Lighting Trends 2021: Trending Deals & Lighting Features

Despite the fact that fashion trends in clothes, shoes or accessories change much more often than, for example, in the interior, the periodic introduction of new ideas in this area still occurs. Therefore, before starting a major overhaul or updating the external design of a room, you should definitely pay attention to various new items related to interior design. Today we propose to discuss the main lighting trends of 2021, which will allow your interior to remain fashionable and stylish for a long time. What you should pay attention to, and how to choose the right lighting sources for rooms of different functionality, we will tell you below..

Lighting Trends in 2021

When it comes to lighting rooms, the first thing we pay attention to is the presence of window openings and, in fact, the location of the room itself. Rooms that face the north side, as a rule, need additional light sources, not only in the evening or at night. Due to the minimal amount of sunlight hitting, as well as depending on the functional purpose, sometimes in such rooms it is necessary to use the backlight even during the day.

Rooms with windows facing south spend more time bathed in the sun, so in this case it is enough to use artificial lighting only in the dark..

The ideas proposed by designers for the selection of trendy lighting options in 2021 are acceptable for any budget and design style. Read more about interior lighting trends 2021 below..

Environmental friendliness

As you can imagine, this trend means that in 2021 all kinds of natural materials are in fashion, for example, wood, bamboo, glass or various fabrics. Therefore, when choosing lighting devices, designers recommend paying attention to products of exactly this quality. In addition, everything that has a reference to nature is in fashion, for example, a floor lamp with leaves, a sconce with a shade in the form of a blossoming flower, or a chandelier made of «twigs».

Simplicity of forms

Rational use of space and minimalism, which have manifested themselves in many directions, could not but touch the lighting. Therefore, the simplicity of forms, laconicism and the absence of unnecessary details in chandeliers or lamps are at the peak of popularity this year. Basic black, white and gray colors in lighting design can be called a win-win option. If you want to emphasize the closeness to nature, you can always give preference to products with details of the color of honey, sand, blue sky or pine needles..

Chandeliers in the form of art objects

Such a proposal will certainly appeal to those wishing to complement the interior of a particular room with an unusual and eye-catching object that will take on the role of an accent and transform the entire interior. This is a great opportunity to deviate from all the rules and create a unique atmosphere. The main thing is to strike a balance between design invention and restraint of the overall design..


All kinds of details and inclusions of brass have long shown themselves to be the best in plumbing fixtures, vases, clocks and other accessories, so designers are actively using this alloy in the design of lighting fixtures. Such an addition on a chandelier or lamp looks much more interesting than any metal and fills the space with warmth. In addition, brass products are always luxurious and look expensive..

Lamps in the form of balls

Due to its popularity, the idea of ​​using ball-shaped lighting fixtures in the interior has successfully established itself on the list of trends for 2021. This is an amazing and interesting proposal that most designers are striving to work with now. Balls can be made from transparent, translucent or completely opaque materials. Products made of combined materials or transparent lamps with round lamps look very beautiful and original. Similar «balls» in the design of sconces, chandeliers and other types of lighting fixtures.

Types of ceiling lighting 2021

Classic ceiling lighting is a chandelier in the middle of the room, which can complement the style of the entire interior, or vice versa, play the role of an accent object to which all attention will be riveted. Modern chandeliers can have an unusual shape, an original design, or several levels of lighting. It all depends on the taste preferences of the owners of the premises. However, with the development of technology and general attention to stretch or suspended ceilings, in addition to hanging chandeliers, in addition to hanging chandeliers, built-in spotlights or illumination are actively used in design..

Spotlights perfectly highlight some details and create an illusion «light from the ceiling» or effect «starry sky».

As for the lighting, such lighting is an LED strip that is located around the perimeter of the room or illuminates only some of its parts..

Wall lighting 2021

This type of lighting or wall sconces is ideal for creating soft and diffused light, which is especially important for transitional rooms or rooms that need a relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. Also, very often, such lamps are used to purposefully illuminate certain areas in the room, for example, a painting, a mirror, a bedside table or an area at the head of the bed. In the bathroom, wall lamps also look quite original..

The list of fashion trends for sconces in 2021 includes products with shades in the form of geometric shapes, candelabra, unblown buds and drops with details of brass, glass, wood, paper or fabric.

Kitchen lighting methods

The kitchen is a very multifaceted room, which contains many functional areas that need lighting. Therefore, for arranging such a room, one chandelier in the middle of the ceiling or above the dining area, as you understand, will not be enough. A very successful solution in such a situation would be the use of LED illumination of the work surface, especially when it comes to a corner headset..

In a kitchen without upper cabinets, in darker areas, wall or spotlights can be used. If there is a desire or need to visually expand the space, you can use the backlighting of the skirting boards or the base of the kitchen set.

Living room lighting

Since the living room is designed to perform many functions, then the lighting in this room should be appropriate. The main lighting in the form of an exquisite chandelier located in the center of the ceiling will be an excellent solution for measured illumination of the entire area..

Floor lamps, sconces or table lamps are perfect for the targeted highlighting of certain areas, for example, an armchair, TV or fireplace area. The use of spotlights on the ceiling will highlight the beauty of some interior fragments, for example, a collection of figurines, a Picasso painting or an exquisite vase..

Bedroom lighting options

The main feature of the bedroom interior is the creation of comfort and coziness, so in this case the emphasis should be on additional sources of lighting, for example, wall lamps or backlighting. If you don’t want to fill the room with a lot of fixtures, you can always purchase a chandelier with multiple lighting levels. However, the sconces at the head of the bed remain unchanged attributes of the bedroom..

The choice of lighting devices for the interior of a particular room is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to decide in advance on the functional areas of the room and your desires. Let there be light!