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Basil in a pot – our tips and advice on how to grow it

Are you a fan of pesto or would you like to make your own vegetable garden and enjoy it all year round? Having potted basil in the kitchen is a great variation to enjoy the fresh weed. So, don’t wait any longer to consult the tips and tricks that our editorial staff has selected for you..

Growing basil in pots

Growing basil in a pot will not only flavor your dishes, but also reap the health benefits of this fresh herb. Consider planting other aromatic herbs as well so that you do not have to resort to commercial products. These lack the aroma and benefits of herbs, picked from your vegetable garden. You can put tags in the soil of the plants to distinguish them, if necessary. Creating your own vegetable garden is an ideal solution that will allow you to eat organic food at a very affordable price..

Basil cutting

To cut the basil, follow these steps:

  • Take a branch of basil of about 8 cm. Thin out the branch leaving only 3-4 leaves at the top.
  • Put the branch (the cutting) of basil in a jar / glass of water and place it on the edge of a window.
  • Once the roots have developed, you can transplant the cutting. This should be 2 weeks after the cuttings.
  • To do this, a pot filled with rich, but light potting soil will be necessary.
  • Make a hole using a small stick to bury the roots and plant the cutting.
  • Pack the soil around the cutting and water it.
  • Regular watering is essential.

Tips on how to grow basil

basil cutting to make your own vegetable garden

Basil plantation

If you decide to buy a potted plant, consider winning it as soon as possible in a larger container. Take into account that the roots must be cut deeply. You will also need to prune the foliage, but keep 2/3 of the height. Remember to water your plant regularly.

When to plant basil ?

To have a potted basil, consider sowing it from March to August in a rich and light potting soil. So, take advantage of the last possibility of sowing the plant. As soon as spring arrives, you can plant the basil, if it will stay warm (on the windowsill, in a greenhouse or on a veranda). If you plan to plant it outside, wait until frost is no longer to be feared. So, in May and June you have the option of planting basil in the ground. In pots, you can install your plant in the garden from mid-April.

Plant the basil as soon as spring arrives

Caring for potted basil

Note that basil likes heat and sun. It needs at least 6 hours of sun exposure a day. So, give your basil a well-lit place at a temperature of around 20 ° C. If you want to install the basil pot on the balcony, don’t forget to put it in once the temperatures drop below 10 ° C.

Watering – potted basil

Watering the basil should be regular. It should be watered every day when it is very hot. The soil should stay slightly moist all the time. If your plant runs out of water, its leaves will wilt. Remember to water your plant in the evening to avoid too much evaporation. However, during cool periods, excess water can cause basil to rot. During spring and autumn watering should be done in the morning. You can also water the basil by sub-irrigation (through the roots). To do this, all you have to do is install the pot in a cup. Then fill the latter with tap water or collected rainwater. Note that the water should be at room temperature.

Think about regular watering

planting potted basil tips

How to cut basil to regrow ?

Pruning and cutting basil is essential to stimulate stems, leaf regrowth and the development of new foliage. The basil should be cut at the start of the season. Note that to cut it, it must have reached about 15 cm in height. Start pruning the plant from the top of the stem. Cut 1/3 the height using scissors. Remember to prune the stems that are too long. Remember to leave at least two pairs of large leaves towards the bottom of the plant. If necessary, repeat the procedure once or twice a month.

Cut the basil so that it grows back

how to cut basil so that it regrows

How to pick basil ?

You can pick the first leaves of your basil as soon as it has reached 15 cm. Remember to pick just a few leaves and from different places on the plant. Above all, do not cut the stem. Harvest the leaves that are at the top and level with the stem. Pick the leaves carefully by detaching them from their base, near the stem. Be careful not to damage the latter.

You have to pick the basil leaves in a delicate way

potted basil create a vegetable garden

How to store basil ?

Storage in the fridge

To store basil, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Gently wash the picked basil leaves and dry them.
  •  Then wrap the dry leaves in a towel.
  • Put the napkin containing the basil leaves in a plastic bag and the plastic bag – in the fridge.

Dry basil

You can also dry the basil to keep it longer. To do this, be careful not to damage the leaves, they must be whole. Dry them in the open air or in the oven. Then store the herb in an airtight container.

Scented oil

Creating basil scent oil is an ideal solution to benefit the plant over the months. You just have to chop the basil leaves and add them to the olive oil. Add a little salt and close the jar / bottle.

In the form of pesto

Pesto fans will love this idea. The most delicious way to preserve this aromatic herb is to prepare the green sauce.

  • Put fresh basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and olive oil in a mortar.
  • Grind the ingredients until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

As a pesto, you can keep basil in the fridge for a few months.

Basil ice cubes

The easiest variation to make is making basil ice cubes. So you can add it to your meals throughout the year. So, you have to mix basil leaves with a little water and oil. Mix the mixture to obtain a homogeneous puree. Then, pour it into ice cube molds and transfer them to the freezer. You can store the ice cubes in freezer bags afterwards..

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