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Some style prescriptions to adopt the Doc Martens man

Initially conceived as an orthopedic shoe, the German Dr Meartens, which later became Dr Martens, is one of his fashion pieces that continue to pass through the decades without taking a wrinkle. Very quickly adopted by the British working class, thanks to its comfort and solidity, the Doc Martens man, called 1460, has become a reference and a true symbol of identity during the turbulent times of England in crisis. Like the bomber jacket, wearing this high top shoe was not trivial, becoming the hallmark of the punk and skinhead community. With the boundaries of fashion now gone, Dr Martens has regained its neutrality and is adopted by a wider audience, especially hipsters and just like the Stan Smith tennis shoes from Adidas, it is now a must-have in a wardrobe. trendy dress. Despite its sobriety, its past image is always evident at first glance and it is not always easy to be able to match it with an outfit. The Dr Martens boot’s best ally has long been the black slim or skinny jeans, which combine perfectly, creating a contrast in volume, between the thinness of the leg and the more imposing shape of the shoe. The low version accentuates a rock and original look, adopting invisible socks, which, combined with a hem, reveal the ankle.

A biker look with a leather jacket, slim pants and Doc Martens men’s shoes

doc martens black upright man and perfecto jacket

The low-cut Doc Martens man with skinny pants and faded denim jacket. White Mr. Jackson hat and socks

doc martens man basses hipster style mickael jackson

White Doc Martens for a touch of originality, paired with raw hem jeans

how to wear doc martens white leather jacket

The Perfecto jacket, the main ally of Doc Martens shoes

50s style with doc martens man and perfecto jacket

Dr Martens and chinos for a 50s style 

doc martens man for a 50s style

Red Doc Martens, slim jeans and denim jacket, for an 80s London style

wearing doc martens red 80s punk rock style

Black skinny jeans on Doc Martens low matched

how to wear doc martens low with black skinny jeans

Contrasting summer outfit with brown Dr Martens highs

wearing doc martens cheap high with shorts

White chinos on black Dr Martens boots matching the bomber jacket

wearing black doc martens with white mens chinos

The black Doc Martens pairs easily with skinny jeans in the same shade

doc martins shoes and black slim pants for men

Discreet look thanks to the black Doc Martens bass

black outfit with dr martens derbies and coat

Red Doc Martens matching the velvet jacket over black skinny jeans

dr martens burgundy and velvet denim jacket

A metalo-hipster look with black Dr Martens zip closure, matching the rest of the outfit

emo hipster skrillex style with dr martens 1460 zip man

Doc Martens low cut with invisible socks and hems on raw skinny jeans

wear doc martens low man without socks

All topped by a teddy jacket

men's skinny pants with doc martens low

Dr Martens brown low cut jeans and Perfecto jacket

match low brown shoes with black outfit

Simple casual style with burgundy Dr Martens, paired with black skinny jeans again and again

simple idea of ​​casual man outfit doc martens burgundy and black skinny jeans

Doc Martens low cut and cropped chinos for a pure hipster style

doc martens bass and hipster style outfit

Doc Martens black man on black slim jeans, for a rebellious appearance

wearing boots doc martens pants in shoe

Doc Martens black man and raw blue slim jeans

doc martens pascal noir with blue raw jeans

Large woolen coat over black jeans and matching Martens shoes

hipster with woolen coat and doc pascal martens

Hipster duo with skinny pants and dr martens burgundy

doc martine and dr martens bordeaux man

Yellow laces on black Dr for a colorful touch

change laces doc martens black shoe

Low doc, light blue for him, pink for her

doc martens pink woman bass and dr bass blue man

Burgundy Dr Martens Oversized Dart Pants

burgundy dr martens shoes and chinos

Burgundy shoes and basic faded jeans

doc martens pascal bordeaux with faded jeans for men

The classic worn black skinny with burgundy red boots

doctor martens pascal bordeaux with skinny jeans man black

Black leather Perfecto jacket matched to jeans and burgundy boots

doc martens pascal red burgundy and black outfit perfecto jacket

Low shoes in waxed light brown leather under pistachio-colored chinos

idea of ​​casual formal outfit for men light green chinos and brown dr martens derby shoes

Outfit matched with sweatshirt, slim jeans and boots Doc Martens gray man

dr martens paris gray drmartens man with slim jeans

Apparent fantasy high sock with Dr low

dr martens derbies and doc marten basses

Plaid trousers on black Doc Martens home low shoes

black low-cut doc martens shoes for men and checked pleated trousers

Dr Martens low contrasting with a preppy style, sweatshirt and chino shorts

preppy style with chino shorts and low leather shoes

Mix of genres mastered, with sober dress, Doc shoes, long hipster beard and pompadour cut

hipster style with man beard and pompadour cut and shell doc martens

Original yellow doc martens boots for men

doc martine yellow man style photo

A casual style dressed with jeans and a blaser denim shirt, Dr brown for the free touch

how to wear boots doc martens work

dr martens pascal black high tops for men

Dr Martens 1460, companion of the most demanding hipsters

doc martine 1460 for hipster man

Skinny chinos, low teddy and Doc jacket, for a 60s style

60s look with baseball teddy jacket slim chinos and derby shoes

doc martens balances 1460 bordeaux man

Another benchmark high top shoe, the Timberland boots