100 great ideas for a small bedroom

Interior planning for small living spaces is a stumbling block for many homeowners. Very often, within the framework of city apartments, for example, a room of a very modest size falls on the arrangement of a bedroom. But it is not enough to put just a bed in a sleeping room; you need storage systems, a dressing table or even a workplace. For some tenants, the presence of a bookcase in the bedroom is fundamental, someone needs to carve out precious meters to install a crib, and sometimes there is not enough space even for basic pieces of furniture.

Small room

But there is always a way out. We have tried to collect for all owners of modest living spaces inspiring examples of bedroom designs that are very modest in size. Interior options in various stylistic directions, color palettes, functional fullness and combination with other residential segments.

TV in the bedroom

Modern technologies come to the rescue of those who want to save space – the TV can be hung on the wall, it will take up no more space than a picture, it can be attached to the ceiling itself using a bracket. To organize an office in the bedroom – just install a small console with a compact armchair or chair and put a laptop.

Small bedroom

Let’s take a closer look at the techniques that designers use to equip small rooms for sleeping.

Accent wall

The smaller the room, the lighter the finish

We all understand perfectly well that small spaces need visual expansion with finishes in light and even snow-white colors. But in order to avoid the appearance of the bedroom, similar to a sterile white chamber, you must use at least a couple of accents, made in contrasting or brighter colors..

Light finish

White walls

Decor elements, textiles or some pieces of furniture can be accent spots against the background of a light color scheme of almost all surfaces of the room..

In pastel colors

Wood floor

The floor covering of warm, woody shades can be different from the whole decoration of the room..

Bright accents

With the help of bright, contrasting elements, you can create a really interesting and non-trivial bedroom design, even on a completely white background of the walls.

Narrow bedroom

When the room is so small that it barely fits a double bed, the headboard can act as an accent element, which will not only dilute the light finish, but also give the bedroom individuality, given the unusual design.

Bright accent

A work of art on the wall or a mirror in an unusual frame can become a bright accent. They take up little space, but they can add beauty and grace to the interior..

Cool shades

In this tiny bedroom, despite saving space, it was possible to use an unconventional way of positioning the bed – it is usually placed against the wall in small bedrooms. By installing the bed diagonally, we lose some of the area, but we gain the ability to approach the bed from all sides. An interesting design of the head of the bed goes well with the chest of drawers and the frame of the picture.

Built-in wardrobe

If the parameters of the room allow you to place a storage system, then it is better to choose the built-in option of cabinets, this will save precious centimeters, and it will look stylish, practical and presentable.

Shades of gray

Pastel palette

The light finishing of the surfaces of the room does not have to include the use of white shades. Pastel, gray colors are perfectly combined with woody shades of furniture, and white has a wide range of shades, from milky to snow-white.


Modest area

Against the background of a light finish, even minor manifestations of color look advantageous, and even a contrasting, geometric pattern or paintings on the walls will surely become the focus of attention.

Light palette

Accent wall

In small rooms, every centimeter counts, so the location of possible storage systems must be approached rationally. Even a small piece of space can benefit residents by transforming into a small rack, wardrobe or at least a shelf..

Molding trim

If the walls of a small room are decorated with moldings, then it is better to use them in the same shade as the main surface. Such a visual effect will not focus on the size, but it will contribute to creating a bohemian atmosphere..

Bedroom for two

This small, asymmetrical bedroom with sloping ceilings has become a haven for two sleeping places at once. Light-colored interior design does not make the room look congested.

Rustic style

But this bedroom in a rustic style is an example of how in a small room you can reflect the basic principles of a particular stylistic direction and create a cozy, relaxing interior.

Marine stylistics

Another example of a pronounced style in the bedroom, this time nautical. Several decorative elements and a characteristic combination of snow-white and blue colors, made it possible to create an unusual image of the room, memorable and light.

Unusual decor

Dark curtains

Bright interior in a small room – creative practicality

According to surveys that were recently conducted by a well-known European association of designers, almost half of homeowners will not be able to agree to an absolutely light finish even for small rooms in their home. In addition to using white to decorate the surfaces of small rooms, there are a number of design techniques that visually move the walls and raise the ceiling. Such methods include the use of mirrors, glossy and glass surfaces, built-in furniture and «suspended» structures without supports, avoiding blind screens and doors, volumetric textures and colorful prints for wall decoration.

Glass cabinet doors

Transparent glass doors of the built-in wardrobe seem to extend the room without cutting it off. An accent wall decorated in blue brings freshness and brightness to the interior of this very small bedroom..

In burgundy colors

Who said that red shouldn’t be used in the bedroom? The range of shades of this color is so great that it will not be difficult to choose an option that does not irritate residents before going to bed and wakes up in the morning. The deep light burgundy color perfectly matches the beige tone of curtains and carpets, creating a truly original, memorable image of the bedroom.

Dark chocolate

If you arrange an accent wall in the bright interior of the bedroom, its image will immediately freshen up. The dark chocolate color of the surface is the perfect backdrop for the soft light green headboard. And the presence of the same shades in textiles completed the harmonious atmosphere of the room for relaxation and sleep..

Bright design

In this bright and colorful bedroom, white has been used exclusively for sleeping space, while walls and textiles are decorated in rich colors that go well with each other..

Bohemian interior

Game of contrasts

Dark walls

If earlier it seemed to someone that painting the walls of a small room in a very dark color could not be called anything other than a design failure, then these bedrooms destroy all stereotypes. With ample natural lighting and an artificial light system, snow-white finishing of some surfaces or furniture – everything is possible.

In the attic

Mirror cabinet

Antique mirror

Bright decor items

Dark headboard

Contrasting techniques always help to dilute the neutral palette of the room, give the character of the room individuality and some enthusiasm, optimism.

A study in a small bedroom is a reality

Nowadays, finding a small piece of space for a console and a chair is enough to create a workspace or corner for creativity in the bedroom..

Study in the bedroom

This space can be the surface of the window sill, extended and reinforced with a wooden tabletop..

Workplace in the bedroom

The working surface of the mini-cabinet can be arranged in the form of a rack, this design takes up even less space, because it is attached to the wall and does not need vertical supports.

Working console

In cool shades

Not the last important aspect in the design of a bedroom in a small area is the lighting system. Built-in lights will save some space. A classic pendant chandelier will only be appropriate if there is sufficient ceiling height. Among other things, it is necessary to think over the lighting in the working area, whether it will be a table lamp or an adjustable wall lamp – it is up to the residents to decide.

Illuminated podium

In this small room, which combines the functions of a bedroom and an office, an interesting design move was applied – the bed was placed on a podium with lighting, into which a work surface and a bedside table are integrated. The result is the effect of a bed hanging in the air..

Book shelves in the bedroom

In the interior of this small bedroom, it was possible to place not only a desk, but also book shelves, using the provided square meters rationally and ergonomically.

Minimalist interior

The issue with the lack of free space in this room was solved by applying minimalist principles in the design of the bedroom. Small bed, lack of decor, modest, ascetic furnishings were complemented by a light finish.

Maiden bedroom

When the room of the bedroom, in which the study is also located, is equipped for the girl, then the work surface can also be used as a dressing table..

Floral print

In the decoration of the vertical surfaces of the bedroom, a print was applied, which was repeated in the bedding textiles, the harmony of the room was complemented by a blanket of geometric colors to match.

White work area

A bedroom behind a screen or how to fit two zones in one room

The now widespread layout in new buildings is a studio apartment, within which it is necessary to equip all the segments necessary for a comfortable stay. Sometimes expanding a family requires dividing the available living space into zones. In this case, screens and partitions of various configurations often come to the rescue. It can be glass transparent or frosted screens, shelves with closed or open shelves, and sometimes just curtains..

Living room and bedroom

In this case, we have an example of arranging a living room and a bedroom in the same room. The living area wall is a storage system for the sleeping segment. Homogeneous color palette in both areas creates a harmonious atmosphere throughout the room.

Bedroom behind the curtain

This bedroom is separated from the living room by a dark curtain, which, if necessary, covers the entire opening to the recreation area..

Behind glass doors

This bedroom is separated from the living area by a sliding glass door system. The same matte material was used for the bedroom closet doors..

Cabinet behind the rack

In this case, the division into zones – work and sleep, is present in the bedroom itself. With the help of a rack, the space for the office was separated.

Bathroom behind the screen

The loft-style bedroom contains a headboard divider that separates the bathroom space. The loft-style division of space was not the only characteristic of the flow – brick walls, wood trim, spaciousness and factory scale also point to a post-industrial interior..

Pull-out bed

This is not to say that the bed in this bedroom is behind a screen, but it is essentially a wardrobe, at least in the assembled state, when the room is transformed into an office..

Children’s bedroom – interior features

Of course, children like small spaces, but the difficulty of arranging a bedroom for a child is that installing only a small bed will not be enough, storage systems for things and toys are needed, perhaps an armchair or a small sofa for parents or a nanny. Often, within the framework of city apartments, it is not possible to organize a separate sleeping place and a room for games and studies for the child. Therefore, it is important to take into account the presence of all the segments necessary for the child within a small space, and even taking into account the color and texture preferences of the smallest tenant.

Children bedroom

All children love bright saturated colors and their presence is important to take into account even in a small room, which literally begs to be decorated in light, pastel colors. But for children it is important not only that the bedroom is practical, but also interesting, funny, attractive..

Contrasting nursery design

Teen bedroom

The contrasting interior is a children’s area. Our vision needs focus centers, bright objects and a change in tone, and for the child’s body this principle works with a vengeance..

Bedroom for two teenagers

In two tiers

In case the bedroom is for two children or teenagers, using a bunk bed can be a great way to save space. The lower tier can be used as a sofa by installing a monitor or TV on the wall opposite.