Rhododendrons – a bright accent in the garden

Blooming rhododendrons can transform an ordinary garden into a magical sight. With the right care, this plant will bloom luxuriantly and brightly, and beautify the landscape for a long time..

Stunning rhododendron rose bushes

Lush flower bed of rhododendrons

Features of the varieties of rhododendron

The rhododendron genus has many stunning shrubs and stunted trees. On some varieties, wintering evergreen leaves, on others, the leaves fall and grow again the next season..

Lush rhododendron bush

Small flower bed with rhododendron

If you choose an evergreen, then the leaves on it can last from 3 to 5 years. On wintering varieties, the leaves last only one year, and on falling ones you can admire them from spring to autumn..

Rhododendron bud

Huge bright rhododendron

Depending on the variety, the leaves can be spear-shaped, round or elliptical. Flowers also boast a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are collected in corymbose inflorescences.

Large perennial rhododendron

Bright inflorescences of rhododendron

The homeland of rhododendrons is in the Far East and in the mountain forests of Japan and China. Deciduous varieties are more suitable for the harsh Russian climate. Among them are Lemon Lights. It reaches up to one and a half meters in height. The flowers are lemon-colored and have a pleasant aroma..

Lilac rhododendron flowers

Large rhododendron bush

Cold-resistant varieties also include Nothern Hi-Lights. Flowers appear on them in late spring. In addition to them, varieties suitable for cold regions include:

  • Mandarin Lights;
  • Mauritz;
  • Peter Tigerstedt;
  • Haaga;

Bright rhododendron buds

Soft pink rhododendron

For your plot, it is better to choose varieties that came from Finnish nurseries, since they are distinguished by the greatest endurance, which cannot be said about representatives of the species from Holland..

Gorgeous Rhododendron Inflorescence

The more leaves on the rhododendron, the more difficult it will be to endure the cold. It is difficult for such plants to withstand drafts and winds. In addition, they will constantly need high humidity, which will complicate their care..

Fence decoration with flowers

Bright orange rhododendron

The most suitable care for rhododendrons

In order to keep the necessary care for the rhododendron to a minimum, it is necessary to carefully choose the place for planting the plant. The soil must be prepared in a special way and mulched..

Lilac rhododendron inflorescences

Combination of dark and light shades on flowers

Especially in the first year, it is important that the bushes do not feel a lack of moisture. Watering rhododendrons is necessary with soft, settled water. Better if it will be recruited from a river, pond or from a rainwater tank.

Glossy rhododendron leaves

Dark red rhododendron flower

You need to loosen the soil carefully and at some distance from the plant itself. The roots of the bush are very delicate and can be easily damaged with garden tools. Weeds should be pulled out by hand.

Pink rhododendron petals

Like most other plants, rhododendron responds well to fertilization. It is best for him to use mineral dressing. Liquid varieties will be optimal because they are designed specifically for such plants..

Original colors of rhododendron

Rhododendron in a pot

Granular fertilizers can also be used. They are usually used dry, simply scattering in equal portions one matchbox per 1 sq. M. This amount will be enough for a small plant up to 50 cm in height. As the shrub grows, the amount of fertilizer increases.

Young rhododendron bush

White rhododendron in a pot

Top dressing must be carried out from the beginning of May to the 20th of June every 2 weeks. After that, at the end of the month, the plant is fertilized again with potassium sulfate dissolved in water. The proportions are calculated based on the age of the plant. Until the end of summer, you no longer need to fertilize the plant..

Yellow rhododendron

Landscape decoration with rhododendron

It is better not to use long-acting fertilizers, as they are designed for a long warm period of the year. The result of such an illiterate feeding will be secondary growth and freezing of new shoots..

Bright red rhododendron

White rhododendron flower

Also, to avoid secondary growth at the end of August, you need to reduce watering. If the weather is rainy, then the bushes need not be watered at all. To avoid fungus, you need to treat rhododendrons with special substances twice a season..

White rhododendron in vivo

White inflorescences of rhododendron

During flowering, it is necessary to regularly remove wilted flowers. Useful in a dry season will often spray the bushes..

Yellow rhododendron bushes

Bright pink rhododendron flowers in a pot

In addition, twice a year, the land under the bush must be mulched with pine sawdust. This will avoid rapid drying of the soil and reduce acidity..

Rhododendron in the mountains

Multicolored rhododendron bushes

Which place is suitable for rhododendrons

A place for planting rhododendron bushes must be chosen taking into account the fact that the plant cannot stand winds and sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, a flower bed must be reliably protected from both the sun and the wind..

Variegated rhododendron bush

Delicate inflorescences of rhododendron

There should be no trees with a shallow root system near rhododendron bushes:

  • ate;
  • linden;
  • birch;
  • chestnut;
  • aspen;
  • elm;
  • maple.

White rhododendrons with red blotches

Lilac rhododendron in the garden

Such «neighbors» will take away food and moisture from flowers, destroying them. Nearby you can plant pines or oaks, as well as fruit trees. In any case, the rhododendrons must be outside the crown cover so that precipitation in sufficient quantities to feed the bushes.

Pink rhododendron flowers in the garden

Round inflorescences of rhododendron

Planting rhododendrons on the site

Thanks to the fibrous root system, when the seedlings are removed from the pot correctly, the rhododendron can be easily transplanted into the ground. In this case, plants need to organize good drainage..

The combination of lilac petals with bright green leaves

Large rhododendron bush

The best option would be to build high beds at a level of 10-15 cm. This will avoid damage to the plant by spring floods. You can save the soil from creeping with stones..

Vivid splendor of rhododendron

Stunning Rhododendron Blossoms

It is also important to correctly prepare the substrate for planting. It should be acidic enough within the pH range of 4.5-5.5. In addition, it should be moderately loose and breathable..

Magnificent rhododendron bushes

Rhododendron in bloom

The composition can include high-moor peat, loam and the same part of the pine litter. Another option consists of garden soil and two parts of sphagnum sour peat. Instead of garden soil, you can use clay, but 2 times less in volume.

Flowering garden rhododendron

Alley with rhododendrons

A compact root system will allow the plant to be content with a small hole with a diameter of 60 cm.It is enough to plunge into a depth of 40 cm.The free space around the earthen coma is filled with a substrate and compacted.

Shades of orange on rhododendron petals

White rhododendron bush

How to prepare rhododendrons for the winter season

The approach to preparing for wintering will depend entirely on the climate of a particular region. In most regions, training can begin as early as mid-August.

Bright lilac rhododendron flowers

The combination of pink and white on rhododendron petals

In dry autumn, the rhododendron needs to be watered in order to create a supply of water in the leaves for the winter. One-time watering should be abundant.

Young rhododendron flowers

Pink rhododendron flower

Many varieties do not require shelter for the winter. They perfectly tolerate snow and scorching sun. Coniferous varieties of rhododendron are less resistant and need special care.

Rounded rhododendron bush

Rhododendron flowers large

After the onset of persistent cold weather, rhododendrons should be covered. Lush bushes are tied with a rope in a denser sheaf.

Flowering of an unusual rhododendron

White inflorescences on bushes

Spruce or pine branches are placed in the middle of the resulting structure. After that, you can put the frame on top. This can be a hut on which a burlap cloth is laid..

Pale pink rhododendron flowers

Pink rhododendron in bloom

You can remove the shelter at the end of April. It is important that the snow has already melted by this time. The main thing is to do it in stages, airing the bushes..

Pale shade of rhododendron flowers

Large rhododendron flower

For complete removal of the frame, it is better to choose an overcast day. It is better to leave the branches for a short time to protect them from the bright sun. After a few days, when the plant gets used to it and they can be removed.

Velvet rhododendron petals

Delicate yellow rhododendron flowers

If you approach the care of rhododendron with due attention, then stunning bright shrubs will decorate any area.