8 facts about swimming pools that may amaze you

Chances are, you are already familiar with the positive health benefits and energizing happiness of swimming in a pool. But did you know that the evidence for the use of swimming pools dates back to ancient times and is linked to many curious facts. We’ve chosen to present you eight interesting swimming pool facts that may amaze you.

1. Ancient drawings discovered in Egypt testify that swimming in a swimming pool dates back to 2500 BC. J.C. Archaeologists are still discussing the possible interpretations of some of the pictographs that have been discovered in the Swimmers’ Cave. The graphic representations, showing several human beings swimming, were discovered in 1933 by explorer and adventurer László Almásy.

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2. Swimming competitions were held between samurai in Japan 36 BC. JC Centuries ago, the Japanese samurai faced many situations where he might need to cross a body of water, attack an enemy, shoot arrows, or defend himself in water. . And all this with his full armor. This type of swimming is called Suijutsu.

3. The first heated swimming pool was built by Guy Cilnius Maecenas, a friend of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. It’s great that nowadays, swimming pool heating is no longer a privilege reserved for nobles, technologies have progressed to such an extent that they allow us absolute comfort, regardless of weather conditions.

The swimming pool heat pump of which France is the second European market behind Sweden, but ahead of Germany and Switzerland is the invention that made this dream come true.

 The most interesting facts in the history of swimming pools

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4. The largest swimming pool in the world was built in Chile in a private complex called San Alfonso del Mar. The complex is located north of the city of Algarrobo and the swimming pool is better known as the “Algarrobo Pool” “. With its 1013 meters in length and 250 million liters of water, it entered the Guinness Book of Records.

5. The deepest swimming pool in the world is called Deep Joy or Y – 40. Serving for scuba diving, this swimming pool is located in Italy in a hotel, in the municipality of Montegrotto Terme in the province of Padua. The exact depth is 42.15 m, so deep that it can accommodate a 14-story building.

The project for the deepest swimming pool in the world was carried out in 2014

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6. The Titanic is the first transatlantic liner with a swimming pool on the board. It was filled with heated seawater. In addition, passengers aboard the Titanic could enjoy various types of sports facilities such as the gymnasium, squash court and Turkish baths. All of these facilities were available to first class passengers.

7. Diving fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin. He was too fond of swimming and was only eleven when he invented them. Two oval pieces of wood for the hands provided an extra boost in the water. He also tried this invention on these feet. He described it in a newspaper with the headline “The Art of Swimming”.

Private swimming pools are becoming more and more popular and the options for our comfort are even more so

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8. Pool water may be healthier than tap water. Many believe that swimming pools are filled with chemicals. However, the fact is that tap water can often contain more chlorine than that in a swimming pool..

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One of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world with magnificent view is located in Santorini, Greece

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