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Construction: how to find sites in times of crisis?

The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has shaken the professional world. Certain sectors of activity such as restaurants and hotels have been particularly affected by this. For craftsmen and construction companies, finding work sites has become a real obstacle course. Work has slowed down and companies have experienced additional costs. Now more than ever, finding and signing projects has become more than a simple priority for these professionals. This is crucial for making the business profitable and sustainable. Here are some useful tips to find jobs quickly and easily in times of crisis..

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The professions most affected by the health crisis

Many companies found themselves in difficulty because of the health crisis. Among the most affected is air traffic. The majority of planes remained grounded from the start of the crisis due to a government order ban on travel. The activity of ground handling agents has also declined as a result of this ban. During the crisis, some hotel establishments were requisitioned to isolate carriers of the virus or to provide accommodation for healthcare workers in contact with patients suffering from the disease. Restaurants, theaters, concert halls and circuses were also closed during the lockdown period. The same goes for hair, beauty and massage salons. In addition, Covid-19 has had a strong impact on the construction sector. In 2020, around 80 to 90% of construction sites were stopped according to the French Building Federation (FFB). Only urgent requests were processed during the first period of confinement. This sharp drop in orders has considerably reduced the turnover of companies.

Go to networking sites

To face the crisis and continue their activities, craftsmen and construction companies are constantly looking for work sites. Several solutions are possible to do this. You can, for example, go to dedicated networking sites to find sites quickly. Thus, you will be able to receive requests for work quotes for free. To find sites corresponding to your business and your catchment area on this type of platform, all you have to do is complete the dedicated form with information relating to your company: sector of activity, company name, postal code, address , etc. You must also fill in certain personal information such as your name, first name, e-mail and telephone number.

Find work sites on connection sites

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Register on directories

Some networking sites also have a dedicated directory for building professionals. Signing up is an interesting solution to find new assignments, whatever your field of activity: carpentry, various works, interior and / or exterior fittings, heating, etc. All you need to do is choose the category of work, describe your work precisely, specify your skills, your area of ​​intervention, etc. Registration is often free. By registering on a directory of building professionals, you can also be evaluated by clients for whom you have already worked and thus forge your e-reputation..

Create a showcase site

Today, being on the net is essential to make yourself known and stand out from the competition. Apart from linking sites and directories, creating a showcase site for your business is a wise solution to attract prospects and customers and thus find new sites. The website will allow you to present your activities, your area of ​​intervention, your contacts, your strengths, your achievements, etc. Accessible and functional, your site will allow prospects and customers to discover your services and the advantages you offer. They can also contact you to request additional information, to tell you about their project and / or to request a quote at any time. In addition to quickly finding work sites, the creation of a showcase site will greatly facilitate the organization of the various interventions.

Be present on social networks

The importance of social media should not be overlooked either. The latter constitute a significant communication channel. They allow you to enjoy considerable closeness to customers. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks is a great way to reach a large audience, build awareness and improve the image of the company on the web. In addition to promoting your know-how, you can use social networks to present your before and after projects, interact with prospects and customers easily and collect opinions and recommendations. Of course, exposing your business on social media also means taking the risk of receiving negative comments, even damaging your credibility. This should not be seen as a danger. On the contrary, we must respond to negative opinions and complaints by proposing a solution adapted to each problem. Taking into account the negative comments made by customers will allow you to determine the various areas of improvement of your services and thus improve your professional image.

Use Google My Business

As the name suggests, Google My Business is a digital tool created by Google in 2014 to help local businesses gain visibility for free. By creating their Google My Business profile, companies will be able to present their establishment in the form of an information sheet at the top right of the query results according to the subject and the location of the user. At a glance, the user can access all information about the company (activities, opening hours, contact details, etc.) and get in touch.

Using word of mouth

Now more than ever, word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to increase your customer portfolio. As always, individuals are looking for the best to carry out their work. They trust their loved ones to recommend qualified professionals. The reputation and notoriety of a company therefore develop on a large scale with word of mouth. Note that a satisfied customer will not hesitate to recommend the company to his acquaintances. On average, you can expect 5 new prospects for each satisfied customer. However, it’s important to know that word of mouth can also be a bad buzz. Indeed, a disappointed customer will share his dissatisfaction with at least 10 people around him. In any case, care must be taken to always improve and maintain the quality of services and customer relations to build a good reputation with word of mouth. It is the right balance between these two factors that guarantees customer satisfaction. In addition, know that you can completely develop your network with those around you. Tell your loved ones (neighbors, friends, families, etc.) about your activity and then give them your business card that they can in turn give out when the opportunity arises.

Profit from good reputation, using word of mouth

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Go to the town hall

You can also go directly to the town hall to find out about the building permits being approved and to find work sites. Indeed, we must not forget that any construction project must necessarily go through an application for a building permit. However, this must be approved by the town hall. As a result, you can retrieve the contact details and contact the owners wishing to carry out work or build in your municipality to offer them your services. In addition, it is useful to know that the town hall displays the list of calls for tenders available in the field of public works. You can consult them for free.

Prospect in the field

Prospecting is less and less practiced by construction professionals due to the rise of the internet. However, this method can still bear these fruits provided you show tact and subtlety. So remember to go door-to-door, slip your brochures and flyers into letterboxes, etc. A presence in the field is always useful even if digital is omnipresent in everyday life.

Join a group of companies

Joining a group of companies is an effective solution for finding work sites. It should be noted that several construction trades meet and are sometimes called upon to work together on construction sites. By collaborating with building professionals whose activities are complementary to yours, you will optimize your chances of signing large projects.

Faced with lockdowns, the majority of companies are using the internet to maintain and develop their activities. This is the case for construction professionals who are constantly looking for new projects to sign. The Internet offers many effective solutions to allow craftsmen and construction companies to find sites with ease: linking sites, directories, social networks, Google My Business, etc. However, good old-fashioned methods like word of mouth or consulting city hall calls for tenders are just as effective. In the event that you wish to opt for these approaches, always make sure to respect the barrier gestures.

Optimize the chances of signing large projects 

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