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Electric Lawn Mower – Go Green!

In the era of the development of the car and electric, another four-wheeled vehicle also takes advantage of technological advances and their advantages. Indeed, the electric lawn mower The shelves of tool stores are gradually filling up and all garden equipment manufacturers now have their range of electric motor mowers in their catalog. Slightly reluctant at the start of commercialization, consumers worried about a lack of power and efficiency provided by an electric model, compared to conventional thermal models. The power and comfort of machines can now largely compete with gasoline engines, while adding other significant advantages. First of all, in these times of global warming, doing without fuel consumption is only beneficial, without counting on an often fluctuating price as well as on the movement and storage that it requires. Another appreciable aspect of any electric device is silence. Mowing a large area of ​​lawn can be tiring on the ears due to the noise emitted by the internal combustion engine. Another evolution or rather revolution in garden tools, the robotic lawnmower. Like the robot interior cleaners, already present on the market for several years, the robot lawn mower is also part of the offer of a few manufacturers. But doing without the chore of mowing comes at a cost, in the order of a few thousand euros. For professionals, self-propelled vehicles are also starting to acquire electric or hybrid motors..

Mow green with an electric lawn mower

large-surfance-electric-lawn mower

New generation design electric lawn mower


The Ozito ELM1400 electric lawn mower


Electric lawn mower Flymo Turbo 400


Design lawn mower


The electric lawn mower, to mow without noise or smoke


Viking Me 235 lawn mower at Leroy merlin


Bosch 40 Ergoflex mower at Mr DIY

rotak-40-ergoflex-bosch-mr-DIY-electric-lawn mower

Find a cheap lawn mower


MowJoe electric lawn mower


Corded electric lawn mower

lawn mower-cheap-dobbies

Ryobi 1300w mower at Castorama

Ryobi RLM13E33S castorama leroy merlin electric lawn mower

Worx electric lawn mower

Worx orange cheap electric lawn mower

Toro Electric Lawn Mower

toro-electric-lawn mower

The Greenworks lawn mower


The Wolf RM37PE electric lawn mower


The “3-in-1” electric mower Black & Decker combines three tools in one


The electric lawn mower robot has arrived

smart-robot-electric-lawn mower

The E Zigreen Evo 3000 electric lawn mower robot by E.Zicom


Husqvarna also offers a lawn mower robot


The intelligent robot lawn mower Stiga Autoclip with bluetooth control


New generation of Bosch robot mower Endego 1300


The Spyder will mow the lawn without you


The electric lawn mower robot Ambrogio L200R


The high-end all-terrain robotic lawnmower Wolf Ncr 30


The electric self-propelled mower Husqvarna Panthera Elo revolutionizes the garden

Husqvarna panthera leo electric-towed-lawn mower

The Panthera Leo from the Swedish manufacturer Husqvarna


The Raven MPV7100S, a true all-terrain hybrid vehicle


A self-propelled solar mower has appeared in the United States

A towed electric mower without CO2 emissions powered by solar energy


Solar Powered Electric Lawn Mower


Solar makes its appearance in garden tools

DIY-Electric-Solar-Lawn Mower

Solar electric lawn mower concept


Concept-car solar powered lawn mower


Homemade robot lawn mower

homemade-robot-electric-lawn mower

Deluxe electric lawn mower



Small Electric Lawn Mower for Small Garden


Cheap Bosch Electric Corded Lawn Mower

bosch-electric-rotak-34-r mower

windsor-electric-lawn mower

emo-electric-design-lawn mowers

Also opt for the electric wheelbarrow