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Office furnishing trends to know in 2020

Office workers spend much of their time locked inside a building, where the physical environment influences their well-being, performance and productivity. Layout and design then affect concentration and efficiency along with temperature, air quality and lighting. Therefore, it is good to know about the office design trends which are changing with the new demands of new types of modern businesses and people’s lifestyles. There are several environmental factors that directly relate to employee success. Even the smallest changes can be significant in achieving an optimal workspace. If in doubt, it is good to confide in the professionals – Architect and office layout.

Office furnishing trends to know in 2020

Office furnishing trends to know in 2020, play and rest area for happy employees, light garland, large French windows with daylight

Office design trends – sustainability

With issues of sustainability, consumption and climate change becoming increasingly important, there has recently been a noticeable increase in demand for furniture and materials that have strong sustainability credentials. It is about taking a proactive and practical approach when selecting what comes from nature. When you are at the stage of planning and decorating the office, prefer wood furniture, as well as anything that is reusable, recoverable and recyclable. In decoration, opt for green plants that can grow and “grow” with your business. Projects that use reclaimed floors and bricks, recycled furniture and old decor pieces that are given a new lease of life are a trend that will gain momentum in the coming years. It should also be noted that greater emphasis will be placed on reducing energy consumption and building waste.

The accents of the office decoration 2020 – green plants, daylight and furniture of natural materials

Focus on decoration and sustainable design in the modern office, trends to know in 2020

The “office and home” design trend

Furnished kitchens, flowerpots and woven baskets, cushions and rugs. No, you are not at home, this is the new design for your office. To try and create a more comfortable and warm work environment, we turn to all the little decorating tips that we use to feel comfortable and cozy at home. The benefits of this concept are twofold for employees. On the one hand, the equipment and decor create a more welcoming and relaxed environment and on the other – the space becomes more conducive to work. Employees will not want to leave their workplace because why leave an office that gives that incomparable feeling of “home”. The fusion of designs has the potential to revolutionize the way the workspace is viewed in the long run.

Feel at home in the office – trendy office furnishings

Gray sofa, small round coffee table, wooden shelf, trendy idea of ​​office layout

The trend to emphasize natural light

It sounds completely logical and the statistics confirm it as well – a lot of people work under fluorescent tubes all day long. Being human beings, we have a very normal and well-founded attraction to nature and daylight. And while workspace optimization is not a revolutionary trend, its importance has certainly reached a point where effective lighting strategies are becoming a necessity taking center stage. It also touches on the issue of sustainability and reducing energy consumption. In addition, natural light offers many other advantages. It can have a positive impact on the well-being, productivity and even the good mood of the employees..

Natural light, simple furniture in wood and eco-leather 

70s style ikea furniture, idea how to arrange the workspace, follow office trends

The best office furnishing trends 2020

Comfortable presentation of a well-decorated industrial space, how to set up the office for more productivity for your employees