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Original imitation or imitation in wallpaper design

You will hardly surprise anyone with classic wallpaper with a geometric or floral pattern. For example, bare brick walls are original, stylish and relevant. This also applies to walls that are trimmed with wood, plaster and even old newspaper clippings. However, not everyone can make the dream of wooden or brick walls come true. In this case, professionals advise using imitations.

This trend has become widespread in wallpaper design. It not only allows you to give the room an unusual, attractive look, but also quite beneficial from an economic point of view. It is much easier and cheaper to paste over the walls with imitation wallpaper than to make repairs from natural materials. There are several types of imitations in wallpaper design..


It rightfully occupies a leading position among imitating wallpapers. Having appeared several decades ago, the wallpaper «under a brick» are still very popular with consumers due to the variety of their shapes and colors.

naturalness of the interior with wallpaper


It would seem that the material used for the most part to decorate the external image of the premises will not look inside. However, practice shows that plaster wallpaper looks quite attractive, quite successfully masking the excessive coldness of the source material..


imitation wallpaper

Under the tree

The recent boom in the use of natural materials in interior decoration is a double-edged sword. And the tree is no exception. On the one hand, wooden flooring is fashionable and stylish, but on the other hand, it is a significant investment of time and, most importantly, finance. In this situation, the choice of wallpaper imitating wood flooring can be considered an ideal option. Based on personal desire, you can choose any type of wallpaper you like, whether it be an imitation of a raw board, a classic «lining» or exotic tree species.


Wallpaper under a tree

Fabric and leather look

Modern technologies used in the manufacture of textile wallpaper make it possible to feel the naturalness of the fabric with close contact. It is due to its realism that this type of wallpaper enjoys the well-deserved attention of buyers, even despite the rather high probability of their contamination..

unique elegance of the bathroom

As for the leather-like wallpaper, this type of imitation inevitably causes admiration. Imagine walls covered in the skin of a crocodile, python, or any other exotic animal. The gaze involuntarily stops at each protruding element, the hand itself reaches out to feel the unusualness and originality of this coating. This type of wallpaper will give the room not only sophistication and charm, but also bring refined color and fireworks of unusual sensations into everyday life. In conjunction with furniture correctly designed for this type of wallpaper, style «under the skin» will be especially popular in the male interior, awakening the primal instincts.


 «Hand made»

Imitation of hand-made wallpaper looks very peculiar. Book sheets pasted on the walls, art sketches, drawings, patterns will bring a special touch of creative originality to the interior.

intelligence and creativity in the interior

Some manufacturers offer imitation of a book library. By correctly positioning it, you can create a rather realistic picture on the wall. The beauty of this idea is that it is unlikely that it will be possible to neatly stick real scraps of paper. One has only to imagine how much effort it takes and spend valuable materials! And hand-made wallpaper is just a few rolls, a minimum of labor and after a couple of days you can enjoy the exquisite transformation of the room.

imitation of a book library on wallpaper

creative mystery of the interior

  Imitation of a concrete wall

At first glance, it may seem that imitation for a concrete wall is too radical a solution. But one has only to see how original and stylish modern furniture and materials such as plastic, metal, glass or leather look against the background of rough brutal wallpaper imitating concrete. Their positive characteristics are even more noticeable, because such an adjacency creates an impeccable contrast. But remember that concreting simulations most often involve the use of rather dark shades, so they should be used in very bright or well-lit rooms..

original solution for walls

original restraint of the interior along with wallpaper

«Animal» print on wallpaper

Designers also call such wallpapers «wild». Indeed, animal wallpaper is another trend that continues the natural theme trend. Today, the most relevant are wallpapers with imitation of the skins of a tiger, leopard, giraffe, zebra, bird feathers. In addition, some collections combine animal designs with stripes or flowers at the same time..

glamorous interior with animal prints