Winter garden: 100 modern ideas for creating a greenhouse

We all try to create the most comfortable, warm and cozy atmosphere in our home. And what could be better than a year-round summer in your own greenhouse? Rest surrounded by lush greenery, exotic plants, in the midst of winter frosts is the dream of many of our compatriots. Nowadays, you can create your own winter garden not only in a private household, but also within a dwelling in an apartment building. Of course, you will have to make efforts not only to create your own green oasis, but also to constantly devote time to the greenhouse to maintain the plants and premises in proper condition. We offer you an impressive selection of 100 designs for a wide variety of greenhouses and we hope that they can inspire you to your own achievements to create a green corner of relaxation and relaxation..

Winter garden interior

View from above

The origin of winter gardens

These days, these greenhouses can be safely called green oases, a concentration of beauty and harmony for rest and relaxation. But for this, the premises with plants have gone a long way. Even in ancient Rome, winter gardens were born as a phenomenon in architecture. Later, from southern countries, moving westward, greenhouses literally conquered all of Europe. The most widespread freestanding structures made of glass and wood were obtained in England, in the households of noble and wealthy people..

Glass and wood

Classic style

Glass building

Exotic plants

It was in England that significant changes took place in the very approach to growing plants in special structures all year round: the methods of heating the space underwent changes. From the most primitive measures, when holes were dug in the ground and filled with hot coal, to the appearance of a spiral chimney and, ultimately, a water heating system. By the middle of the 19th century, winter gardens began to appear not only in private dwellings, but also in multi-storey buildings..

Living room in the greenhouse

Green spaces

Original design

Greenhouse with wicker furniture

Snow white frame

In Russia, the first winter garden appeared in the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Solovetsky Monastery. The first stone greenhouses with a heating system in our country appeared there. The monks were able not only to cultivate a wide variety of plants in rather harsh climatic conditions, but also to grow vegetables in their greenhouses all year round..

Luxurious winter garden

Small extension

Contrast design

Modest setting

Snow-white greenhouse

In the 19th century, in Russia, winter gardens received a serious impetus in the development and distribution among famous nobles. Not only the Moscow GUM and the St. Petersburg Petropavlovsky passage were equipped with their own greenhouses; many noble persons in their estates could acquire covered gardens. Over time, glass structures ceased to be just a place for growing plants, but became the concentration of a relaxed pastime among the nobility. Living rooms were practically located in the greenhouses, and guests were received. The fashion for indoor winter gardens with beautiful decorations quickly gained momentum – not only exotic plants appeared, but also fountains, songbirds.

Plants are everywhere

Surrounded by lush greenery

Snow white image

Multilevel plantings

Cozy corner

Greens on white background

With the advent of Soviet power, winter gardens as a place for exquisite relaxation surrounded by exotic plants experienced a serious decline. Most compatriots had to worry about at least a roof over their heads and a meager food. Nowadays, there are no restrictions in building and finishing materials, systems for creating a certain temperature and air humidity will help create optimal conditions for growing plants of the desired varieties. With the help of modern technology, it is possible to create a not easy convenient place for plant cultivation, but a really comfortable space for rest and relaxation..

Snow-white extension

Green image

With a high glass roof

Domed roof

Greenhouse in the house

Features of creating a greenhouse

Obviously, for the successful cultivation of plants, it is necessary to create and maintain certain conditions. If different cultures are not comfortable in the greenhouse, then the whole operation of building, decorating and maintaining an indoor green garden will fail. In order for the creation of a winter garden to be effective, it is necessary to fulfill at least two basic conditions:

  • the greenhouse room must have a high level of natural illumination (which is why most often these buildings are almost entirely made of glass);
  • for a certain type of plant, special conditions are created and maintained – the required level of temperature and humidity of the air, timely watering and feeding of green spaces is carried out.

Living room-greenhouse

Glass with stained-glass windows

Snow-white interior

Contrasting design

Under the glass roof

There are three options for creating a greenhouse in a private household:

  • the greenhouse is designed at the construction stage and is an integral part of the structure;
  • the winter garden is attached to the main building after the completion of construction work (it is possible that a lot of time has passed since the construction of the house);
  • a greenhouse is a free-standing building with its own heating, lighting, ventilation and humidity creation systems.

Greenhouse in the apartment

Snow-white floors

View from the street

Greenhouse facade

Winter garden interior

Of course, the optimal (in terms of cost and effort) is the way to create a greenhouse when designing a house. In such a situation, the winter garden and the foundation for it are laid initially, all communications are carried out jointly with the main building. But this method of building a steep garden is rarely used, due to the fact that the owners at the construction stage either do not plan to grow plants all year round, or this project does not fit into the overall financial estimate.

With a spiral staircase

Different varieties of plants

Small indoor garden

Snow-white decoration

Greenhouse with an exit from the house

Most often, when building a greenhouse, the owners follow the second path – attaching a glass structure to the finished building. This method is relatively economical: the wall of the house acts as one of the walls of the winter garden. But you won’t be able to save on laying the foundation. Glass structures (even of the most modest sizes) are only seemingly airy, weightless – glass is a heavy material and a foundation or plinth is necessary «drown» deep enough. The size and depth of the foundation will depend on the height of the greenhouse, because many grow in their indoor garden not only low-growing plants, but also dwarf trees.

Glass walls and roof

Classic motives

Glass extension

With timber frame

Annex to the main building

The least commonly used method is to build a separate building in which plants will be grown and a place for rest and relaxation will be arranged. The unpopularity of this method is explained by the high cost, the need to use the free area of ​​the yard or land, as well as «to pull» all communication systems at some distance from the main building.

Freestanding building

Glass greenhouse

The kingdom of symmetry

Spacious indoor garden

Large-scale construction

Greenhouse as a separate building

Winter garden decoration methods

The choice of plants for the greenhouse is an individual decision of each owner. But in the ways of organizing recreation areas, you can find interesting ideas from famous designers. So what can be organized within a greenhouse with plants? The first and most logical decision that comes to all future and real owners of the winter garden is the arrangement of the living room. Rest, receiving guests and just family gatherings surrounded by lush greenery is a pleasure not available to every city dweller. This makes the time spent in such a relaxing atmosphere even more valuable..

Modern style

Trees and flowers

Light image

Stone and glass

Modern style

Garden furniture looks most organically in the interior of the greenhouse, namely wicker products. Armchairs and sofas, coffee tables and coasters made of vine or rattan are incredibly harmoniously fit into the atmosphere close to nature, creating a cozy and comfortable environment. In order to increase the level of comfort in the greenhouse recreation area, it is enough to equip the wicker furniture with soft seats, decorative pillows.

With a domed roof

Seating area with wicker furniture

Dome-shaped design

Wicker greenhouse furniture

Light wicker furnishings

In a spacious greenhouse, you don’t have to stop at installing upholstered furniture and a coffee table for arranging a recreation area. Fountains and small waterfalls (imitation of water falling from a certain height) are appropriate in a room literally filled with green spaces. Built-in lamps and ribbon illumination of plants and a fountain will add originality to an exquisite atmosphere.

Greenhouse with a fountain

Fountain in the recreation area

Dining area with soft chairs

The choice of furniture for the greenhouse

The second, no less popular way of decorating a greenhouse is arranging a dining room. Any meal surrounded by lush greenery becomes more pleasant and tasty. It is enough to find space for a small dining table and chairs. Depending on the size and shape of the room, you can use a round or oval (the most organic option for arranging a dining area), a square or rectangular table. Chairs are also selected depending on the table model. Very often, garden furniture is used to equip the dining area..

Elegant dining group

Dining room in the winter garden

Indoor garden dining area

Laconic design

Dining area with round table

Dining group made of wood

In some cases, it is convenient for the owners to arrange a full-fledged kitchen in the greenhouse with a working and dining area. But it must be borne in mind that plants must be chosen that are resistant to temperature extremes. The working kitchen segment must be equipped with a powerful hood in order to save the plants from the ingress of even the smallest drops of fat.

Greenhouse kitchen

Light image of the dining room in the winter garden

Huge dining group and work area

Even a very modest extension with glass walls and a roof can be turned into a small green oasis if the available space is properly distributed. Arrangement of plants in tiers, installation of racks for plantings of small sizes, the creation of so-called eco-walls or «green walls», even in a small greenhouse will allow you to find a place to install a round table with a pair of chairs to organize a place for short meals, relaxation and admiring juicy greens.

Small winter garden

Humble greenhouse

Between two buildings

Small indoor garden

Small glass annex

Greenhouse exterior

If we talk not about the inner content of the winter garden, but its exterior, then the facade of the greenhouse must certainly be in harmony with the appearance of the main building, regardless of whether it was originally designed, added after the main construction, or is a separate building. Most often, the walls of the greenhouse have a plinth, which is laid out from brick or stone. For the construction of the basement, foam blocks or hollow types of bricks are rarely used – such structures may not withstand the large weight of glass walls and a dome or a transparent roof.

Building facade view

Harmonious ensemble

View of the attached greenhouse

Glass, wood and metal

Greenhouse for a country house

Harmonious boraz

The basement, finished with stone, looks luxuriously in harmony with the design of the main building. Glass surfaces bring airiness to the overall image of the entire building. Even a small greenhouse in this case significantly changes the appearance of the facade of the house..

Stone and glass for the greenhouse

Organic combinations

A similar situation arises with the use of bricks as a building or finishing material. Modern facade bricks (designed for decorating the facades of houses) can be textured, with façades, made in a wide variety of colors.

Brick and glass

Modest glass building

Greenhouse in a private house

Snow-white glass facade

Plants in the winter and summer garden

Small glass greenhouse