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Update on the important steps to build a house

“My house is my fortress”. Yes, to feel good at home, a home must be built in the image of its owner. The optimal solution to do so is to build an individual house according to the preferences and taste of each. But before you get started, you have to go through several rather complex steps. Hence the need to be aware of the process in order to successfully complete your construction project. To discover in the following lines !

Finance your real estate project

Obviously, the first question to ask yourself even before build a house, is that linked to financing. Including your own funds in real estate investing will undoubtedly reduce your debt load. But since the fact of financing your project exclusively with own funds is rarely possible, the use of a mortgage is most often inevitable. Because aside from the cost of the land and the costs associated with construction, there are plenty of other expenses on and off the site that we didn’t even think about at the start. This is particularly the case for costs relating to the servicing of the land, that is to say the connection of the property to the electricity, gas and water networks. With regard to the mortgage, things get more complicated. This is the reason for referring you to the services of a mortgage broker. A reliable professional would help you calculate your borrowing capacity, which depends on not one and two factors.

Finance your project

how to build your house finance your project

Choose the right location

You should also know that the price of the property would depend on the locality where it is located. And while at such an early stage it is often overlooked, the location would also affect the resale price of the property. Because you never know! In addition, the place where your future home will be located should be chosen especially for the sake of comfort and your current (but also future!) Needs. Several criteria intervene in this essential choice, among which:

  • the degree of urbanization – full city, suburbs, countryside;
  • the tranquility of the neighborhood;
  • distance from the workplace;
  • accessibility of public transport;
  • proximity to schools, shops, pharmacies, hospitals, places and institutions etc..

Choosing the right location is crucial !

what location neighborhood location to build your house

Opt for building land

Apart from the question of the locality then, it is advisable to make sure that the ground would be well able to support a construction. Therefore, an in-depth preliminary examination of the ground would be essential. To do this, consider turning to a geotechnician to study the quality of the subsoil and its constructability. The relief (presence of irregularities / sloping terrain) will also influence the implementation of the project. Finally, do not forget to inform yourself about the local town planning rules because these are also able to totally transform your construction project.

Opt for building land

build a house on a sloping lawn modern house

Obtain your building permit

And speaking of town planning, after making sure that you can meet all the requirements stipulated by local law, you must provide proof to the authorities. This is the purpose of the building permit – a set of compulsory administrative papers. So, like the prior declaration of work, this is in a way the carte blanche so that we can start construction. Composed of several pieces to be provided (site plan of the land concerned, ground plan of the building, sectional plan of the land, plan of the facades, etc.), the time taken to obtain a building permit is generally at two months.

Obtain your building permit

obtain a building permit on the basis of a construction plant

Design a construction plan

This is the most creative and enjoyable part of the project – imagining or so to speak, building the house in your own head. Whether you are using a catalog to get a turnkey idea or a tailor-made solution, again there are quite a few factors to consider. At this stage in particular, you will have to consider elements, such as:

  • orientation of the house for better energy efficiency and brightness;
  • number of rooms according to your current / future family situation
  • additional rooms according to your needs – guest room, office, home theater
  • arrangement of rooms in the house for optimal comfort;
  • particular fittings and equipment that we would like to have;
  • open / closed nature of the space to be developed;
  • number of vehicles and parking space required;
  • outdoor space / equipment – garden, swimming pool, outdoor play / sports area.

Plan your house

draw up a construction plan idea architect house

Entrust construction to professionals

Then, arguably the most responsible task is to find quality professionals to support you in your construction project. There are 3 main actors who could intervene. They are the architect, the builder and the builder. If the presence of the first is not mandatory, his intervention would be necessary in the case of the realization of tailor-made projects. However, most of them resort directly to the much-needed help from the manufacturer. This will supervise your construction project from its conception to the handover of the site. He is then your reliable companion in any process, whether administrative or technical. Finally, the project manager would be your right hand, if you need an advisor to carry out what is happening on and off the site.

Count on the professionalism of the builder

architect builder professional master of work to make his individual house

Build your house

And here we are at the final stage which is notably the most laborious of all – the start-up itself. It is made up of 3 essential work groups, namely structural work, finishing work and finishes. It is therefore first of all to deal with basic architectural issues, such as foundations, walls, framework, roofs, etc. Then – to go through the essential equipment such as electricity, heating, plumbing, etc. And finally, think about siding, joinery, lighting and room layout – the last thing to consider in a new home. And here are your keys and welcome to your home.

Build your house

build your house example construction site 3 steps