Men's fashion

The 90s look – like it was yesterday

As we know, fashion is an eternal restart and we never stop drawing on the past in order to inspire current trends. Sometimes we don’t just get inspired, but we directly copy the styles of yesteryear, bringing out the forgotten pieces of previous generations. A real leap into the past, like a return to the future, where we sometimes wonder what era we have fallen into. Outfits that have become ultra has-been take their revenge and thus become the top of the hype. The vintage shirt or jeans that everyone laughed at are becoming sought after pieces, making the business of thrift stores and other yard salesmen the deal. the 90s look was characterized by very colorful collections, in pastel or fluorescent shades. The jeans were wide and tall, the jackets were red rather than black, and African patterns were popular. A colorful generation, inspired by Japanese video games with psychedelic graphics. The flashy of the early 90s, inherited from the 80s, will settle down at the end of the decade, replaced by pastel, more discreet, less flamboyant and therefore more gloomy.

Colorful shirt for a 90s look

90s look with vintage african style shirt

90s look: colorful fancy shirt, slim jeans and Dr Martens shoes

dr martens shoes short sleeve shirt fancy blue shirt for a 90s look

A very early 90’s style with the afro cut and the leopard collar denim jacket

90s look with afro man cut and retro denim jacket

The t-shirt entered into wide-cut jeans in 90s fashion

vintage wide cut jeans for a 90s look

Vintage jacket in pastel colors 90s style

vintage blue jacket in 90s fashion

Retro-style colored shirt and socks

90s theme colorful retro shirt

Wide cut denim dungarees and Timberland boots in a 90s hip hop style

Wide men's denim overalls with Timberland boots for a 90s style

The 90s evening outfit, all in color, with huge bling bling necklace

80s 90s retro clothes with red pants

90’s style with skinny jeans and pastel colored jacket

vintage jacket and retro t-shirt with 90s slim jeans

The sleeveless denim jacket, at the top of fashion in the 90s

90s sleeveless denim jacket

High afro cut and leopard accessories, in vintage style

afro man cut with drawings and leopard jacket from the 90s

Colorful 90’s style t-shirt

t shirt year 80 90 colors video games vintage

Floral shirt, retro hipster touch

floral shirt and vintage 90s style shorts outfit

The afro t-shirt for a 90s look

80s t shirt kind african style shirt

The outfit for a 90s style

90s clothing with lacoste bob and adidas shoes

Pharell Williams and his neon ensemble in retro style

pharell williams style 90s fashion outfit

Perfecto jacket and leggings for her, vintage denim jacket for him

women's perfecto jacket in leather and leopard leggings and levis denim jacket

Colorful cap, round glasses and neon green sweatshirt

neon green sweatshirt and round sunglasses 90s fashion cap

90s look with flannel shirt and sleeveless denim jacket

90s fashion with sleeveless denim jacket and flannel shirt

Vintage denim dungarees and perfecto jacket

90s theme with women's denim overalls and perfecto jacket

Vintage tricolor tracksuit and white Reebok Classic

Surely sport man vintage colorful and reebok classic white

Supreme set in 90s style

vintage 90's supreme jacket and cap

Vintage boat pants

retro style with blue boat pants and yellow cap and clarks

Colorful retro shirt and shorts

80s fashion chino shirt and shorts

Justin Bieber, his camouflage jacket and his bandana for a retro look

justin bieber in camouflage military jacket and green bandana

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff in the 90s

will smith and jazzy jeff in the 90s with jordan and jacket colors

Wide vintage denim jacket

hipster style with retro wide denim jacket and hem chinos

Duo in vintage overalls and afro cuts for a 90s look

90s overalls and afro fit for old school men

Colorful 90’s style trio

educate and elevate t shirt and colorful shorts year 90

Colorful vintage Kway style windbreakers

kith windbreaker colors 90s style hipster vintage kway

Vintage wide leg chinos and long retro coat

90s style wide chino pants with long vintage wool coat

Cropped jeans and fancy shirt

vintage kitch shirt 80s party brown fancy

Afro cuts and vintage colorful outfits

afro cut man woman jacket colors hipster vintage tank top man red with flowers

Women’s sleeveless denim jacket and wide-cut jeans

Levis sleeveless denim jacket airmx max white hipster cut woman leather jacket and wide jeans year 80 red vans

Men’s denim dungarees

men's denim shorts overalls dr martens shoes red and 50s fit

Coachella in short dungarees with pins for a 90s look 

girl coachela outfit overalls hipster vintage denim dress

High-waisted jeans and pastel-colored sweatshirt

vintage outfit 90s jean leveis retro top 80s pastel sweatshirt

Skater look with flannel shirt and knee high socks

styke skate girl flannel shirt hipster high socks hipster woman

High jeans with top and colorful shirt for a 90s look

90s look jeans top shiny top and shirt africa style hipster girl

Wide waist denim shorts

90s grunge retro hipster girl denim shorts

High-waisted jeans and matching shirt

retro high waisted women's jeans and vintage jeans shirt

Jeans on a pair of rollerblades from the 90s

90s hipster girl outfit for women high waist jeans and rollerskates

90s look in women’s denim overalls

90s look denim overalls women wide hipster style

Vintage jacket in pastel colors 

90s look hipster girl vintage shorts jeans short jacket pastel colors uk

Will Smith in his Prince of Bel Air costume

will wmith prince de bel air 90s look denim overalls

Fila Varsity 96 Trainers

basketball fila year 90 varsity 96 white

Hipster style, inspired by years gone by.