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The 5 panel cap – style and an infinite range of patterns

The cap holds pride of place among fashion accessories and has been for many years. Emancipated from its practical and protective role, it is now worn like a jewel or a brand new pair of shoes. Like the rest, it follows fashions and adapts to different trends. There was the heyday of the baseball cap and its straight lines, democratized by New Era during the heyday of hiphop culture. Like the width of jeans which has greatly refined, today’s head covering is meant to be thinner, so as not to contrast with the current slim trend. The 5 panel cap, brought to light by Lacoste in the 90s, benefits from more aerodynamic lines, allowing it to conform to the shape of the skull in a more natural way. The other important factor in the success of the 5 panel is the multitude of patterns and colors available on the market. The many brands offering this type of product are full of imagination and originality, which is no longer scary today, is at the top of their specifications. The Supreme brand, which has chosen rarity as its marketing policy, is one of the references in terms of current caps..

Colorful 5 panel cap with abstract patterns by Restart

Men's 5 panel restart cap hipster colors

Black and red 5 panel cap by Dreambirds

DREAMBIRDS men's magma five panel cap

Simple black 5 panel cap

ralph lauren black five panel skate cap

Two-tone 5 panel cap by the brand Brixton alias BRXTN. Black hat, brown visor

Brxtn Brixton England Hipster Five Panel Cap

5 panel cap with abstract floral patterns in beige tones, matched to a teddy-type jacket in brown leather

5 panel men's hipster girl cap

Five panel cap, long beard, Wayfarer glasses, patterned shirt, for a trendy hipster style

5 panel men's hipster style blue supreme cap

The five panel cap, a trend for boys and girls

5 panel five asos cap woman hipster man girl cap

Mixed couple and their caps of the brand Paris + Hendzel

paris-hendzel-5 panel cap man woman hipster blue orange

Quiet Life cap with Andean patterns

5 panel quiet life sapato peru incas hipster cap

Cap with nature patterns by Quiet life

Men's 5 Panel Quiet Life Flower Hipster Style Cap

Floral cap by the American brand Publish 

man hipster flower publish cap

The pizzaiolo cap, pepperoni pattern

panel hipster cap original pizza pattern

Model from the Japanese collection Magma by Iris

Koi Five cap magma japan red white 5 Iris Five Panel

5 panel by the English of Two Face

face two face five panel hipster cap

Pair of homemade 5 panel caps

ryanhamrick alpha 5 panel red black cap

Collection of 5 colored panels by Phoenix

5 panel hipster phoenix a flower brand style caps

The five panels from Raised By Wolves, Canadian brand

raised by wolves five panels hipster cap

Pair of “Barcelona” caps by Skulls

skulls-barcelona-5-panel hipster spain cap

Clothing and caps Alas. The French label has fun taking all the classics of the streetwear trend of the 90s, from an original angle

hipster cap helas paris caps 5

Cap with old fabric patterns

five panel cap 5 man beige hipster cap

Gray wool winter cap by CLYW, aka Caribou Lodge, Canadian brand

CLYW 5 Panel cap five style man hipster

Cap with Peruvian patterns by Visyoulize

VISYOULIZE love below aztec perou hipster cap

5 green and brown wool panel by Unseen

supreme style unseen 5 wool cap

Carhartt WIP Backley Camouflage Cap

Carhartt WIP Backley 5 Panel hipster cap

Cap, shirt and windbreaker set by Crooks & Castles

crks caps 5 five panel pattern hipster style woman

5 supreme panel

5 panel supreme man hipster flower cap

North Face floral cap and parka

5 panel five north face flower cap

Huf 5 panel floral cap on a black background

Huf 5 panel flower hipster cap

Cap in summer colors and scale patterns

asos cap flashy yellow green hipster colors 5 panels.

Lacoste five panel navy blue cap

Lacoste five panel navy blue cap

Black cap with velvet finish by the Californian brand Stüssy

stussy - supreme 5 panel skate cap

Camouflage-colored cap by Wir Sind Die Toten

wirsinddietoten camouflage hipster cap for men

Tee shirt and 5 panel from the Aztec collection, by Grand Flavor. Australian brand created by former pro bodyboarders Ben Player, Dave Winchester and Chad Jackson

Grand Flavor Aztec Collection Five Panel Cap

Plain yellow cap by Asos. € 7.99

asos women's 5 panel cap yellow

Jacquard camouflage pattern cap by Huf. € 48.95


5 panel obey Conforted II cap. $ 31.00

Contorted II 5 Panel obey panel cap

Carhartt “Reflective” 5 panel cap. € 35

5 panel carhartt reflective cap

“Foundation” by Quiet Life. 55 € 22 €

FOUNDATION 5 PANEL quiet life cap

5 panel caps, also adopted by women. Pattern by Less, blue with flowers

Flower Cap Woman Less Fleurs Five 5 Hipster Style

Hawaiian floral Quiet Life cap on blond head

The Quiet Life Girl Flower Cap

Five panel flowered City Hunter Cap

asos cap woman city hunter cap

Black cap matching the bomber jacket and slim pants

supreme style black hipster woman cap

Checkered pattern for this cap on red hair

two face five panel hipster cap girl man

Floral outfit

flower cap city hunter cap woman

Camouflage cap by Publish

MARX 5 PANEL TIGER CAMO publish brand cap

Peruvian motif for this five panel cap

taylor creator supreme five panel incas cap

Supreme navy blue cap for a girl’s hipster style

5 panel supreme woman hipster girl navy blue cap

Plant pattern on a mustard yellow theme on this five panel from the Thai brand Sneaka Villa

Sneaka Villa Multi Floral 5 panels flower cap

Vintage decoration on this Quiet Life

5 panel women's flower girl shipster style cap

Color light yellow summer

BENNY-GOLD-TURQUOISE-cap woman yellow

Homemade production of a 5 panel cap

The Carhartt beanie, another stylish headgear.