Actual novelties in the design of curtains for the bedroom

We spend a third of our lives in the arms of Morpheus. Getting out of bed, we go to the window, pull back the curtains and let another day into life. Out of the corner of our sleepy eyes, we notice the design of the canvases, we enjoy tactile contact with the fabric and, enjoying the pleasant impressions of the new morning, we trudge to the kitchen. The first emotions are vulnerable and they should be delicately protected from annoying moments, and therefore it is better to choose your favorite color palette in the design of the bedroom, take into account the degree of penetration of light fluxes and skillfully regulate their intensity.

Every season we are offered interesting drapery ideas. This applies to new fabric compositions, original prints and color contrasts. At the same time, the dominant colors, directions in the decor, the principles of accents are chosen. This year we have at our service magnificent textiles, from the colors of which the eyes run up. Reps, silk, tulle, taffeta and a range of fabrics with delightful patterns fascinate with beauty. Shiny embossed and smooth textures, printed drawings, canvases with watercolors and a number of fantasy plots are designed to decorate the room in an unusual way.

Three-color solution Stylish bedroom

In a rainbow of colors and a sea of ​​creativity

Glossy surfaces and exotic designs are recommended. African and Indian motives, unpredictability of combinations, models made in the shabby chic technique are fashionable landmarks in curtain art. Dense semi-woolen bases with a glossy top are in favor. Brocade, upholstery fabrics with shining stripes, expressive structural patterns are also welcomed in window treatments. The only remark: an elegant ensemble will fit only into the corresponding interior.

Beautiful textile prints

The tandem of viscose with cotton is a practical and often used version of curtain compositions. Textiles with a natural base and lavsan, fragments of machine embroidery amaze with the complexity of the pattern. Viscose in the company of cotton and linen with lurex surprises with delicate highlights, and does not lose its presentable appearance for many years. Compositions with polyester are presented in the rainbow gallery of products. New collections from Europe make it possible to assert that the design of curtain fabrics is akin to art. Well-known manufacturers actively exploit natural fibers and technological products and successfully combine different bases. For example, curtain fabric «Patchwork» Is a unique phenomenon this year. Optimistic colors in different styles and interesting combinations will be a luxurious addition to the bedroom.

Variegated curtain fabric

Collection «Retra» presented in amazingly beautiful variations and has an almost natural base (80% cotton). In the morning, drawings with large monograms on a pale background, interlaced stripes, floral prints applied by printing will inspire. There is also a choice of organza companion fabrics in different colors.

Bedroom in warm colors

New items from art. Chic is a beautiful color scheme that goes well together and can provide evening relaxation. The warmth of the lilac and the colors of the summer meadow painted the surface of dense textures and in solidarity of the pale organza are ready to unite into a beautiful ensemble.

Lilac bedroom An elegant solution

Lilac, lilac, wine, plum, mustard and all green shades in a special position. Calm sand and cream tones are in demand in any season..

Open windows Delicate bedroom decoration

Beauty and functionality

The classic style of the bedroom is emphasized by heavy curtains that have returned to fashion from the recent past. Embossed velvet and delicate velor, suede, tweed and tapestry are softly draped. Dense fabric gives density and weight to the drapery, folds – volume. Straight canvases lined with silk from the bottom look expensive and elegant. A mix of voluminous textures, like velor with lace trim, flavored with beads, leaves a feeling of celebration. The play of colors of different textures is fashionable landmarks in sewing art. Linen and silk taffeta are considered the most popular in the bedroom..

Not only the type of curtains depends on the lining, but also the degree of illumination of the room. In addition, the blended liner, with a one-sided shiny top, will protect the paint from fading. Synthetic-based thermal lining curtains are selected to absorb street noise and weather the elements. For greater effect, it is better to prefer contrasting performance. The seamy light side against the background of the dark front side will look stylish and with the help of colored lapels it will turn out to indicate the dominant of the interior.

Bright prints on a light background

In a rainbow of colors

Free-flowing stripes are an elegant pair and an unforgettable classic. If you are guided by the desire to emphasize the textured beauty of textiles or prints, you should not be smart with complex models, but prefer the democracy of even canvases. By the way, give up the duet with light curtains if you are inspired by the landscape behind the glass. A panoramic plot will cope with the role of a decor, and a double-sided curtain frame will serve as a frame for it. Decorating canvases with ribbons, grabs, chains will add charm to the original drapery.

Panorama from the window

Instead of transparent curtains, it makes sense to turn to blinds. They do not carry a pronounced decorative load and their presence on the windows is indicated only by a functional task. Vertical and horizontal structures create an office atmosphere and in order to maintain a home mood, you need to resort to textiles. Curtains, drapes, transparent drapery overnight level the official severity.

Fashionable solution Rest zone

Roller blinds have been and remain in leading positions due to their versatility. They easily rhyme with any window design, do not depend on the stylistic concept and allow for different variations. The finished versions are presented in textures of different densities and are not limited by design. In favor of fantasy drawings and bright colors.

Bedroom in delicate colors

Chiaroscuro transparent curtains

Lightweight tulle is always in trend. It gathers beautifully in different folds and is ready to make a pair of curtains. Elastic transparent organza with artistic painting and chameleon effect is also not going to give up the first positions. Delicate micro-veil is presented in solid colors with textured embroidery. Weightless micro-nets with appliqués, nylon with lace trim drape beautifully and elegantly decorate the bedroom. Transparent textures that hold their shape are indispensable for darkened bedrooms. Despite their weightlessness, they can be used to easily adjust light contrast.

Airy tulle In the light of day

A new phenomenon is colored chiffon. The rays passing through the yellow or red fabric add extra warmth and a summer feeling. A south-facing bedroom drowning in «bunnies», it is better to arrange in a cold blue color, gray shades, in order to correct solar activity.

Beautiful drapery

The theme of summer is continued by curtains with curly cuts. Traceable minimalism passes over to eco-designs. In a tandem of rough woven bases, trimmings from embroidered ornaments or cutwork, such curtains are appropriate in a country bedroom, Japanese, Scandinavian and Japanese interiors. They tend to stylize in a rustic manner and are far from urban decoration. Patterned pillowcases with ties, deliberately huge buttons, handmade napkins, openwork hooks, large rings on a wooden cornice, drawstrings or wide satin ribbons strung on a rod create a different format for perception.

In the tradition of Provence

In a small room with limited access to the sun, it is better to opt for transparent textures. Organza or tulle, gathered on a ribbon, is enough to make the bedroom smart. If you prefer pitch darkness at night, use lifting systems. In the afternoon, the roll curtains will roll onto the drum and fully open the daytime panorama.

Lots of light and little color

Picturesque canvases

French designers offer to enjoy the silver and gold shades of metallic threads and offer them for the popular hi-tech. Minimalist concepts have enough light shiny textures to give the bedroom a complete look. You can also tie white filament curtains and its shades to this stylistic idea. Graceful strings are decorated with transparent crystals, rhinestones, pearl beads. With this decor, they rhyme perfectly with the light space of the room. In a bedroom dominated by metal and glass: in the design of the headboard, in the legs of the bedside tables and lamp tubes, the cool sheen of organza is quite appropriate. Mutual mirroring of highlights adds depth and volume to the folds, which looks impressive in unobtrusive designs.

Blue motives Creativity

Don’t be confused by design creativity captured on inexpensive bases. Artificial silk lining or rough linen texture with a guipure finish and primitiveness of the model – a demonstration of awareness of the latest trends. Watercolor painting on canvas is the same fashionable design feature. Transparent monochrome streaks and color abstractions look stylish and original.

Curtain sets cannot be hung on the curtain rod without auxiliary accessories. Rings, hooks, holders along with beautiful curtain rod tips become design tools. With their help, the canvases are formed into small and voluminous pleats or by even tension advertise the advantages of the pattern. Create a comfortable space for yourself by filling your private area with colors and light.

Transparent background Classic design Against the background of a dark wall Bedroom with a dynamic accent Bright textile prints