Evergreen myrtle in the interior for good luck

There are many legends about the Mediterranean plant myrtle. Its mention can be found in the Bible and other ancient books. The flower symbolizes youth and beauty, and in ancient mythology, myrtle is associated with the goddess Aphrodite. In ancient Rome, a myrtle wreath was placed on the head of the bride, and the myrtle tree itself was presented at the wedding, since such a gesture was regarded as a wish for happiness..

Potted myrtle bush

Bright myrtle leaves

Despite the outward modesty, many gorgeous flowers are inferior to myrtle in aesthetic characteristics. To a greater extent, this effect is achieved thanks to the aromatic and shiny leaves. According to legend, Adam brought myrtle out of paradise so that there would be at least one plant from the Garden of Eden on earth..

Homemade myrtle

Myrtle bloom

Specific features of the plant

Myrtle is classified as an evergreen plant. Usually this is a stunted tree or shrub. Caring for him requires a certain skill..

Myrtle for keeping at home

Bansai from myrtle

The plant is decorated with oval shiny leaves and small white flowers. The fruits of the bush are small dark blue berries. The flowers and dense leaves of myrtle contain a large amount of essential oils. Dried Leaves Can Be Used In Cooking.

Myrtle flowers

White myrtle flower

The myrtle bush is well suited for a children’s room, as it helps to prevent colds and allergic diseases, and the plant itself smells good.

Myrtle bloom

White myrtle flowers with yellow stamens

Myrtle has been cultivated for 400 years. The main differences between the varieties are in the color of the berries and the shape of the leaves. Homemade myrtle has poor frost resistance, which will not allow breeding them in regions with a cold climate..

Pinkish myrtle flower

Large myrtle flower

One of the most frost-hardy species is the common myrtle – M.communis. This variety can grow up to 3 m in height. It is decorated with shiny dark green leaves. Flowering usually begins in June or July with small white flowers that later turn into black fruits..

Small flowers of myrtle

Blooming myrtle in the garden

The smaller variety M.communis tarentina is characterized by white berries and narrow leaves. A fully formed bush can be obtained by the end of spring..

Round myrtle bush in a pot

Lush bloom of myrtle

Varieties that are suitable for keeping in a room reach a height of 1 m.With a competent approach to caring for a plant, it will live for many years.

White myrtle bloom

Snow white myrtle flowers

The main nuances of caring for myrtle

In the process of caring for myrtle, it is important to monitor the adequacy of watering. This is mainly due to the fact that this shrub is from the subtropics and therefore it desperately needs moisture. In addition to simple watering, you need to regularly spray the leaves of the plant. The plant will show a lack of moisture by yellowing the leaves, after which it will begin to dry.

Myrtle branch in bloom

Myrtle flower buds

For spraying and watering, you need to use exclusively settled water at room temperature..

Myrtle buds

Myrtle bushes in pots

If we talk about watering in winter, then the regime should be slightly changed. A moderate regimen of up to one watering per week will be sufficient. Spraying in winter is only necessary if the plant remains in the room for the winter..

Small myrtle bush

To achieve optimal lighting, it is best to place the myrtle tree in the southern part of the house or plot. But, in the absence of such an opportunity, west and east will do. At the same time, in the middle of the day, you should not leave the plant in the sun, but, if possible, hide it from direct rays..

Small myrtle bansai

Beautiful myrtle bush

Temperature and humidity also play an important role in the growth and development of a healthy plant. Given that the place where the bush is located must be reliably protected from drafts, it is important to take care of the temperature regime..

Bright myrtle leaves

Bansai in a pot

The optimal range for indoor myrtle is 22-24 grams. Such a plant must sometimes be taken out into the air or the room in which it is located should be ventilated..

Glossy myrtle leaves

In winter, the bottom edge will be 10 grams. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain an optimal level of humidity. It should be especially high in summer.

Unusual bloom of myrtle

Lush bushes of myrtle

Complementary feeding of myrtle can be carried out using ready-made complex fertilizers from the category «for flowering plants». In summer, during the active period, the procedure can be carried out weekly. In winter, one top dressing per month is enough..

Seedling myrtle

Seedlings of myrtle in a plastic bottle

Shaping a myrtle bush with clipping and pinching

Myrtle bushes tolerate molding well. You can create the desired shape by trimming excess shoots..

Lush green myrtle

Bright bush of myrtle

You need to cut off shoots slowly and systematically. The main thing in this process is regularity. If you cut off too much at once, you can prevent the appearance of flowers and fruiting..

White flowers on the myrtle bush

Faded myrtle

A competent haircut will stimulate the growth of side shoots. This will help to get the most lush and abundantly flowering bush over time..

Myrtle on the plot

Myrtle in the apartment

For propagation during shearing, woody cuttings are removed from the top of the plant. They are placed in a special substrate and covered with a glass jar..

Myrtle in the interior

Those varieties that are planted in the garden can be given an original shape. This will help create an unusual landscape design. You should only remember that the trunk of the myrtle is too thin and should not be too exposed.

Myrtle seedlings in glasses

Green myrtle bush at home

It is better to choose the winter period for transplanting. At this time, the plant is at rest and will tolerate manipulations more easily. First you need to dry a clod of earth. This will help make it easier to extract roots from the ground..

Myrtle in a pot for an apartment

Bright myrtle flowers

To improve survival, you can treat the roots of the plant with a stimulant. Expanded clay is laid at the bottom of the new pot to ensure drainage. After that, you can start preparing the substrate..

Delicate myrtle flowers

Flowering myrtle bush

The best combination for the soil would be 30% peat soil, 30% turf soil, and 20% humus and river sand each. Part of the substrate is poured into the bottom of the pot, in which the bush is placed. The rest is poured from above.

Fluffy myrtle flowers

Myrtle bush on a windowsill in a pot

It was considered a good omen to pick a twig when passing by a myrtle bush. And when such a wonderful plant is right at home, then prosperity and happiness will be provided to its owner for many years to come..