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Men’s streetwear – 12 brands from the East

In terms of ready-to-wear, the West and its fashion cradles such as Milan, London, Paris or New York have always served as a benchmark, while Eastern Europe sported a somewhat outdated image in terms of clothing. good taste, historical context requires. However, good and bad taste are only subjective, tend to regularly remind us of the eccentricity of the British or the cliché of the German camper. Since the fall of the wall, the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the opening to the world that ensued, a wave of Western influence has swept over the new Eastern nation-states, commonly referred to as the countries of the East, changing the landscape. local culture, as well as consumption habits. The beginning of the 1990s marked the beginning of the American tidal wave known as hip hop, engulfing and easily finding its place in the new republics in the midst of social and identity crises. Along with music and disciplines bringing together hip hop culture, followers of this new art follow related fashion, drawing inspiration from European and American standards, thus making style streetwear man a fashion in its own right, topped with a protest symbol. After the omnipresence of Western labels on the streetwear market, young brands are emerging in the various capitals of the globe and Eastern Europe is not left out, like the world-renowned Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. Here is a selection of 12 brands, from Bratislava to Kiev and from Vilnius to Sarajevo.

45 STREET / Bulgaria

logo brand 45 street ulitsa sofia bulgaria bulgarian fashion brand

Founded in 2013 in the Bulgarian capital, the 45 Street brand (Улица 45) specializes primarily in caps, or more generally in headwear. Produced locally, the catalog is renewed each season, highlighting a certain originality and a quality of manufacture that wants to be demanding, through mainly knitted products. The current collections are intended to be unisex, but the brand is currently working on the development of a next feminine range..

45 Street was created in 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria

DOTS polo shirt by ulitsa 45 street sofia

Headwear is the backbone of the 45 Street brand

dots t-shirt carnations short storks bucket hat ss17 45 street

The “Stork” t-shirt for her, the “Stork” cardigan and the “Jacq Faces” cap for him

stork cardigan jacq faces t-shirt by 45 street in sofia bulgaria

5 panel “Carnation” cap by 45 Street

streetwear brand bulgaria sofia cap cap carnation deep 5 panel by 45 street ulitsa

“Stork” t-shirt by 45 Street

cotton stork t-shirt by 45 street ulista sofia bulgaria

Short “Carnations” by 45 Street

shorts 45 street sofia skin tones ulitsa

45 Street AW 2016 from 45 Street we Vimeo.


logo bp clothing budapest hungary hungary brand

“BP”, like BudaPest, was launched in 2011. Today it collaborates with many protagonists of the Hungarian underground culture and sports scene, as well as with big brands such as New Era, in the framework of limited collections..

Founded in Budapest in 2011, BP Clothing is the largest Hungarian streetwear brand

bp clothing budapest new era collab brand hungary

The BP Clothing brand is a pillar of Budapest’s underground culture

tee shirt bp clothing buda fckn pest streetwear hungary shopping

BP Clothing “BP Classic Split Tank” tank top

hip hop hongris tourism budapest bp clothing

The “BP Classic” sweatshirt by BP Clothing

what to buy budapest clothing hungary bp clothing

BP Clothing “BP BudaFcknPest” sweatshirt

what to do budapest shopping hungary bp clothing

BROCODE / Bulgaria

logo brocode wear sofia bulgaria streetwear

Founded in 2013 in Sofia by two brothers and their friends, the brand Brocode first specializes in the production of jeans and denim jackets, while at the same time developing a range of t-shirts, sweatshirts & caps. Stamped menswear, the Bulgarian label is also appreciated by girls, who adopt the boyfriend jeans side.

Cap and t-shirt stamped with the wolf’s head

borcode wear cap cap hat tee shirt simeon mitrev snowboard

Jeans, a flagship product at Brocode Wear


The “Wolfpack Jacket” denim jacket by Brocode Wear

brocode wear, bulgarian brand skate street shopping sofia

“Sigma Selvedge” jeans by Brocode Wear

bulgarian rap skate bulgaria sofia brocode wear

Snapback cap with logo by Brocode Wear

shopping sofia bulgaria brand brocode wear

“Menswear only, girls dig it”, or boyfriend jeans by Brocode Wear.

serbia-dechko-tzar-belgrade flag


logo dechko tzar brand clothes belgrade serbie

Dechko Tzar started in 2001 by designing t-shirts for the local group Red Zmaja. With this success, the brand quickly became one of the main brands of the genre. Still based on limited quantities, the emphasis is on design, quality and original packaging. In 2013, the streetwear brand for men and women launched the “Belgrade” collection specially dedicated to its hometown..

Collection of “Dechko Tzar X Starter” snapback caps

que fqire belgrqde what to see serbia dechko tzar tourism

Belgrade, first inspiration of Dechko Tzar

local products belgrade specialties to bring back dechko tzar

T-shirt “BGD Pobednik” by Dechko Tzar

Souvenirs belgrade dechko tzar shopping products serbia

T-shirt “DT 2.0” by Dechko Tzar

serbia specialties what to do in belgrade dechko tzar

“Maestral 2.0” t-shirt

Maestral 2.0 t-shirt dechko tzar shopping belgrade serbia

flag lithuania labadienà vilnius

LABÀDIENÀ / Lithuania

Logo Labadienà lithuania clothing vilnius tourism

Labàdienà, or the polite way of saying hello in Lithuanian. The Baltic brand is inspired by this notion, combining pagan mythology, urban aesthetics, ecology and communication. Created by two designers, Rapolas and Petras, accompanied by a photographer and a development manager, the young label launched its first collection in 2012, followed by four others, all made locally. Labàdienà will present his work twice at the festival of creators “bread & Butter ‘from Berlin.

“Headwear” collection by Labàdienà

souvenirs lithuania clothing caps Làbadienà vilnius

brand of clothing not known Labadien in lithuania what to do vilnius

Labadien in lithuania vilnius brands east

Wool sweater by Làbadienà

tourism baltic states lithuania vilnius labadiena

Tee shirt “Poster” by Làbadienà

tourism vilnius lithuania shopping fashion baltes Làbadienà

Water of life from labàdienà we Vimeo.

bosnia flag mahala sarajevo

MAHALA / Bosnia

Young streetwear brand based in Sarajevo, Mahala was created in 2014 by Haris Karaman, student and graphic designer. The idea is to launch a collection of clothing, designed and manufactured locally, paying homage and representing the Bosnian nation, especially its capital. The camouflage, recurring on almost every piece, is associated with the slogan “Standing Strong”.

logo mahala clothing wear bosnia sarajevo

“Standing Strong” camouflage sweatshirt by Mahala

mahala sarajevo bosnia bosnian hip hop sweatshirts standing strong

Camouflage hoodie by Mahala

rap bosnia sarajevo hip hop artist mahala

Collection of reversible bobs by Mahala

brand bobs mahala shopping sarajevo bosnia

Two-tone “Life Is Too Short For This City” sweatshirts by Mahala

sweatshirt street sarajevo bosnia bosnian rap standing strong

sweat life is too short for this city mahala sarajevo marque bosnia

flag poland plny warsaw

PLNY / Poland

log plny textylia shopping poland

Launched by Polish rapper Tede in 1997, men’s streetweat brand PLNY Textylia was the first streetwear label to claim its Polish origins. The collections remain produced in small quantities.

PLNY, the first Polish streetwear brand since 1997

plny street poland brand tede polish rapper hip hop warsaw

PLNY, brand created by Polish rapper Tede

tede rap poland polish hip hop brand plny warsaw

T-shirt “Glory” by PLNY

shirt plny poland skate culture tourism warsaw

“Rower Lover” sweatshirt by PLNY

sweatshirt PLNY Rower Lover poland warsaw fixie bike

“Kurdish Balans” t-shirt by PLNY

shop fashion poland shopping tourism skate warsaw Kurdish Balans t-shirt by PLNY

Flag russia sputnik 1985 Спутник moscow

SPUTNIK 1985 / Russia

logo sputnik 1985 russia skate culture

The men’s streetwear brand & woman created in Moscow by Sergey Pakhotin, to conquer space. Available on brand website or directly in the Moscow store.

Sputnik 1985, the Russian brand with its head in the clouds

russian fashion brands sputnik 1985 skate europe east

Tee shirt “Спутник 1985”

T-shirt Sputnik 1985 white red shopping russia

Sweatshirt “SW05” by Sputnik 1985

Sweat SW05 Sputnik 1985 fashion moscow russia hip hop skate russia

Tee shirt “F13” by Sputnik 1985

T-shirt F13 Sputnik 1985 brand shopping russia hip hop

Anorak “A13” by Sputnik 1985

brand mode russia fashion Anorak A13 by Sputnik 1985

flag croatia sugar-ants zagreb

SUGAR-ANTS / Croatia

logo sugar ants croatia zegreb brand

Unisex “Party Ants” Hoodies

unisex hood party sugar ants croatia brand

“Lazy Sloth”, “Black Cats” Sweatshirts & “Party Ants”

Clothing croatia tourism shopping sugar ants zagreb

“Startas” shoes by Sugar-Ants

sugar ants startas shoes made in croatia unisex tennis limite

Black “Lazy Sloth” sweatshirt by Sugar-Ants

Lazy Sloth sweatshirt black Sugar-Ants crewneck zagreb

“Hanging Sloths” sweatshirt by Sugar-Ants

Sweatshirt Hanging Sloths Sugar-Ants croatia shop fashion

Flag ukraine syndicate moose kiev


logo SYNDICATE ORIGINAL brand Ukraine

Launched in Kiev in 2010, Syndicate Original is one of Ukraine’s leading mens and womens streetwear brands. After the first collections mainly made up of t-shirts, it now offers a full range of streetwear clothing for men and women. Its last batch SS17 is clearly turned towards vintage, giving pride of place to pastel colors and materials typical of the 90s..

Syndicate Original, the leading Ukrainian streetwear brand

streetwear man syndicate original ukraine kiev

Syndicate Original, represents Ukraine in fashion fashion since 2010

Syndicate Original fashion brand ukraine kiev brand

Denim jacket “Nansen Denim” by Syndicate Original

Nansen Denim by Syndicate Original kiev ukraine shopping

Vintage tracksuit by Syndicate Original

Vintage Trcksuit Syndicate Original brand ukraine kiev tracksuit

Cardigan “Campus” by Syndicate Original

Campus cardigan beige syndicate Original fashion ukraine

romanian flag urzeala bucharest

URZEALӐ / Romania

logo urzeala romanian brand street skate

Streetwear brand for men and women, Urzeala asserts its Romanian roots through its designs inspired by Transylvanian folklore.

Urzeala, the urban brand inspired by Romanian traditions

urzeala romania romania bucharest skate t-shirt

Urzela, favorite brand of Romanian skaters

brands europe east tourism bucharest romania stores boutiques fashion

“Homeland” t-shirt by Urzeala

Homeland Urzeala t-shirt brand fringue romania buy shop bucharest

“Flutes” sweatshirt by Urzeala

unknown streetwear brand bucharest fashion romania Sweat flutes Urzeala

“Romanian Tree” sweatshirt by Urzeala

shopping bucharest romania Sweat Romanian Tree Urzeala


Wolfpack Clothing logo central europe fashion brand

Wolfpack Clothing, Slovak street wear brand

brands streetwear girls cap hipster girl slovakia

beanie hoodie wolfpack clothing slovakia

‘Hourglass’ sweatshirt by Wolfpack Clothing

Wolfpack Clothing bratislava slovakia urban clothing east

Unisex “Deers” T-shirt by Wolfpack Clothing

wolfpack clothing slovakia vetements bratislava slovakia

“No Hat, Only Support” t-shirt by Wolfpack Clothing

No Hat, Only Support t-shirt by Wolfpack Clothing street wear slovakia

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