Basically, mosaic tiles are subdivided into glass and ceramic products. Ceramic products are created according to the same principles as classic tiles, so this mosaic retains all the properties of the usual finishing material. Each element is covered with glaze, which provides the resulting picture with shine and three-dimensional image.

Blue mosaic details Mother of pearl mosaic elements The combination of several shades in the mosaic

Glass mosaics are found to be more durable. This was achieved by including smalt particles in the composition – a special opaque glass with increased strength indicators. Smalt can have various shades, which allows you to create the most intricate designs with it. The composition of this material also includes sand, but the main properties are given by metal oxides.

In addition to the most common materials for the manufacture of parts, marble, granite and polymers are also used..

Mosaic in gray tones Colorful mosaic in the bathroom Bath mosaic decoration

The size of the selected mosaic depends on the purpose for which it is purchased. Pieces can vary from 10 to 50 mm. This range is the most popular and convenient for use. Most often, the pieces are sold pre-glued to the backing. The sizes of the resulting elements also vary..

The coloring of such a facing material gives the designer a lot of room for imagination. Mosaic elements can be bright juicy colors or calm bed shades. Unusual varieties can be considered transparent, mother-of-pearl or even mirror details..

Blue mother-of-pearl mosaic Pearl white mosaic

In addition to the color, the mosaic differs in the texture of the top layer. Smooth elements can be combined with embossed ones, glossy ones can be easily combined with matte ones. The most versatile option is a smooth glossy mosaic. It is perfect for walls, countertops and any surface. More textured varieties are not recommended for use in places subject to contamination, since it will be difficult to wash food and fat particles from the recesses on the parts. The porous structure of stone or unglazed tiles contributes to the absorption of dirt.

Red mosaic apron Dark mosaic in the shower

The use of mosaics in the interior of the premises

The mosaic panel can decorate any room. It is difficult to restrict the use of such an element based on location. One of the most popular places for mosaics is the kitchen. Here you can decorate the walls, floor, countertop, apron over the working area with bright pieces. For a perfect match, mosaic tiles of the same type can be glued to shelves or large appliances.

The advantage of such a coating for the kitchen is the durability of the resulting surface, resistance to scratches and temperature extremes. Mosaic panels perfectly tolerate high humidity. These properties allow you to use them in addition to the kitchen and also in the bathroom..

Gray in mosaics Decorative mosaic in the bathroom Unusual mosaic in the bathroom

In the premises of baths, saunas and bathrooms, mosaics have practical functions. Such material reliably protects the walls from moisture, preventing it from penetrating into the gaps between concrete slabs or other building materials..

In the interior of the living room and hallway, mosaic tiles can imitate carpets on the floor. In addition, the reproduction of the ornament you liked on the ceiling has become popular. Mosaics can be used to decorate arches, niches and other architectural elements, making them central furnishings. The mosaic pattern can be repeated on furniture using the same details. A doorway or fireplace, lined with natural stone tiles, will give the room majesty and chic. This will be facilitated by decorating the upper part of the elements with a thin sputtering of precious metals or imitation of precious stones. To create a chic interior, mosaic is an indispensable tool..

One of the most important advantages of mosaic tiles is the ability to lay them on uneven surfaces. This is possible due to the small size of the elements..

Rounded mosaic surface

Making mosaic paintings is a whole art. Complex design ideas are realized in large-sized panels, which become the most valuable and brightest element in the room. The similarity of some of the mosaic designs to oil paintings or photographs is striking. At the same time, images created by individual orders will be an exclusive and unique decoration for any home..

Mosaic on the bathroom wall Mosaic with mother-of-pearl White color in mosaic

This decoration method has several disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • some types of mosaics and grout are difficult to wash.

There are several ways to focus attention on a mosaic panel, thereby highlighting the decorated interior detail. With just a few colorful pieces, you can renovate your bathroom without having to redo your entire wall. It is enough just to lay out new pieces in place of broken or faded parts and the wall will immediately take on a fresh look. In the case of wallpaper, this is not possible..

Colorful mosaic pieces Mosaic bathroom wall

An apron in the kitchen can turn into a work of art. It is enough just to choose a suitable painting and immortalize it with the help of mosaic tiles on the kitchen wall..

Apron made of mother-of-pearl mozaka

Interesting can be a rug on the floor of the bath, made of pebble stone mosaics. Such an unusual solution will look original, while having a therapeutic effect on the feet. It is better to lay out the floor in the shower with embossed mosaics to reduce the risk of slipping during water procedures.

An unusual and picturesque design solution is a mosaic decoration of a table, bar or coffee table. This method has a decorative function and allows you to profitably fit a new piece of furniture into the interior..

The use of mosaic tiles in the interior of any room can be both decorative and practical. The main thing is to choose the right color combination and place to use such an original and impressive design element..