Corner kitchens – using space to the maximum

Repair or reconstruction of a kitchen space is always a lot of difficult decisions, a lot of time spent and a considerable budget for implementation. Perhaps it is difficult to find a space in our homes that would be endowed with such a range of functions. And it is very often necessary to place surfaces, zones and equipment for the effective performance of all assigned functions in a very small room. But often the kitchen in our houses and apartments is used as a dining room. This makes it difficult to choose a kitchen set, within which it would be possible to ergonomically and rationally place storage systems, household appliances, work and dining areas. When choosing furniture, you need to build on the shape of the room you got to organize the kitchen space. For the most efficient use of all the space provided, kitchen sets are recommended to be performed in a corner version in order to make the most of the space..

Corner kitchen

Corner kitchen set

In this publication, we invite everyone who is planning a kitchen renovation or simply decided to replace kitchen cabinet systems to familiarize themselves with an impressive selection of design projects for every taste and style. With the help of specific examples of location, configuration, color schemes and combinatorics with the palette of the entire room, you can draw conclusions about your own renovation of the kitchen space and, possibly, be inspired to change the setting..

Snow white gloss

Art Nouveau

Corner set for a small kitchen

Within a small space, it is not easy to place all the important working segments of the kitchen space. Build in a considerable set of household appliances in a few square meters and do not forget about work areas and a place for eating. Designers all over the world are developing all new ways to save space, rational placement of certain segments, combining functions within one zone, creating multifunctional gadgets for kitchen routine work.

Long and narrow kitchen

Light shades for a small kitchen

White minimalism for a small room

The simplest, but at the same time, the most effective way to decorate a small kitchen is to use white kitchen furniture and finishes in combination with small bright blotches. Bright accents against a snow-white background can be both the design of a kitchen apron, household appliances of unusual tones, or just colorful dishes displayed for everyone to see..

Contrast combination in a small room

Classic kitchen cabinets in a light color palette, edged with dark stone countertops are a great option for a small kitchen. Every square centimeter is used rationally and ergonomically. In particular, corner cabinets make it possible to use a sufficiently large number of storage places, the doors on such drawers fold like an accordion or a shelf for storing dishes, lids, jars with spices or bottles is pulled out together with the door..

Bright corner kitchen

Why not add some brightness to a small kitchen space? The combination of white, black and young grass in this kitchen makes a strong, memorable impression. And the original design of the kitchen counter completes the unusual look.

Black and white design

A small kitchen is not always a bright palette of finishes and snow-white storage systems. Contrasting color schemes can look no less advantageous and presentational. Black countertops and household appliances against the backdrop of snow-white kitchen cabinets make a strong impression..

White and silver blue

A light palette for kitchen cabinets of a classic look, discreet but original wall decoration, an abundance of natural light and a modest kitchen looks luxurious.

Very narrow kitchen

Even a small space of your home can be rationally equipped with a working area of ​​the kitchen room. The corner arrangement of the lower tier of kitchen cabinets and hanging storage systems, which are placed wherever possible, made up a spacious and ergonomic campaign. Light finishing of the space and the choice of a white shade for kitchen furniture, of course, played an important role in the visual expansion of the space..

Minimalism in the performance of kitchen cabinets

The modern style of the interior strives more and more towards minimalism, towards the practical use of space, furniture and accessories. Ergonomics and functionality of interior items come to the fore, leaving decor and additional elements behind. The severity of forms and laconic performance, as a rule, coexist with a neutral color palette, which tends to calm and even pacify the space. Minimalism in the performance of kitchen sets led to an absolutely strict design of cabinets and storage systems, the absence of handles and additional accessories.

Minimalism in the kitchen

Austere look of kitchen cabinets

Minimalist furnishings

The severity of lines and shapes, a monochromatic palette, a preference for light shades that expand the space – all this is minimalism in a modern interior.

Snow-white minimalism

The severity of lines and shapes

The use of glossy surfaces in modern kitchen furniture is a common design trick. It is the light laminated surfaces that are easiest to care for, and for any housewife such an argument can become decisive when choosing a kitchen set..

Loft style

Loft minimalism

Minimalism in the kitchen set is great for loft-style rooms. Glossy surfaces of strict storage systems look great against the background of brickwork.

Light palette for a minimalist headset

White furniture, blue apron

Pastel shades for a corner kitchen

Corner kitchen in modern style

If you like contrasting combinations, natural shades, smooth lines and shapes, an abundance of shiny, mirror and glass surfaces, some courage in the design of the space, then the following selection of Art Nouveau kitchen interiors can have an inspiring effect..

Modern and loft

It is difficult not to notice a corner kitchen set with stainless steel surfaces, ultramarine lighting, a glossy black refrigerator and all this against the background of an eclectic interior of the kitchen-living room, which organically combined elements of modernity and loft style. The abundance of shiny, mirrored and glossy surfaces against the brutal wood and brick finishes creates a stunning effect.

Dark purple tone of cabinets

A corner kitchen with a deep purple hue in a glossy finish is an infrequent option in kitchen design projects. The contrasting and colorful interior of the kitchen looks not just original, but stunning. It’s hard to forget such a kitchen, but you can repeat it within your own home..

Modern style for the kitchen

In dark colors

Bright apron

Modern kitchen

Classic corner set – timeless and fashionable

More than half of homeowners ordering a kitchen design project will prefer the classic furniture design, according to world statistics. It is not surprising that classic kitchen cabinets made of painted wood, not devoid of decor, but also not overloaded with it, are popular in our country as well..

Classic cuisine

Classic for a corner kitchen

Classics in snow-white performance

All homeowners are well aware that white not only pushes the walls and raises the ceilings, but also refreshes the interior, makes it light, clean, and airy. Therefore, more than half of kitchen sets are made in shades of white..

Snow white classic

Classic corner kitchen

Classic white kitchen cabinets take on a different look with the stainless steel sheen of modern appliances. New technologies refresh the classics, take it to a completely different level.

White cabinets on a dark background

The crisp white kitchen set looks even more dazzling against the dark wall decoration. The shine of the finishing elements of the appliances and lighting system adds luxury and glamor to the kitchen..

Corner kitchen with open shelves

Classics of the kitchen genre

The combination of white kitchen furniture and marble countertops, kitchen backsplash design, the use of gloss steel not only for household appliances, but also furniture decor, and the manufacture of open shelves – this weight has led to the creation of an interesting interior within the framework of a traditional setting..

Printed apron

Colorful apron

White classics and colorful walls

Classic wardrobes and bright walls

Bright tiles and white headsets

The crisp white kitchen cabinets in classic style and the striking backsplash design are a great campaign for a modern interior that honors the traditional setting of the room for cooking and eating. A bright apron can be decorated with ceramic tiles with ornaments, mosaic glass or mirror tiles, plastic panels or washable wallpaper with an interesting print..

Traditional white cuisine

What could be more traditional than a snow-white corner set, light-colored walls and ceilings, marble backsplash, a spacious and spacious kitchen island in the center and dark wood flooring? Only the addition of a classic chandelier with glass elements as the main lighting element.

Country style

Classic kitchen storage systems with wooden handles instead of steel elements can be a great option for kitchen furniture in a country style..

Snow-white idyll

White and steel luster

Classic kitchen interior

Snow-white and spacious kitchen

Classic kitchen sets in color

If your kitchen is already finished in snow-white tones or shades close to white, then why not add a little color to the kitchen space? Pastel shades or deep dark tones will not only bring variety to the color scheme of the room, but also raise its degree, give dynamism.

White top, dark bottom

Light upper tier of kitchen cabinets, dark lower row of storage systems and between them «reconciling» cladding with white tiles «underground» with dark grout – a classic of the genre.

In a pastel blue tone

The pastel blue hue of the classic kitchen cabinets and the crisp white finish have transformed the small kitchen space, while the shiny and dark elements of the household appliances have become a contrasting addition. The location of storage systems around the entire perimeter of accessible surfaces made it possible to place a spacious furniture ensemble.

In gray scale

For a kitchen with low ceilings, you can use the corner version of classic cabinets without an upper tier of storage systems. And integrate the missing drawers and shelves into the base of the kitchen island, bar counter or spacious dining table.

Grayish palette

Blue-gray tint

In dark colors

Unpainted wood in the kitchen space

No matter what new technologies appear, no matter how many revolutions the fashion for kitchen interiors makes, and the use of natural wood or its imitation for the manufacture of furniture will not lose its popularity. Woody shades of kitchen cabinets not only bring color and warmth to modern interiors, but also bring us a little closer to nature, its palette and texture.

Unpainted wood

The warmth of woody tones and the brilliance of stainless steel mutually compensate for each other, creating an incredibly harmonious, eye-catching union.

Combo headset

Bright kitchen design

Combining kitchen cabinet material can be an interesting experiment for a small kitchen. Bright, rich, colorful design of kitchen furniture is supported by non-trivial finishing. Modern, but at the same time incredibly distinctive kitchen inspires a feeling of home coziness and comfort.

White-woody shades

Contrast headset

Another example of a successful combination of woody shades, but this time with the snow-white glossy surfaces of one of the tiers of kitchen cabinets. Contrasting yet fresh interior literally shines in natural light.

Wooden cabinets and retro appliances

Kitchen cabinets made of wood against a background of colorful wall decoration, together with household appliances in a retro style, look great. A non-trivial approach to the design of the kitchen space bears fruit.

Wood in the corner kitchen